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New hotbeds of software development are emerging around the world and are helping build relationships between people of different countries.

When running down the list of top cloud vendors, the name Verizon doesn't come up immediately, but the firm is looking to expand its particular brand of cloud services that complement main players like Amazon and Microsoft. It's also fending off rumors it's getting out of the cloud business.  Late last year, the company denied reports it was looking to sell off its enterprise services business, which include cloud services and data centers. At the Wells Fargo Securities 2015 Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in late November, Verizon CFO Francis Shammo denied reports that his company is considering selling some of its enterprise assets after a Reuters report said just that. 

In 2013, venerable IT management vendor BMC Software went private, a move that CEO Bob Beauchamp says enabled the company to invest heavily in modernizing technology, fresh leadership and a new strategy aimed at helping customers advance their digital transformation initiatives. In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, Beauchamp talked with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how BMC's Digital Enterprise Management plan can deliver 'massive cost savings,' make it easier for companies to get to the cloud and manage services that span the data center and cloud.

Apple's battle with the FBI has put iPhone encryption in the spotlight. However, some might be surprised that the company's encryption efforts have evolved slowly and are not that different from those of other smartphone makers. Here's a look at the 5 phases of the process so far.

News: Creators of Spark have promised not to change the majority of APIs.

The high demand for data scientists has many IT pros contemplating a lucrative career shift

When The Weather Company wanted to up its game in the forecasting world, executives knew the answer was to analyze even more data. However, the company's data warehouse was too constricting; it accepted only structured data and required as long as six months to develop appropriate schemas. Lakes aren't about data perfection

GUEST: This year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showed the world a ton of nominally "smart" new tech. And now, with spring approaching, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has folks from around the globe marveling at how interconnected we are with all our smart stuff and proselytizing about how much more connected and smart all our stuff is soon going to be. CES overflowed with smart kitchens, smart cars, smart clothes, smart shoes, smart pianos, smart showers, smart beds. The Internet of Things (IoT) dominated the desert, and this week we're seeing a repeat performance in Barcelona. "5G" is buzzing at Mobile World Congress with its requirements for supporting hundreds upon thousands of simultaneous connections for massive sensor deployments.

VB WEBINAR: Don't miss this opportunity to join VB analyst Jon Cifuentes and guest panelist Move Inc. CMO Nate Johnson as they drill down into the most important things you need from an email marketing platform — and which vendors are in greatest demand, and why. Register here for free. Email marketing continues to be one of the most trusted and cost-effective forms of online marketing. While it may seem archaic compared to slick social media sites, email marketing results are 40 percent more effective in acquiring new users than Facebook or Twitter, according to McKinsey's iConsumer Survey.

With news last week that high-profile music streaming service Spotify had decided to move its currently on-premises infrastructure to Google's Cloud Platform public cloud offering, Google got a much-needed endorsement from a high-profile customer. The announcement was regarded by many as Google's "Netflix moment." To explain, Netflix has historically been the case study upon which Amazon Web Services drove much of its growth.

In this month's episode of First Line, Dr. Gary Nestler chats with Adam Crowe and William Moorhead, J.D. about how emergency management systems can apply big data and analytics to help first responders and key stakeholders.

SDN pioneer Martin Casado is leaving VMware for the venture capital pastures of Andreessen Horowitz. Casado, executive vice president and general manager of VMware's Networking and Security Business, will be replaced by former Broadcom and Cisco executive Rajiv Ramaswami. The transition takes effect April 1. Casado created OpenFlow, an early catalyst of the software-defined networking movement and a popular initial southbound interface between SDN controllers and switches. He joined VMware when the server virtualization company acquired the SDN start-up he co-founded, Nicira, in 2012.

February 2016 has brought a whirlwind of announcements by IBM that are woven together by a predominate open data and open analytics thread. Many of these announcements were made at IBM InterConnect 2016. Take an opportunity to catch up on all these exciting announcements in this comprehensive overview.

