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Since it expanded its focus from predicting the US election, FiveThirtyEight has emerged as a prominent source of in-depth data journalism, with data-driven analysis of media, culture, politics and…

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IT organizations would be well-advised to revisit their performance monitoring strategies.

Snowflake Computing has added automated administration features to its built-for-the-cloud modern data warehouse that enables analysis of multiple data types, big and small.

Livy, which streamlines Spark architecture for web/mobile apps, is the newest addition to Cloudera Labs. With respect to the impact of Apache Spark on the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, its virtual overnight adoption as the default data processing engine–and as a standard for powering advanced analytic applications–speaks for itself. But, that's not to say that there isn't work yet to be done, particularly in the areas of performance at scale/under multi-tenancy,

Cloud computing has taken over the business world! With almost maniacal focus, single proprietors and Board Directors of the world's largest conglomerates see this new model as a "must do". This rapid shift is, in fact, accelerating. As Jeff Bertolucci observes in "The Shift to Cloud Services Is Happening Faster Than Expected": "According to the sixth annual Uptime Institute Data Center Industry Survey, which examines the big-picture trends shaping IT infrastructure delivery and strategy, the move to cloud services is accelerating.

Tableau 10 features a revamped user interface and dedicated support for Android phones.

Oracle has entered into an agreement to buy NetSuite, which provides cloud-based accounting, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and other business software packages, for $9.3 billion. The NetSuite package of products is complementary to Oracle's cloud products, and the companies' cloud packages will "coexist in the marketplace forever," Mark Hurd, Oracle's CEO, said in a press release.

There is no doubt that data science-and predictive analytics- are the next wave of investments aimed to create significant improvements to corporate bottom lines. With the advent of new capabilities, however, generally comes a commensurate amount of complexity and challenge. In the new era of analytics, many companies struggle to properly connect three key divisions:… The post AnalyticOps: A New Organizational Role So Your Company Can Monetize Analytics appeared first on Predictive Analytics Times.

No matter the industry you work in or where you live, the transmission, collection, and analysis of data is happening all around you every day, and is set to keep radically changing your world in years to come.

With Facebook's recent announcement that it will cease to operate Parse by 28th January, 2017, the news has created a stir among technology experts as well as companies already using this platform for their mobility and cloud strategies – from Orbitz's travel application to the Oculus Rift VR team. With the social media giant stopping Parse support, numerous apps and business owners are looking to cope up with alternative development platforms. Let's take a look at the announcement made by the company.

If you are looking for a system that is relatively cheap, quicker to deploy and is highly reliable, then the module-based hyper-converged systems are quite ideal for your requirements.

In this special guest feature, Ross Andrew, CEO and Chairman of Maropost, suggests that by embracing AI and machine learning, marketers can turn big data into food that their tools use to accomplish business objectives.

My bookshelves are lined with materials that support my work in data science and machine learning. I have a large section of mathematics books including several on the subject of linear algebra. For many years my "go to" text on linear algebra was an old 2nd edition of MIT Professor Gilbert Strang's seminal book on…

Back in the deepest dark ages (about 30 years ago) when I first went for my driver's license, I had to undergo a vision test. Doing so involved a visit to a medical practitioner to perform the test. This was clearly both inconvenient for me and, more importantly, something of a waste of resources. The same went for people needing vision-correcting spectacles who had to visit an optometrist to get checked and prescribed correctional lenses. Fast forward to today and companies like Smart Vision Labs are fundamentally changing the way this process works.

In the 2016 Google Founder's Letter, CEO Sundar Pichai cited Google's long-term investment in machine learning and AI. "It's what allows you to use your voice to search for information," he explained, "to translate the web from one language to another, to filter the spam from your inbox, to search for 'hugs' in your photos and actually pull up pictures of people hugging … to solve many of the problems we encounter in daily life. It's what has allowed us to build products that get better over time, making them increasingly useful and helpful."

For organizations considering cloud migration, here are nine proactive steps that companies can take to ensure a smooth transition and get tighter cloud security.

