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With most app development now occurring in the cloud, IT organizations should expect to see a lot more of Eclipse Che in the months and years ahead.

Selecting the perfect consultancy firm may seem daunting, but keeping these five tips in mind will help organizations get off to a good start.

In case you missed them, here are some articles from February of particular interest to R users.  A tutorial on presenting interactive versions of R maps in PowerBI. An animation of Japan's population pyramid through 2050 based on US Census Bureau demographic projections. Interactive visualizations of multivariate data in R with the threejs package.

After successfully connecting your devices, you must learn how to use all of that data to your advantage by controlling the Internet of Things lifecycle.

I've had an unbelievably amazing time since joining  Hortonworks.   One of the great things about a fast growth company, is that we are able to create new initiatives, try new approaches, and move the needle quickly.  We formed the women@hortonworks group late last summer after a few of us were asked to attend the inaugural Women in Big Data event.  There I was asked to give a talk about being a woman in technology and specifically in Big Data.  So as we began to plan our International Women's Day (March 8th) and a week long of events at the company, I thought about sharing my talk more broadly in this blog. What is Big Data?

The amount of data businesses have today to analyze and utilize is unprecedented, and it's literally growing every second. With so much data available, some businesses don't quite know what to do–but there's one avenue it can be applied to that can change everything: social media marketing.Social Media: A Data-Driven World

Retail solutions that leverage big data can help brick-and-mortar stores narrow the gap with online retailers, and they can be even more effective when they use the right data.

By: Greta Roberts, Conference Chair, Predictive Analytics World for Workforce 2016

How much time will shoppers spend online versus in stores? Are online shoppers mostly men or women? How old are they? Who are they shopping for? How do the answers change based on weekends, weather, holidays and geographic location? Utilizing this and so much more, retailers can tailor advertising efforts and specials to target the right shoppers at the right time to improve the customer's shopping experience and increase the likelihood that they will spend time and money on the company's website or in its stores. For example, online advertisements on Cyber Monday can be geared toward women shopping for their family at Christmas.

It has a been a busy week on Hortonworks Community Connection, here is the hot content for this week (based on community activity and votes): Top 3 articles this week: (or see the whole list here) Visualize patients' complaints to their doctors using NiFi and Solr/Banana: Solution to a very typical problem, how to take advantage of lots of feedback and display it visually for insight. In this case take complaints streaming in and visually provide insight.  How to semi-automate deploying dev cluster Another week in the top 3! This is a great article on creating a bash script to set up the host OS and prepare HDP installation Install Apache Hawq on HDP 2.3.4  Are you using Apache Hawq, the MPP elastic query engine, then this article is for you! 

Gov. Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP candidate and former Bain & Company executive, made an unprecedented move to rebuke 2016 GOP front-runner Mr. Donald Trump last week. The very public and personal rebuke set of shock waves in not only the GOP primary season but also rippled through news media and general conversations. Motivations aside (you can read that in numerous political blogs), what Gov.

This is the story of how the amazing Hadoop ecosphere revolutionised IT. If you enjoy it then consider joining The Big Data Contrarians.Before the advent of Hadoop and its ecosphere, the IT was a desperate wasteland of failed opportunities, archaic technology and broken promises.In the dark Cambrian days of bits, mercury delay lines and ferrite core, we knew nothing about digital. The age of big iron did little to change matters, and vendors made huge profits selling systems that nobody could use and even less people could understand.

Competitiveness in business is largely measured in agility today. Salesforce1 helps businesses build custom applications that cater to specific needs of the sales team or the customers.

Broadband Internet service has improved considerably since the first cable modems were introduced back in the mid 1990s. With optical fiber installations being rolled out across the nation, cable modem manufacturers are eagerly awaiting new specifications and new hardware to help them compete. Gigabit network speeds (roughly one thousand megabits per second) are expected to be the norm when these new technologies are introduced. This is going to make it difficult for many companies and individuals to avoid going over their data caps.

As Apache Spark continues to gain popularity, the rapid march of new Spark releases continues. With HDP 2.4, we are announcing the general availability of Spark 1.6, which is the latest Spark version from the community. With Spark proving an incredibly useful data access engine running on top of Hadoop, data scientists and business analysts need an easy to use tool to further harness its power. Apache Zeppelin brings a compelling user interface with the data exploration and visualization capabilities to address this need. Late last year, Hortonworks introduced Apache Zeppelin as a technical preview with HDP 2.3. With the GA of HDP 2.4, we proudly announce that we have revised and updated the Apache Zeppelin technical preview. Please go here to get the updated version.

How industry leaders can stay one step ahead of tech developments in Latin America

Editors Note: Due to an error on our end, this January post from Bernard Marr was not posted. It's too good to miss so we've belatedly included it here. Our apologies to Bernard and the community.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown (second from right) joined Saama at Intuition 2016

There are several cloud database management systems that have been developed for the purpose of storage and analysis of both relational and non-relational types of data.

A look into the past

Cisco this week acquired privately-held Synata, a developer of search technology for collaboration tools. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. +MORE ON NETWORK WORLD: Cisco's Greatest Hits, 2015+ Synata's software will help users of Cisco's Spark business collaboration service search rooms and content within the service, Cisco says. Spark is a cloud-based service that enables users to message, meet, or call. Synata's software allows users to search both on-premise and cloud-based applications simultaneously from one platform, Cisco says. It will also work within Spark's encryption capabilities so users can collaborate and search with privacy and control of their data, the company says.

Continuing advancement in artificial intelligence promises to help businesses make sense of the data deluge.

Hadoop distributor MapR is updating its Converged Data Platform with new support for Docker containers that makes it easier for organizations to work with data and containers. The company has also enhanced security features.

IBM called reports that it is laying off a third of its workforce "outlandish and untrue." That's not stopping Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff from publicly inviting IBM employees to apply for open posts at his firm.

News: "Perfect storm" set to hit financial services as Salesforce targets investor relations.

News: Company has put granular access control at the top of its agenda.

The latest version of MapR's Converged Data Platform (CDP) has Docker — and Apache Mesos — on its mind. The update adds the MapR Posix Client, which exposes the proprietary MapR-FS filesystem used by CDP to Docker containers as "a fully distributed, secure, reliable, read-write file system." It also allows Docker containers to access the MapR-FS file system for persistent storage. Thus, applications in containers can use MapR-FS instead of Docker data volumes as a store for persistent data. Through this mechanism, users can "deploy data-oriented applications in Docker with the assurance that critical data will be persisted across application or server failures, or container movement across servers with no manual intervention."

Microsoft today announced that its Skype Translator — a tool that automatically translates your speech into text and computer-generated speech in the other person's language in real time — now supports Arabic. So Skype Translator now speaks a total of eight languages — in addition to Arabic, it also speaks English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. The feature is only available in Skype for Windows.

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