Big Data News – 7 Sep 2015

Everybody is talking about microservices for at least two years now and there are a lot of companies trying to migrate to that promising new architecture. We are talking to Sylvia Isler – VP of architecture at VMTurbo – about the reasons to migrate to microservices and how to actually turn an existing monolith into a distributed, resilient services landscape.

Scrum Alliance surveyed almost 5,000 people about their use of Scrum and the report is released.

Manufacturing made the US a world power in the 19th Century.  Today we share the industrial stage, and experts disagree on our standing. Amidst all the offshoring, onshoring and reshoring, one trend…

Daniel Pezely discusses the 10 fold performance increase of a Lisp and C system after rewriting it in Erlang, outlining where issues existed before and the design and implementation of the new system.

Gartner, the leading market and technology research firm, has published its 2015 Hype Cycle Report of Emerging technologies. Fig. 1: Gartner 2015 Hype Cycle. For comparison, here is Fig. 2: Gartner 2014 Hype Cycle. What's the Hype Cycle about? As technology advances, we all get over-excited about new buzz-words & trends in technology and then […] The post Gartner 2015 Hype Cycle: Big Data is Out, Machine Learning is in appeared first on Predictive Analytics Times.

The AXA Digital Agency deploys the Lean Startup approach, using design thinking, minimum viable product development and growth hacking, to innovate and support the digital transformation at AXA. An interview with Yves Caseau about the importance of innovation, adopting a lean startup approach, learnings from minimum viable products and growth hacking and advice for starting an innovation journey.

This paper portrays the world-wide state of agile method introduction throughout the world using data from 330 organizations on hundreds of developments. The paper concludes that those adopting agile today are late. They should accelerate their transformation efforts because they need to catch up to be competitive. It summarizes the results of analysis of data from 330 organizations globally.

Ian Bull introduces J2V8 and its API, how it was inspired by SWT, how V8 (C++) was integrated with Java, and some Eclipse tools for developing JavaScript applications on J2V8.

Beth Skurrie introduces Pact, a consumer driven contracts testing library useful for creating and executing integration tests on microservices.

Alison Lloyd examines some less-than-stellar occurrences in non-software fields and drawing out some ideas that she hopes it will make software development a little less painful.

When TFS was first envisioned a decade ago, it was meant to be an all-encompassing ALM solution. Since then Microsoft has come to realize that most companies prefer to mix and match the tools that best suit their needs. In response, they are reducing the price of VS Online and creating a new marketplace for third-party tools.

Portal is one of my favourite video games of all time. When it was released in 2007, it was a real breath of fresh air: a brand-new gameplay mechanic (you create pairs of portals at walls, and the… …

Date: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 Time: 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time Duration: 1 hour Register here . Summary Democratizing Data and Predictive Analytics While Ensuring Governance & Transparency  As organizations empower more users to fully leverage advanced and predictive analytics to "democratize" their data and bring insights to the masses through interactive visual dashboards, they also need to provide enhanced data transparency, collaboration, and governance to gain broader acceptance and trust of the data.

Dear DSC Member, We are very excited to announce the official launch of a brand new community: IoT Central! Internet of Things. (IoT) is a rapidly evolving opportunity bursting with layers of technology and promise. IoT Central is the online resource connecting a community of professionals, organizations and businesses who are focused on products, services, and businesses in the Internet of Things era.

Predictive modeling methods and systems will revolutionize virtually all aspects of how healthcare is organized, delivered, and paid for in the near future. But what will that future look like? What are the skill sets that will be relevant — and less relevant — and what will be the technologies, approaches, algorithms, and systems that […]

100 Years of Data Visualization — It's Time to Stop Making the Same Mistakes  In 1914, New Yorker Willard Brinton wrote Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts, the first book on telling stories through data and communicating information visually. Today, the volume of data in the world is exponentially increasing, the tools to transform analysis into stories are evolving-and 100 years later, Brinton's lessons still hold true.  In this next DSC webinar event, we will explore:  Visualization basics that withstand the test of time…

Finance teams looking for agility and efficiency won't find it in spreadsheet-based processes. To uncover vital business insights, a move to automated planning is essential. This summit details how the latest financial planning and analysis (FP&A) innovations can help finance teams drive their companies' success.