News: Big Blue has lowered the cost of entry to the all-flash market.

News: Donated technology will aim to track the spread of the virus.

Guest blog post by Tanmay Bhandari Originally posted on Data Science Central In the book Hadoop: The definitive guide, Tom white quotes Grace Hopper, "In pioneer days they used oxen for heavy pulling, and when one ox couldn't budge a log, they didn't try to grow a larger ox. We shouldn't be trying for bigger computers, but for more systems of computers." For long Hadoop has been the data analytics system preferred by businesses all over. The recent entry of the spark engine has however given businesses an option other than Hadoop for data analytics purposes.

It's been six months since our first Predictive Thursdays blog and during that time, 11 different authors have shared their thoughts about predictive analytics on 27 occasions. Looking back at these blogs, I've noticed four distinct categories, and today, I want to revisit the best blogs for each category. 1)Why Predictive Analytics Yes, predictive is…

Find out what a Pivot table is.

Find out what data analysis is.

Find out what data processing is.

Find out what SPSS is.

How much time do you think about the current state of customer service at your company? Do you know what you're doing right–and what you're doing wrong? Most importantly, do you have a process to improve what might be lacking? If you're not spending time on your customer service, your business will suffer for it. Even before you're able to analyze what's wrong with your customer service, you need to understand the principles behind great customer service. It isn't just about answering phone calls promptly or replying to emails in a certain time frame.

Manthan retail analytics solution to help India's top fashion retailer modernize analytics capabilities and gain an unmatched competitive edge

We gathered the emerging thought leaders in data and analytics space to talk about the key issues facing the South African market. Annie Symington, HOD: Analytics, Multichoice Annie Symington is Head of Analytics for MultiChoice, a Naspers owned company in South Africa.

For those who have spent the last decade steeped in all things cloud, virtualized environments, and Hadoop ecosystems, it may come as a shock that some 70 to 80 percent of the world's business transactions are still handled by the mainframe. About 71 percent of all Fortune 500 companies are customers of the tremendously successful System z, the flagship of mainframe computing. The mainframe isn't dead, and isn't likely to be anytime soon.

We collect big data use cases for a representative sample of telecom companies worldwide and observe a wide and skewed distribution of big data returns, with a few companies reporting large impact for a long t…

There's been chatter about which big data technology company will be the next to go public after Hortonworks' (NASDAQ: HDP) initial public offering of stock in December 2014. Would Hadoop distributor MapR Technologies make the jump, or would it be Pivotal? Or perhaps one of the many NoSQL database firms? It turns out the honor will fall to data integration vendor Talend. Talend's IPO will occur this Friday, when the company will offer up to 5.25 million shares for sale on the Nasdaq Global Market.

AI has already been dabbling in the arts for some time, but recently it took a big step further and helped write its first feature-length horror film. Now its co-creators are seeking funding to bring the movie to life. Titled "Impossible Things," the story focuses on a family that moves to a secluded country home following the death of a young daughter. Madeline, the mother, stays home to renovate the house and care for her remaining two children, but she begins to hear voices. She also sees visions of a deranged woman and the ghost of a child remarkably similar to the one she lost.

Apache Spark, the in-memory processing system that's fast become a centerpiece of modern big data frameworks, has officially released its long-awaited version 2.0. Aside from some major usability and performance improvements, Spark 2.0's mission is to become a total solution for streaming and real-time data. This comes as a number of other projects — including others from the Apache Foundation — provide their own ways to boost real-time and in-memory processing.

The age of computers is over. You are now living in the age of intelligent processing by just about everything else. Like vacuum tubes and tape drives, desktops and laptops are on their way to becoming odd relics of a distant age, if people remember them at all. That may sound a bit extreme, but the fact is that applications are not married to any technological substrate, not even the most advanced mobile devices. That is why smart developers have already turned their attention to using JavaScript for building out next-generation technology like drone controllers, big data management tools, and connectors for the Internet of Things (IoT).

