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Privacy Shield, the legal agreement allowing businesses to export Europeans' personal information to the U.S., is under fire. An Irish privacy advocacy group has challenged the adoption of the decision in the EU's second-highest court, Reuters reported Thursday, citing sources familiar with the case. Privacy Shield took effect in July, replacing the Safe Harbor framework, which had itself fallen victim to a legal challenge in October 2015. The new agreement supports transatlantic commerce worth $260 billion, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker has said, and has consequences for many companies offering cloud services to consumers.

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Bank Of America Merrill Lynch is in the midst of sweeping digital transformation involving all aspects of its customer-facing operations. InformationWeek spoke with several of the company's technology executives to find out where IT fits in its evolving technology roadmap.

The optimism and demand for innovation has never been higher. We are on the verge of a massive change in the day-to-day experiences of employees and customers as applications become more cognitive, but there is significant work to be done. Today, our most advanced applications are intelligent. Look no further than IBM Watson or Salesforce Einstein A.I. Bluewolf's recent The State of Salesforce Report showed that over half of companies surveyed described their most essential applications as at least somewhat intelligent already, able to anticipate and either take or suggest the next action. Increasing investments in intelligent applications is one key element to driving business results, but that alone is not enough. Companies must also invest in their employee and customer experience, and focus on translating their overwhelming collections of data into intuitive, automated employee experiences that, in turn, can power incredible customer moments.

A year ago the management consulting giant McKinsey & Co. predicted that the internet of things (IoT) could unlock $11 trillion in economic value by 2025. It's a bold claim, particularly given that IoT currently proves more useful in launching massive DDoS attacks than in recognizing that I need to buy more milk. Now, McKinsey has a new projection. It involves cars, and it declares that data "exhaust" from autos will be worth $750 billion by 2030. The consulting firm even goes so far as to lay out exactly how we can grab that revenue. If only it were as easy to make money off car data — which consumers may not want to share — as it is to prognosticate about it.

Apache Ignite is an in-memory computing platform that can be inserted seamlessly between a user's application layer and data layer. Apache Ignite loads data from the existing disk-based storage layer into RAM, improving performance by as much as six orders of magnitude (1 million-fold). The in-memory data capacity can be easily scaled to handle petabytes of data simply by adding more nodes to the cluster. Further, both ACID transactions and SQL queries are supported. Ignite delivers performance, scale, and comprehensive capabilities far above and beyond what traditional in-memory databases, in-memory data grids, and other in-memory-based point solutions can offer by themselves.

Many commerce firms have build their own analytics platform to predict user behavior and sell accordingly

NEWS ANALYSIS: The computing power of Graphics Processing Units built into high performance servers and super computers is being harnessed to bring new artificial intelligence capabilities to scientific research.

The recent DDoS attacks have shone a bright spotlight on the security problems within the Internet of Things and the cloud.

Get a firsthand look at IBM World of Watson 2016 in Las Vegas, spanning stadiums, the Cognitive Concourse and interactive booths. Also hear thoughts and impressions from big data influencer Ronald van Loon.

Many avenues can be explored at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016. See what one observer came away with after attending several sessions devoted to the CDO and collaboration, tools and strategy within the CDO domain.

The newfound emphasis on tools and service integration is shaping a new crop of industry professionals – the actual faces behind the IT infrastructure.

According to a recent Allied Market Research forecast report, we can expect a 32% CAGR in the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) market. This growth will mainly be driven by customers running big data analytics on ever increasing data sets. This allows them to gain new insights in their business, and build competitive differentiation. Throughout IBM's… The post Delivering a Flexible IT Infrastructure for Analytics with HDP on IBM Power Systems appeared first on Hortonworks.

Whether in the automotive world or at the copier, predictive modeling is helping organizations boost their return on investment without incurring marketing expenses, augmenting staff rosters or changing product lines. In this rundown of three smaller sessions from IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016, discover why modern businesses are turning to modeling for the power to excel.

Here are the top 10 strategic technology trends that will impact most organizations in 2017.

IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016 certainly has a lot to offer, and one good place to start is the conference bookstore. Take a look at this overview for surviving the challenge of finding the right title for your technology of choice.

Microsoft is much more tightly connecting the hardware and software.

Of the ways advanced analytics and machine intelligence can impact the enterprise business model, none is more crucial than its effect on IT itself.

If you're developing a package for R to share with others — on CRAN, say — you'll want to make sure it works for others. That means testing it on various platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and all the versions thereof), and on various versions of R (current, past, and future). But it's likely you only have access to one platform, and installing and managing multiple R versions can be a pain. R-hub, the online package-building service now in public beta, aims to solve this problem by making it easy to build and test your package on a variety of platforms and R versions. Using the rhub R package, you can with a single command upload your package to the cloud-based R-hub service, and build and test your package on the current, prior, and in-development versions of R, using any or all of these platforms: (Mac platforms will be added soon, with Solaris a possible addition in the future.) In addition to running the standard R CMD CHECK package tests for you, R-hub also applies "sanitizers" to the binary builds, to check for common errors in any compiled code (for example, writing to unallocated memory). It also handles the loading of dependent packages for the tests, even if those packages aren't on CRAN or BioConductor (so you can test with development versions of packages on GitHub, for example).  

"Millennials want "finance at their fingertips"..they want to be able to email and text the financial advisors and talk to them on a real-time basis," — Greg Fleming, Ex-Morgan Stanley Executive The first post in this series on Robo-advisors ( touched on the fact that Wealth Management has been an area largely untouched by automation as…

Microsoft has found a couple areas where products are lacking — 3D creation and communication — and is pushing the envelope.

As the presidential race enters its penultimate week, passionate early voters are hitting the polls. Big data firm L2 Political analyzed election trends from the most important swing states.

Several companies make announcements about how they're implementing IBM Watson.

IBM Watson Data Platform is making data simple and accessible to all.

Sinister service outages, blood-curdling budget constraints, and chilling cyberthreats have long been the stuff of IT nightmares. Now a new survey looks at what's really terrifying IT pros this Halloween and beyond.

IBM is joining educators from around the globe in their quest to unleash a new generation of data scientists on the world. During the IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016 conference, discover how data science initiatives and offerings are empowering up-and-coming data scientists everywhere.

If simplicity can fundamentally accelerate focused action, then you can significantly boost speed, productivity and effectiveness in your enterprise. Take a look at this overview of key announcements unveiled on the first day of IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016.

From self-service analytics to the cloud, chief data officers (CDOs) had a wealth of information at their fingertips on the first day of IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016. Catch the high points of some of Monday's most relevant sessions for CDOs in this quick recap.

Today's telecommunications providers find themselves facing a Gordian Knot when investing in improving the customer experience cost-effectively while revenue shrinks because of a variety of factors. See what some real-world telecommunications providers are doing to attempt to untie the Gordian Knot that represents the challenge of dwindling revenue while providing superior customer experience.

Look for IBM to launch the on-premises version of its enterprise performance management solution, IBM Planning Analytics, at for IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016. Check out the new features and business benefits of this new release of a leading-edge financial and operational performance management software from IBM.

A recent CrowdChat covered team data science as the core competency for digital disruption in today's business environments. Consider these highlights from that discussion as you prepare for your trip to Las Vegas.

The dawn of the cognitive era is upon us, and many organizations today have the data and analytics capabilities to begin their cognitive journeys. Take a look at recent survey results available in the seventh annual IBM Institute for Business Value analytics research report.

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