The universe of data analytics categories continues to expand, and Microsoft said it is again buying into one of the newest: organizational analytics. The office software giant announced Thursday (Sept. 3) it is acquiring Seattle-based VoloMetrix, a specialist in "people analytics for the enterprise." Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

A disquieting revelation came to DirectBuy CIO Armin Roeseler a few weeks after his arrival at the retail membership club in December 2013. The epiphany came when company executives arrived at a meeting armed with spreadsheets filled with crucial information about the business. But the data lacked any consistency on fundamentals such as how many members the company had or the monthly merchandise volume.

IFA 2015 kicked off with a bang. Don't miss the latest news from Europe's biggest tech show; read about what's coming up in tech and find out what announcements are firing up attendees.

By modern standards, the "Dark Ages" would literally have been dark. The price of lighting has become 10,000 times cheaper since the year 1300, according to research by two British economists who measured the cost of lumens across light sources from candles to kerosene to electricity. (Here's an interactive chart of their findings.)  The cost of being able to see once placed severe limits on the timing and location of doing business. Today light has been transformed from a constraint to an enabler. With this in mind, let me introduce one more data point.

If you took a vacation during August, as did many people, you probably need a summary of the great web content you may have missed. Here's a recap of the top financial stories published on the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub in August.

Revolution R Open, the enhanced open source R distribution from Revolution Analytics and Microsoft, is now available for download. This update brings multi-threaded performance to the latest update…

Uplift modeling, also known as incremental modeling, true lift modeling, or net-lift modeling is a predictive modeling technique that directly models the incremental impact of a treatment (such as a direct marketing action) on an individual's behavior. Uplift modeling has applications in customer relationship management for up-sell, cross-sell and retention modeling. It has also been applied to personalized medicine. Unlike the related Differential Prediction concept in psychology, Uplift modeling assumes an active agent.

Everyone is running around talking about big data nowadays — and yes, our databases are immense. A gigabyte used to sound like a lot. Today, we talk about terabytes without blinking. But big data didn't grow up overnight, just as that high school graduate didn't suddenly wake up as a teenager with an iPhone and…

Retail Fraud Magazine recently cited Sage Pay's 2015 Payments Landscape Report, which claims that SMEs are losing £18bn every year to fraudulent transactions. "According to a study by Sage Pay, more than a third (35%) of businesses have experienced fraudulent activity in the past year, with each losing an average of £3,450".

With all the money government agencies are losing due to improper payments, Jen realizes analytics can help end this fraudulent practice that hurts governments and citizens alike.

Data visualizations, used well, can help people make sense of large, complex data. Learn how data visualizations are changing and best practices for making the most of them.

With a mission statement encouraging customers to "Demand more from your bank," LCL set upon their journey to integrate siloed and separate data. Anyone who has taken this journey knows it can be long and challenging, but worth it, and that includes LCL's Head of Big Data & Data Governance Eric Sommervogel. Eric Sommervogel, Head of Big Data & Data Governance "We had to take a digital journey.  I mean the world's changing.  Tomorrow is the Internet of Everything.  Every single object will be connected and will eventually create data.

The deal gives IBM access to ARM's IoT sensor technology and provides developers better and faster ways to analyze and process the data once it has been collected.

Big data can empower consumers and organizations alike, but is your organization taking advantage of real-time data analytics? Learn how data analysis tools are increasingly putting analytics in the hands of users.

Today 78% of organizations run part or all of their operations on open source software, a figure that has nearly doubled since 2010. And according to ranking site DB-Engines, six of the top 10 databases are open source, and the top eight non-relational technologies are all open source. So why do so many organizations standardize on open source? Why do 66% of organizations look to open source before considering proprietary software alternatives? When it comes to databases, it turns out that the most important criteria are likely to be better addressed by an open source product. Which criteria are we talking about? 

