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Looking to get started with data science but not sure how to get started? Take a look at our list of 10 programming languages and tools that are hot among data scientists and data analysts right now.

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Connected devices and the industrial internet are growing exponentially every year with Cisco expecting 50 billion devices to be in operation by 2020. In this period of growth, location-based insights are becoming invaluable to many businesses as they adopt new connected technologies. Knowing when and where these devices connect from is critical for a number of scenarios in supply chain management, disaster management, emergency response, M2M, location marketing and more.

Cisco has become the latest systems vendor to decide to resell a platform from SGI that is specifically designed to scale up applications in memory.

Tech tools that enable near real-time data pipelines are needed in order to keep up with a digital world that's moving faster than ever.

Too many myths and hypes create the confusion around digital transformation. Digital transformation isn't a technology change matter, it's primarily about transforming business models: infrastructure and operating model. Digital transformation when tackled with proven methodologies and approaches isn't as complex as it seems, they provide the step-by-step guide, the logic, and the tools to make it easy.

Keeping Sales & Marketing Data in Order: What startups must learn from the enterprise.Nowadays it's hard to find a startup CEO or CTO who's not thinking about how their company can maximize the value of its data. Yet, most of the startups I speak with are shocked to learn how much money they're leaving on the table as a result of poorly-managed customer data.

In the world of DevOps there are 'known good practices' — aka 'patterns' — and 'known bad practices' — aka 'anti-patterns.' Many of these patterns and anti-patterns have been developed from real world experience, especially by the early adopters of DevOps theory; but many are more feasible in theory than in practice, especially for more recent entrants to the DevOps scene. In this power panel at @DevOpsSummit at 18th Cloud Expo, moderated by DevOps Conference Chair Andi Mann, panelists discussed the patterns and anti-patterns of DevOps, and what it means to 'do the right thing' in a DevOps way, but in the real world.

One of the greatest challenges facing business and government organizations is how to store and move sensitive data around the world while maintaining security. Storing and securing critical data held within data centers (whether physical or virtual) is top of mind from the boardroom to the remote data center. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, spending on private cloud IT infrastructure in 2015 will grow by 15.8 percent year over year to $12.1 billion, while spending on public cloud IT infrastructure will increase by 29.6 percent to $20.5 billion.

In this feature contributed, George Corugedo, CTO at RedPoint Global, Inc. points out the madness of a Hive-reliant MDM approach that defies one of the very basic tenants of Hadoop: bring the work to the data rather than bringing the data to the work.

I was recently at an IoT event at which I spoke with a heap of people, ranging from folks in suits through to the less conventional — think green hair, baseball caps (or a lid as American readers will know it by) occasionally worn at an ironic angle. And the near-ubiquitous hipster beard. I hear the hipster beard may be on the way out but I didn't want to share this, lest I dampen any enthusiasm for all things IoT, and importantly what you could do with all that lovely data that comes from it. There is of course a huge debate around the value of IoT data, who will use it, and why.

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News: IoT technologies most used in the utilities and manufacturing sectors.

As developed countries experience a slow but steady recovery, credit risk managers in emerging markets face growing default rates as household debt continues to rise with little relief in sight.The Institute of International Finance stated at the end of 2015  that global household debt had risen by $7.7 trillion since 2007 to more than $44 trillion, and that $6.2 trillion of that rise was in emerging markets. Household debt per adult in emerging economies also rose by 120 percent over that period to some $3000, it added.

Find out what is SAS.

Find out what is analytics.

A startup at the Centre for Innovation at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) in city holds a Risk Assessment Workshops for SMEs and banks

Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) Systems have emerged to address an unmet need.  If the customer is an important concept for your organization, then it des erves a system to manage customer…

When you think about giants of the technology world, MongoDB may not come to mind. But judging by the big strides this up-and-coming NoSQL database vendor is making, and the aggressive roadmap it put forth today at the third annual MongoDB World conference in New York City-including a Spark connector today and new graph functions tomorrow-they might just become giants. MongoDB is already a formidable force in the NoSQL database market. Founded as 10gen in 2007, the NYC-based company got an early jump on the big data movement and benefited from slowing momentum in relational technology to build a lead. Today MongoDB has the biggest base of paying customer (purported to be north of 2,000) and has received the most funding: $311.5 million, giving it a valuation just shy of $2 billion.

