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To become a data scientist, aspirants need to have expertise in data science and analytics-related tools such as R, SAS, Python, SPSS, along with a sound understanding of statistics

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Forty-nine percent of respondents said IT executives direct the adoption of new and emerging technologies, up from 36 percent in 2015.

Our friends over at Experts System conducted cognitive analysis of more than 430,000 Tweets about the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to discover and understand what was most discussed on social media – including sports, countries, athletes and impressions of the games in general.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has made no secret of its desire to push further into big data, and on Tuesday it announced two key new offerings: HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations, an extension of the "machine learning as a service" platform it released earlier this year, and Vertica 8, a major new update to its analytics software. Launched in March, HPE's Haven OnDemand cloud platform offers machine learning APIs (application programming interfaces) and services designed to help developers and businesses build data-rich applications. The platform now has 70 artificial intelligence APIs and more than 18,000 users, and HPE is extending it to make development easier.

Inviting developers to solve technical challenges can open organizations up to new ways of doing things. Here are 6 IT benefits of hosting a hackathon.

One of the major trends I have been researching recently, has been the shift in interest towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its multiple forms and guises, and the potential it has to analyse vast quantities of data and quickly derive actionable insights. As we all know, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are not new. However, there has been huge investment in the space in recent years and the ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to Big Data — over and over, faster and faster — is a recent development.

Luke Turnbull, Head of Customer and Lead Analytics at Principa, chats to South Africa's biggest Sunday news publication, the Sunday Times about the role consumer data plays in loyalty and reward programmes. According to Luke, harnessing customer data has become central to the success of loyalty and rewards programmes as customer data tells us who our customers are, how they behave, what motivates them, their needs and attitudes.

Enterprises have forever faced challenges surrounding the sharing of their intellectual property. Emerging cloud adoption has made it more compelling for enterprises to digitize their content, making them available over a wide variety of devices across the Internet. In his session at 19th Cloud Expo, Santosh Ahuja, Director of Architecture at Impiger Technologies, will introduce various mechanisms provided by cloud service providers today to manage and share digital content in a secure manner.

As a data scientist, I am passionate about unravelling the interesting stories hidden behind data. During my first attempt at pulling a deck of slides together for a client presentation, I focused more on what was important to me as a data scientist rather than what the senior executives in the audience would find useful from a business perspective. I included a set of tables as evidence of a sound statistical model and even the SAS code used to perform the analysis. After running through the slides with a colleague and being told that the deck would mean nothing to the majority of people in the meeting, I was crestfallen.

Why do your mobile transformations need to happen today? Mobile is the strategy that enterprise transformation centers on to drive customer engagement. In his general session at Things Expo, Roger Woods, Director, Mobile Product & Strategy — Adobe Marketing Cloud, covered key IoT and mobile trends that are forcing mobile transformation, key components of a solid mobile strategy and explored how brands are effectively driving mobile change throughout the enterprise.

As the Big Data marketplace moves closer to a point of mass-maturity, business leaders have begun to take new approaches to implementation and utilization. Advanced analytics solutions have made their way into a range of industries and regions, and companies that successfully align these investments with core goals and requirements will enjoy more progressive improvements to operational sustainability, intelligence and general performance.

While artificial intelligence is making waves globally, Cognitive Business Intelligence (BI) is the next stage of machine learning to design and analyse unstructured data, video, images and human language, say experts.

Storytelling is a natural human trait. We are hardwired to create and follow narratives; this is how we understand, memorise and recall complex concepts. Telling stories is so natural that a five year old can do it; in fact they often do. Yet, an (alarmingly) large number of comments and opinions describe in great lengths how people in technical professions are unable to explain or storytell their experiments and findings. Have we regressed that far that something as natural as stories has disappeared from our skillset?

In what's become something of an annual tradition, we talked with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger at the outset of the virtualization leader's VMworld 2016 conference. In this interview with Network World Senior Writer Brandon Butler and IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant, Gelsinger shared the big news from the event, including new tools that make it easier for customers to build cross-cloud environments, as well as an expanded partnership with IBM. With finalization of the Dell/EMC merger just over the horizon, Gelsinger reassured VMware customers about the company's independence but said the resources available from that powerful ally will put 'turbochargers' on VMware's back. He discussed the state of the software-defined data center and where customers stand in the deployment of virtual networks. (Insider Story)

Today's customers expect more from their banks–personalized service, real-time solutions and the ability to do business when and how it is most convenient for them. To meet these demands, you'll need the ability to deliver more value at every opportunity through more personalized and timely offers and interactions. Learn how new capabilities, powered by advanced analytics, can help you access and act on deeper and more immediate customer insights to drive greater levels of engagement, satisfaction and retention.…

The top three data dangers lurking in cloud environments and tips for how to manage data protection and backup in a SaaS-based world.

