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Cloud adoption continues to gain momentum across all aspects of IT deployment and yet few companies have successfully harnessed cloud-based analytics.

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Almost a year after SAP teamed with Apple to develop business applications for smartphones and tablets, the German enterprise software developer is ready to unveil the first fruits of their partnership. On March 30, it plans to release the first version of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, a tool to enable businesses to integrate Apple's handheld devices with their back-end information systems. And at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week it opened enrollment for SAP Academy for iOS, a mix of paid and free training services to help develop apps with that tool. It may have looked as though Apple were retreating from the enterprise when it axed its Xserve rack-mounted server line in 2011, it, but since then it has multiplied its partnerships with enterprise hardware, software and service vendors, most notably IBM in 2014, Cisco Systems in 2015 and, last year, SAP.

If data is important to your company, then creating a data governance program is as essential to the business as an accounting program.

New products of the week Image by Transition Networks Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow. ONLYOFFICE app for ownCloud Image by ascensio

Enterprises and cloud companies will start trying their hands at cellular this year, Nokia President and CEO Rajeev Suri predicts. "Enhanced reality" and events such as concerts may be where cloud giants first get into mobile services, Suri said at a Nokia event in Barcelona on the eve of Mobile World Congress. "The first webscale players will enter the wireless access domain with mainstream technologies," Suri said. Webscale usually refers to operators of big clouds, like Google, Facebook, and Alibaba. Suri didn't name any names. For enterprises, an emerging technique called network slicing will allow them to virtually run their own private services on mobile operator networks. Meanwhile, systems that bring LTE to unlicensed or shared frequencies, like LAA (Licensed Assisted Access), will also help open doors to private cellular networks. Nokia is already working with some energy utilities on these kinds of deployments, and at MWC it will join Qualcomm in demonstrating a private LTE network, Suri said.

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Qlik® Is Positioned as a BI Leader Once Again Gartner Magic Quadrant 2017 If you're shopping for a BI solution in 2017, Gartner's Magic Quadrant report is the perfect way to learn about important changes in the market. You'll also hear about one thing that's stayed the same: For the seventh year in a row, Qlik is positioned in Gartner's Leaders quadrant based on completeness of vision and ability to execute. Get the must-read BI report of the year: Gartner: Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms.

Phone makers will seek to seduce new buyers with artificial intelligence functions and other innovations at the world's biggest mobile fair starting Monday in Spain.

Find out how Hershey's leveraged the Internet of Things, cloud computing, machine learning, and big data to regulate production at its factories, without hiring a data scientist.

Last night, Cloudflare and Google's Project Zero announced a security incident which may have affected Quantopian. We think it is highly unlikely that Quantopian has been adversely impacted, and we are taking several precautionary steps to reduce any potential impact. Quick Recommended Steps We've boiled it all down to these two steps. Change your Quantopian password at Then, if you are using two-factor authentication (2FA), disable and re-enable 2FA and download a new recovery code. If you are interested in learning more about how Quantopian is responding to this incident, keep reading. What is Cloudflare and what happened? Cloudflare is a third-party service which many sites including Quantopian use for protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks (DDoS). When your browser connects to, your communication to and from Quantopian is routed through Cloudflare's servers. The communication is protected by encryption between your browser and Cloudflare, and also between Cloudflare and Quantopian's servers.

Facebook is a famously data-driven organization, and an important goal in any data science activity is forecasting. Now, Facebook has released Prophet, an open-source package for R and Python that implements the time-series methodology that Facebook uses in production for forecasting at scale. Prophet has a very simple interface: you pass it a column of dates and a column of numbers, and is produces a forecast for the time series, like this: The black dots are the number of views of Peyton Manning's Wikipedia page through the end of 2016; the blue region is a forecast (with uncertainty interval) into 2017. As you can see, the Prophet forecast automatically detects the seasonal cycles (presumably related to NFL seasons).

News this week included 5G tests, a new Wi-Fi spec, mobile video popularity and smart mobility efforts.

If a CEO wants to know the state of their business, they ask their highest ranking executives. These executives, in turn, should know the state of the business through reports from their subordinates. This structure is roughly analogous to a process observed in deep learning, where each layer of the business reports up different types of observations, KPIs, and reports to be interpreted by the next layer of the business. In deep learning, this process can be thought of as automated feature engineering. DNNs built to recognize objects in images may learn structures that behave like edge detectors in the first hidden layer. Proceeding layers learn to compose more abstract features from lower level outputs. This episode explore that analogy in the context of automated feature engineering. Linh Da and Kyle discuss a particular image in this episode.

Survey by Atlassian finds wide worker expectations of working alongside AI software and discomfort with the prospect.

Network access control software that Aruba sells under the ClearPass Security brand will be informed by machine learning, Big Data analytics by Niara.

Yes, Big Iron can do Big Data and Machine Learning, even while it keeps chugging away at its appointed transactional tasks. In fact, putting the two together makes all kinds of sense.

Recruiting firm Randstad's annual salary survey shows data pros are in the upper stratosphere, and DevOps experience is starting to justify a premium.