Modern enterprises run on data. As part of our work at Hortonworks, we have been working with industry delivering Open and Connected Data Platforms that enable organizations to manage all data, data-in-motion and data-at-rest to empower actionable intelligence. This week at Hadoop Summit, the industry's premier community event for  enterprise Hadoop and all things big-data,  the community… The post The Emerging Architecture for Modern Data Applications appeared first on Hortonworks.

One of the most important aspects of success for a CEO is loyalty, from the people who report to the CEO and from the CEO to others.

Talend, a global leader in big data and cloud integration solutions, released the newest version of Talend Data Fabric, a powerful platform designed to meet the integration needs of both developers and business users whether their applications are on-premises or in the cloud.

Six essential ways IT leaders can go paper-free to make true digital transformation a reality.

The use of surveillance technology has been growing for years. The idea that a good percentage of it is inherently unsecure is unsettling.

PostgreSQL databases can now be run and managed on Linux containers in cloud-native architectures with the release to the open source community of a database container suite. Open source PostgresSQL specialist Crunchy Data announced its embraced of distributed cloud applications during this week's Red Hat Summit in San Francisco. The company said its container suite, a set of Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration services for running PostgresSQL databases, would run in cloud native Kubernetes settings along with a batch of management micro-services. The company also announced Tuesday (June 28) it is joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. CNCF was launched last year to coordinate interface and other standards. By harmonizing container technologies and micro-services, the initiative aims to drive adoption of cloud native computing platforms that package software in containers, manage deployments and upgrades dynamically while enabling micro-services that allow faster delivery of enterprise applications.

Missing the mark in customer segmentation marketing can be detrimental for consumer product companies. Marketing consumer products demands a fluid, dynamic process for customer segmentation that is in sync with today's consumer. Learn more about how cognitive analytics leverages consumer and localized market information for insights that can take the guesswork out of marketing consumer products.

RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement software, today announced integration with Microsoft Azure HDInsight to support enhanced data management capabilities via Hadoop deployments on Microsoft Azure.

Hadoop distributor MapR has introduced new management tools into its Converged Data Platform that make it easier for enterprises to get control over these infrastructure components.

The SAP Geographical Enablement makes it possible to bi-directionally navigate data within SAP HANA applications and ArcGIS.

The SAP Geographical Enablement makes it possible to bi-directionally navigate data within SAP HANA applications and ArcGIS.

A strange thing is happening along the way to the Internet of Things, namely far too many devices to work with and manage. It has become clear that we'll need much higher efficiency user experiences that can allow us to more easily and scalably work with the thousands of devices that will soon be in each of our lives. Enter the conversational interface revolution, combining bots we can literally talk with, gesture to, and even direct with our thoughts, with embedded artificial intelligence, which can process our conversational commands and orchestrate the outcomes we request across our personal and professional realm of connected devices.

Insights from CIOs can reveal a lot about the industries in which they operate, and hearing from IBM's CIO is no exception. Check out these highlights from a recent podcast featuring Jeff Smith, CIO at IBM, who offers a glimpse at his idea of focusing on culture, a story of transformation, the CIO's role and expectations and more.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in the magical world known as 'Forrester,' there grew a beautiful idea, a utopian corporate vision where businesses could run harder, better, faster and stronger than ever before. Organisations would flourish, as isolated departments would begin to mature, align and work collaboratively towards common objectives. Knowledge, information and…

Today we announced Microsoft Azure HDInsight as our Premier Connected Data Platforms cloud solution, providing customers Apache™ Hadoop® as a fully managed cloud service.   The announcement is very timely as this week, Hortonworks and Microsoft are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hadoop at the Hadoop Summit 2016.  Highlighting HDInsight as our premier cloud offering helps…

Information security has become a critical priority for many businesses over the past decade, and for good reason. It seems like a new breach is exposed on nearly a daily basis, impacting another organization and its patrons. However, some companies believe that they're safe because they're either too small or too big to be affected by any of these cyberattacks. The truth is that groups of all sizes from Target to your local dentist are being hacked or having their data compromised, and it's causing a major upheaval in the security community.