For startups that want to thrive, leveraging data science is imperative. However, it has been difficult to do so because fragmented data science approaches have prevented integration of data analysis into applications. But now Apache Spark brings together the data science workflow to enable cross-organization collaboration in more agile environments.

Data center plans are expected to evolve and continue to grow in the future as more service providers start to offer different solutions relating to making data centers more functional and easier for businesses to handle.

Gartner's Nick Heudecker has always been a bit of a party-pooper. The man who has done more to ridicule data lakes (a "fallacy") and chastise the vendor-infested Open Data Platform ("for vendors, by vendors") now has his sights set on big data, generally. [ Learn how to unlock the power of the Internet of things analytics with big data tools in InfoWorld's downloadable Deep Dive. | Get a digest of the day's top tech stories in the InfoWorld Daily newsletter. ] In retiring Gartner's Hype Cycle for big data, Heudecker blithely reasons that "big data is no longer a topic unto itself" and needn't be treated as such. This is similar to what happened with open source: For years it was a big topic, then it became standard operating procedure for any business serious about software.

Published Date: 2015-09-04 09:50:13 UTC Tags: Analytics, Chief Analytics Officer Title: Comic Relief's Approach To Analytics Subtitle: Sjaun Wong, Head of Digital Analytics & Insights At Comic Relief tells us more

The article tells a story of a small team of tightly-knit developers, a "human swarm", who largely worked on a single screen and keyboard practicing mob programming, had no formally defined roles, performed no estimates, seldom worked on more than one task at a time and delivered a quality product to a satisfied customer.

A recent article in IT Business Edge has done an interesting pivot on the notion of "shadow IT" (technology deployed within the enterprise, but outside the control of a central IT organization.) Citing a Gartner Group claim that within several years marketing groups within the enterprise will be spending more on technology than central IT, the article suggests that central IT itself may become the shadow group, as real ownership and control of technology is assumed by different parts of the enterprise that are becoming more and more IT-intensive in their operation (e.g. marketing.)

Work Smarter Not Harder With Teradata Aster Text analytics is a genre of analytic capabilities intended to function across the typed/written word. This area of analytics seeks to learn from huge quantities of text data to expose human intent, sentiment, and behaviors. Examples include doctor notes, tweets, product/content reviews, survey text response, and much more. There are varying types of text analytics such as text parsing, Levenshtein distance, entity extraction, tagging/classification, and chunking – just to name a few. Many areas of machine learning use text analytics as data preparation steps in order to develop models.

Tom Limoncelli highlights some of the most radical advice from the new book "The Practice of Cloud System Administration". Topics include: create resiliency at the most economic level, do risky procedures often, and create a blameless culture to encourage communication and improve system reliability.

Published Date: 2015-09-04 00:27:18 UTC Tags: Analytics, Big Data, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Global Strategy, Innovation, Predictive Analytics Title: Refugee Crisis And The EU: Will Big Data/Analytics Provide Some Answers? Subtitle: Refugee crisis and EU: will Big Data/Analytics provide some of the answers?

Alex Holden examines hackers' techniques, skills, and shortfalls. He takes a snapshot of the current threat landscape and derives practical lessons by analyzing a number of high profile breaches.

The IoT controller has gained battery backup and the ability to handle streaming video.

On September 1-2, the IBM i2 Summit for a Safer Planet brought personnel in law enforcement, emergency management, defense/national security, cyber threat intelligence and counter fraud together. Here are the highlights from day 2.

Risk management is a big concern for businesses in every industry. From banking to insurance, companies work to minimize potential risks. Here at BrightPlanet, we use open source intelligence (OSINT) to help our clients strengthen risk management plans – including their control activities. What Are Control Activities? Nearly every risk management plan starts with the […] The post Strengthen Your Risk Management: Use OSINT to Improve Control Activities appeared first on BrightPlanet.