IBM today took the wraps off a new cloud-based graph service based on open source Titan and Apache TinkerPop technologies. Called IBM Graph, the new service is suitable for production graph workloads of any size. But IBM is also focusing on making graph technology easy to use and lowering the barrier of entry into the graph world. IBM (NYSE: IBM) has been working on the graph service for almost a year, and has had a beta of IBM Graph available since February. As the company researched how people interact with the technology, they received some useful feedback, according to Chris Glew, the senior product manager for cloud data services at IBM's Cloudant business. "The feedback around graph was that there's a lot of interest in it, but it's hard to get started," Glew tells Datanami.

Dropbox offering gives IT more granular controls over who has permission to access certain files under certain circumstances, through AdminX console.

Databricks, the company founded by the team that created Apache® Spark™, today announced that Apache Spark 2.0 is generally available on its just-in-time data platform, making it the first vendor to offer Apache Spark 2.0 support.

Transitioning from a traditional IT operating model to one based on the emerging field of DevOps is not an easy task.

Any new guidance that can help healthcare organizations prevent, detect, contain, and respond to threats (especially ransomware) is good guidance.

GE Digital is making it easier for IoT developers to tap into Predix analytics and use machine learning with the release of a new hardware and software kit.

NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES       Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics Build in-demand skills for the growing analytics field Prepare for leadership-level career opportunities by focusing on statistical concepts and practical application. Learn from distinguished Northwestern faculty and from the seasoned industry experts who are redefining how data improve decision making and boost ROI.

Whether you want to import raw data, use a URL or analyze data with Excel, here's the how-to on bringing Microsoft Power BI data into SharePoint.

Tangerine Bank in Toronto has improved end-user experiences for online banking and made data more secure across its lifecycle, speeding the delivery of a new credit card offering. We'll now learn how improving end-user experiences for online banking and making data more secure across its lifecycle has helped speed the delivery of a new credit card offering.

The Data Science job market is still fairly nascent and the question on what makes a Data Scientist has not been answered conclusively. This was when we conceived the AdzunaDataBot! The project was initiated with a two-fold goal of building an understanding of the Data Science job market in the UK and monitoring it on a continuous basis, as well as building expertise in product development on one of the major cloud solutions provider by doing a pilot project.

In anticipation of her upcoming conference presentation, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Helps Keep Kids in School at Predictive Analytics World London, October 12-13, 2016, we asked Dr. Sarmila Basu, Senior Director, Data & Decision Sciences Group at Microsoft Corporation, a few questions about her work in predictive analytics. Q: In your work with predictive analytics, what behavior or outcome do your models predict?

Security, data privacy, reliability and regulatory compliance are critical factors when evaluating whether to move business applications from in-house client hosted environments to a cloud platform. In her session at 18th Cloud Expo, Vandana Viswanathan, Associate Director at Cognizant, In this session, will provide an orientation to the five stages required to implement a cloud hosted solution validation strategy.

Opining about the future of AI at the recent Brilliant Minds event at Symposium Stockholm, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt rejected warnings from Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking about the dangers of AI, saying, "In the case of Stephen Hawking, although a brilliant man, he's not a computer scientist. Elon is also a brilliant man, though he too is a physicist, not a computer scientist."

Fantasy betting is growing faster than anyone could ever have predicted. In 2008, one in six Americans admitted to betting on sports. That number has increased significantly in the years since. According to recent statistics, North Americans are spending over $27 billion a year on fantasy sports wagers.

Data visualization platform provider Tableau is updating its flagship product with new features that give oversight and data governance control back to IT organizations. It also makes a host of new advanced analytics capabilities accessible to more users.

In anticipation of his upcoming conference presentation, Predicting Behavior in Chemical Industry Supply Chains, at Predictive Analytics World New York, October 23-27, 2016, we asked Gary Neights, Senior Director at Elemica, a few questions about his work in predictive analytics. Q: What are the challenges in translating the lessons of predictive analytics from other verticals…

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