This is part two of a two-part series from Hadoop Summit.  In his post, Rob Beardon talks about how data transforms everything and the need for Connected Data Platforms. As a follow on, here's four predictions for technologies behind this transformation. #1"–"Intelligent Self-Configuring Networks Will Enable New & Faster Delivery of Data and Analytics Across Data… The post 4 Predictions For How Data Transforms Everything appeared first on Hortonworks.

This morning at Hadoop Summit, I gave a talk about how data will transform everything and the need for Connected Data Platforms.  Let me explain what I mean. Data is Transforming the Enterprise Until now, enterprise data was largely structured and not particularly diverse. This reality spawned what we know now as traditional IT best… The post How Data Will Transform Everything appeared first on Hortonworks.

It's becoming evident that machines will be more adept at day-to-day monitoring and management than people.

OnDemand Webinar:  Build Smarter Applications Fueled by Data with Apache(r) Spark The combination of data and design is revolutionizing Data Science today. It's not just about data access anymore. It is about embedding analytics fueled by data into the fabric of business and society. It's also about Data Scientists and Data Engineers. This onDemand webinar will provide details on how Apache(r) Spark(tm) technology is helping Data Scientists build models quickly, and iterate faster.

Creating replica copies to tolerate a certain number of failures is easy, but very expensive at cloud-scale. Conventional RAID has lower overhead, but it is limited in the number of failures it can tolerate. And the management is like herding cats (overseeing capacity, rebuilds, migrations, and degraded performance). Download Slide Deck: Here In his general session at 18th Cloud Expo, Scott Cleland, Senior Director of Product Marketing for the HGST Cloud Infrastructure Business Unit, discussed how a new approach is necessary, one that supports the attributes of the cloud with the millions of applications and users depending on it for their business and personal lives. Object storage is the millennial approach to cloud-based data storage, archival, retrieval and cost. Why? Because it delivers significantly higher data reliability and allows virtually unlimited expansion for storage. Perfect for a hash-tagging, selfie-taking, always communicating and collaborating in an on-demand world.

We launched our new Partnerworks program earlier this year and since then, we've seen massive interest and growth of partners in the program. Partnerworks provides a global infrastructure to support and enable our 1,800+ partners in selling, implementing, and innovating with our solutions as well as helping to amplify our joint voice through go to… The post Hortonworks Expands Partnerworks Program for MSPs and Modern Data Solutions appeared first on Hortonworks.

by Bill Jacobs, Microsoft Advanced Analytics Product Marketing They say that time is infinite.  Seem to me data is fast becoming the same.  Or perhaps it's becoming true that our thirst for speed is providing eternal job security to computer scientists who can deliver it. Apache Spark, one of the Apache Foundation's fastest-growing open source projects, delivers new levels of speed to computing clusters, combining in-memory computing and efficient parallelization. 

European Union rules for electronic signatures change on Friday to make a clear distinction between the identity of the person signing, and that of the authority guaranteeing the integrity of the data, but the technology needs to be still simpler, vendors say. The new rules are intended to simplify the process of electronically signing contracts between businesses, or between businesses and persons, and across international borders where different and often incompatible electronic signature rules apply today.

Document databases are popular because they provide a more natural construct for building apps in a database that humans more naturally understand.

Early this year, we announced our partnership with Pivotal and Syncsort,  incorporating key technologies from the ecosystem to optimize the value from Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms. Today, I am very excited to announce an addition with our partnership to provide global access to and resell AtScale. Customers are constantly asking us to find simpler, faster… The post Partnering With AtScale to Bridge the Gap Between Business Users and Hadoop appeared first on Hortonworks.

SANTA CLARA and SAN JOSE, Calif., (Hadoop Summit) — June 28, 2016 — Hortonworks, Inc.® (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms, today announced it will resell technology from AtScale, the first company to provide business users with a fast and secure self-service BI platform for Hadoop.  

Hadoop Summit San Jose is here once again and with it comes a reminder of the power of the Open Source Community and the tremendous innovation which continues to occur within the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.  At Hortonworks, we get the opportunity to engage with this vibrant, creative, and talented group of engineers all year round,… The post Latest innovation within Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.5 unveiled appeared first on Hortonworks.

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