Starting with this release, TFS 2015 Power Tools will support all major editions of Visual Studio include the VS Express variants. Previously you need to have Visual Studio Pro or higher to use this set of extensions.

In an attempt to spur innovation and advance scientific research, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a range of information related to the development and regulation of new medical devices. Under its "OpenFDA" initiative, the agency that oversees food and drug safety also said this week its query tool API would expand previously released data about adverse events and recalls of medical devices. As it becomes cheaper to embed intelligence, the medical electronics sector is becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors for device makers.

In this special guest feature, Dean Abbott of  SmarterHQ discusses how data science and predictive modeling have become the holy grail for the retail industry. Dean is the Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist of SmarterHQ, a customer intelligence driven cross-channel marketing platform which enables retailers to leverage customer insights and experiences to create and execute the […] The post How Predictive Analytics is Changing the Retail Industry appeared first on Predictive Analytics Times.

Two of the reasons to deploy an open source database are cost and philosophy. Philosophically, the open source movement subscribes to the notion that having community-developed product creates a better product, and/or "contributes to the world in a better way." The other reason is cost, which usually means "free," or at least no-charge for the software database license.

Is your company open for business? Discover how you can supercharge your analytics by adopting an open mindset toward new innovations and information sharing alike.

Experts in various security-related fields-including law enforcement, emergency management, defense/national security, cyberthreat intelligence and counter-fraud-gathered at the i2 Summit for a Safer Planet to discuss new, more effective ways to deal with the evolving threat landscape. The first day's highlights included the keynote address, an intelligence panel discussion and more.

by John Mount (more articles) and Nina Zumel (more articles) of Win-Vector LLC "Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful." George Box Here's a caricature of a data science project: your…

When Google announced that it was restructuring to create Alphabet, a new collection of companies that would include Google and a variety of other businesses, experts speculated that the move was designed to help investors gain financial visibility. I wonder if it's telling us something about the future of online advertising, as well. As Bloomberg columnist Leonid Bershidsky points out, internet advertising is becoming less and less effective. Ad blocking is amping up.

Regardless of industry or line of business, predictive analytics can help enhance operational processes, improve customer relationships and much more. This transformational technology enables you to use statistical models to optimize the performance of existing operations, recommend courses of action to boost measurable positive outcomes and drive automated approaches to achieving these outcomes.

Enterprises have an unprecedented challenge in the Internet of Things era. They must manage their complex data streams and apply analytics to them in a way that derives value and offers security. Fortunately, a solid IoT foundation lets them accomplish these tasks in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Although weather is one of the most significant influences on business performance in a wide array of industries, it is also one of the least predictable. Join us at "Hack the Weather" to learn how smart data applications could usher in the next stage of meteorological forecasting.

The benefits of energy-efficient appliances aren't always apparent when consumers and businesses are in the market for an upgrade. Most consumers do not think about their dishwashers very often, until they break down and need replacing.

For companies that supply physical products, inventory management throughout the supply chain is one of the most important tasks that will largely determine the business' success or failure. The trick is to always have stock on hand to meet demand, but not have too much capital or storage space taken up with excess inventory.

Open source Hadoop distribution specialist Hortonworks wants to close the loop on predictive analytics, allowing it to turn what it calls the "Internet of Anything" into actionable insights. To get there, it announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Onyara, creator and key contributor to the top-level Apache NiFi open source project. NiFi was born eight years ago as Niagarafiles, a National Security Agency (NSA) project…

Four successive lightning strikes on a local utility grid in Europe caused a data loss at Google's Belgium data center. For Google, a company with a self-described "appetite for accuracy" in its data center operations, admitting an unrecoverable data loss as small as 0.000001% — as it did — likely came with a little bit of pain. The lightning strikes occurred Aug. 13 and the resulting storage system problems weren't fully resolved for five days. Google's post mortem found room for improvement in both hardware upgrades and in the engineering response to the problem.
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