Wi-Fi coverage features municipal and public networks and corporate WLANs. Making it simple for users to move from one to the other is important.

By collecting the anonymous cellphone location data from nearly two million Bostonians, MIT and Ford were able to produce near-instant urban mobility patterns that typically cost millions of dollars and take years to build. The big data experiment holds the promise of more accurate and timely data about urban mobility patterns that can be used to quickly determine whether particular attempts to address local transportation needs are working.

Springboard surveyed about 20 people about the hardest parts of the data science interview process as part of the research for our free guide to data science interviews. Surprisingly, the answer we got back had little to do with the technical questions we thought were the hardest. While that ranked second with 68% of people selecting it as one of the hardest parts of the interview process, a whopping 80% of people selected getting a data science interview itself. There wasn't much literature out there about how to go about doing that, especially for people who are transitioning from different careers.

The problem with our voting system is very similar to the cybersecurity problem in many businesses today: The software is outdated and vulnerable.

At the VMworld 2016 conference today, VMware laid claim to the management of cloud computing in all its forms.

By collecting the anonymous cellphone location data from nearly two million Bostonians, MIT and Ford were able to produce near-instant urban mobility patterns that typically cost millions of dollars and take years to build. The big data experiment holds the promise of more accurate and timely data about urban mobility patterns that can be used to quickly determine whether particular attempts to address local transportation needs are working.

In making decisions about infrastructure development and resource allocation, city planners rely on models of how people move through their cities, on foot, in cars, and on public transportation. Those models are largely based on surveys of residents' travel habits.

The term "digital disruption" is believed to have come from the disruptive innovation concept.

Microsoft R Server extends the base R language and Microsoft R Open with big-data capabilities. Specifically, it adds the RevoScaleR package, which creates an out-of-memory "CDF" data structure (so you can process data larger than available RAM), and algorithms that allow you to perform computations on such data using parallel and distributed algorithms.

Digital transformation may promise critical benefits for the companies undertaking it, but it's also delivering a major boost to IT spending around the world. That's according to market researcher IDC, which on Monday released new data indicating that global spending on IT products and services will grow from nearly $2.4 trillion in 2016 to more than $2.7 trillion in 2020.

The IoT requires the coordination of the data feeds of millions of commercial, industrial and consumer products across the globe.

StreamSets, the dataflow performance management company, announced the StreamSets Embed Program, which provides support and services to technology companies needing to embed world-class data ingestion capabilities into their products and services.

Big data projects are transforming how some employees do their jobs, and not all workers are happy about these changes.

The neighborhood bank branch is on the way out and is being slowly phased out as the primary mode of customer interaction for Banks. Banks across the globe have increased their technology investments in strategic areas such as Analytics, Data & Mobile. The Bank of the future increasingly resembles a technology company.

The public's faith in machine learning techniques has never been put to the test quite like it will be by the emergence of self-driving cars, which are reliant on the technology.

Recently installed fault-injection techniques are making quality assurance processes yet more rigorous. In a previous installment of our series about quality assurance inside Cloudera, we described the fault-injection frameworks (AgenTEST and Sapper) that Cloudera Engineering has devised. The fault-injection framework starts and stops injections, to determine when and how they should occur, respectively.

Commercial drones can take to the skies in the U.S. without needing a special waiver beginning today, and that will lead to a vast amount of new data and use cases built on that data, says Mark Miller, vice president of Global Aviation at The Weather Company. Today the Federal Aviation Administration released new rules governing the operation of commercial drones.

Nutanix has snapped up a couple of companies, PernixData and, to extend its enterprise cloud platform. The company competes with the likes of Simplivity, Cisco Systems, EMC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise on the delivery of hyperconverged infrastructure, a term it is credited with coining. The acquisition will take Nutanix a step closer to its goal of delivering application and service orchestration, runtime lifecycle management and policy-based governance across all application environments. The company plans to lean on's DevOps automation capabilities to add new cloud automation and management capabilities to its existing software stack.

If you want to impress your Sunday night dinner guests with a satisfying culinary outcome from a new recipe, you wouldn't shop willy-nilly for ingredients. The same goes for that governance or master data management initiative you need to get underway on Monday morning. When considering such projects, keep in mind that the outcome is what matters.

Today data art is a full-fledged and maturing artistic practice. Like painting, artists are creating new visuals and representations with data. Like sculpture, artists are recombining bits to build something new out of the commonplace. Like photography, artists are using data to mirror or reflect contemporary society.

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