It's essential to adopt a broader scope about data and analytics, create a very flexible and agile IT framework, and build a strong foundation for data science.

President Donald Trump said this week that the federal budget is a "mess" and is promising to make it leaner. This means that federal IT spending — now at $81.6 billion — is likely to see cuts, analysts said. The Trump administration is still filling top technology policy positions, including replacing former federal CIO Tony Scott, who left last month. Scott, a former CIO of Microsoft and The Walt Disney Co., was appointed by President Barack Obama in February 2015. For now, all eyes are on former U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), Trump's just-confirmed budget director. Elected in 2010, Mulvaney was part of the Tea Party wave and a member of the conservative House voting block, the Freedom Caucus.

Predictive analytics are used in the connected building industry to find trends and alert Trane customers and service technicians on what needs action. This impacts the bottom line of a company.

Make no mistake, this is not a random academic pursuit. It is of utmost importance in an era where automation is the next big thing

The advisor called as AISHA will provide a chat function through which customers can get fashion advice on their fashion and wearing product requirements

Data is the single biggest raw asset that BASF has, according to Frithjof Netzer, chief digital officer for BASF. The company has a process to farm, refine and market its data. BASF also uses an in-house process called Innorate to create disruptive business ideas.

The rationale for shared infrastructure is simple: Service providers and carriers increasingly seek to offer both wireless and wired services.

The internet is a tough place to have a conversation. Abuse has driven celebrities and ordinary folks from social media platforms that are ill-equipped to deal with it, and some publishers have switched off comment sections. That's why Google and Jigsaw (an early stage incubator at Google parent company Alphabet) are working on a project called Perspective. It uses artificial intelligence to try to identify toxic comments, with an aim of reducing them. The Perspective API released Thursday will provide developers with a score of how likely users are to perceive a comment as toxic. In turn, that score could be used to develop features like automatic post filtering or to provide users with feedback about what they're writing before they submit it for publication. Starting on Thursday, developers can request access to Perspective's API for use in projects they're working on, and Jigsaw will approve them on a rolling basis.

How would you feel about an artificial intelligence system handling your taxes this year? H&R Block, the tax services company, is betting that customers will be willing to have A.I. assist their human tax preparers in getting them the biggest refunds possible or at least reduce how much they owe. The company, which has about 12,000 offices in the U.S. and prepares 24.2 million tax returns worldwide, is using IBM's A.I.-based Watson to do it. "We are introducing something this tax season that is totally new, and is in fact, a first in the tax preparation category," said Bill Cobb, H&R Block's president and CEO, in a statement. "By combining the human expertise, knowledge and judgment of our tax professionals with the cutting-edge cognitive computing power of Watson, we are creating a future where our clients will benefit from an enhanced experience and our tax pros will have the latest technology to help them ensure every deduction and credit is found."

One person can't call an industry dead and make it happen unless the vendors agree. HP Inc. is a great example of a firm rejecting that pronouncement.

After more than a year in preview R Tools for Visual Studio, the open-source extension to the Visual Studio IDE for R programming, is nearing its official release. RTVS Release Candidate 1 is now available for download, giving you the opportunity to try out the new features ahead of the official announcement. We'll cover the features in detail with the general availability release of RTVS 1.0, but in summary the new features include: Remote Execution: type R code in your local RTVS instance, but have the computations performed on a remote R server. You can also switch between local and remote workspaces at will. SQL Server Integration: work with database connections and SQL queries, and create stored procedures with embedded R code. Enhanced R Graphics Support: multiple floating and dockable plot windows, each with plot history. RTVS works with all flavours of R on Windows: CRAN R, Microsoft R Open, and Microsoft R Client & Server. It requires Visual Studio 2015 (including the free Community edition). The RTVS team welcomes your feedback: you can report issues or offer suggestions via the RTVS Github repository. To get started with RTVS, follow the link below. R Tools for Visual Studio: Welcome to R Tools for Visual Studio Preview!

Listen to Preetam Kumar as he speaks about how you can solve the real-world optimization problems with IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud.

I decided to take a break from my Cybersecurity Architecture series and CISO's View series to give my thoughts on this year's RSA conference while things are still fresh. First off, I enjoyed meeting with old colleagues and many security people that I respect which justified the trip as far as I'm concerned. I'm really amazed…

The risk is rising, but the medical industry is better recognizing the risk to patient data and is stepping up its cybersecurity efforts.

Whatever the details, Robotic Process Automation, RPA, as a category is expanding rapidly, and possibly freeing humans for more sophisticated jobs.

By providing features for large team collaboration such as native multi-user security, Spark pipelines, enriched dashboards, 3rd party integrations with Slack and Hipchat for activity notifications, interactive hierarchical clustering, and a plethora of new features, Dataiku DSS 4.0 improves the ability for organizations to develop and manage enterprise data science projects. New York, NY – February 23 – Dataiku, the maker of the enterprise-grade platform for data teams, Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS), has today announced the release of Dataiku DSS 4.0, which introduces new functionalities that improve the production, development, and management of enterprise data science projects.

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