New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has just released the New Zealand Tourism Dashboard, an interactive application which allows NZ residents (and curious onlookers everywhere) to explore the economic impact of tourism in the far-flung nation. The dashboard is implemented using Shiny, and all of the graphics and analyses were created using the R language  Each tab at the top of the window leads to a different Shiny application (or a collection of applications) to explore data related to New Zealand tourism.

According to a new study by Verizon, the issue of mobile device security may even be more problematic than we thought.

Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence (AI) group today unveiled a new industry-specific program called DeepMind Health. A new website for the division reveals that Google has been working with multiple health care organizations, including National Health Service and the Royal Free Hospital London in the U

Mobile devices are an increasing cause of breaches into organizations, and this leads to millions of dollars in losses to the business.

When did your bank last wow you with its customer service? Financial institutions create and collect torrents of data each day, and advanced analytics can help them uncover the insights they need to wow their customers, thereby creating "confetti moments." Listen to banking experts Boxley Llewellyn and Matt Kinney as they share the lessons they've learned by discussing customer loyalty with banks from around the world.

Application and data migration remains one of the most significant barriers to cloud adoption in the enterprise these days.

The market for hyperconverged infrastructure is heating up, so is a healthy line-up of solutions from newcomers and established vendors alike.

Yahoo today is releasing some key artificial intelligence software (AI) under an open-source license. The company last year built a library called CaffeOnSpark to perform a popular type of AI called "deep learning" on the vast swaths of data kept in its Hadoop open-source file system for storing big data. Now it's becoming available for anyone to use under an open-source Apache license on GitHub.

In this guest post, Deenar Toraskar, founder of risk-analytics solution provider Think Reactive and a contributor to Spark, describes why new requirements for agile, self-service, and VaR reporting help make the case for building out new analytic infrastructure on the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. As described previously in this post, Value at Risk (VaR) is a popular risk measure used for risk management, The post Fast and Flexible Risk Aggregation on Apache Spark appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

It's clear that the rate and pace at which applications are integrated across the enterprise will never be the same.

SPONSORED: This sponsored post is produced by Structure. Big data is becoming part of the real world and every company's DNA — not just the domain of data scientists and the enterprise. Learn how the world's leading companies, big and small, are using it to evolve their businesses for the 21st century at Structure Data, March 9 and 10, in San Francisco. Special offer to VentureBeat readers: Use promo code "VB_VIP" and click here to get a 30 percent discount on your ticket! The cycles that accompany advances in computing are fairly predictable.
Alluxio provides a layer of software that unifies the management of data.

According to a new benchmark, the three leading SQL-on-Hadoop engines — Apache Impala 2.3, Apache Spark 1.6 and Apache Hive 1.2 — all have unique strengths and weaknesses that make them well-suited to some Business Intelligence (BI) use cases and less suited to others. "The conclusions really are that one engine does not meet all requirements," says Dave Mariani, CEO and founder of AtScale, a startup specializing in enabling BI on Hadoop.

INFORMS has launched a comprehensive analytics resource library. In this case, "analytics resource library" means somewhere you can look to find the right university analytics program for you or potential candidates to hire. Yes, it's all about locating education and talent opportunities easily. But, it also has data sets and information that can be used by universities and others in developing or improving training courses.

This morning AtScale released the results of a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) benchmark for SQL-on-Hadoop engines. The benchmark tested top SQL-on-Hadoop engines – Impala, Spark and Hive — over key Business Intelligence (BI) use case queries and here are some of the results.

You may have heard already about the LED lights in airports collecting audio and other data as the "backbone" of security surveillance systems. But now smart lightbulbs have debuted for security systems at home.

Like the electric utility sector, the oil & gas industry is on the edge of a no-profit, no-growth cliff. And once again, experts are saying the only thing that can save these sectors is a IoT-big data analytics play. But, unlike the electric utility sector, the oil & gas industry has tried – and failed repeatedly – at digitizing operations in the past. The sector isn't keen on trying it again with its last gasp.

Despite all the vendor buzz on new products that don't require data science professionals to use them, the demand for data scientists and other data science pros is still very high and growing. According to Glassdoor's list of the top 25 jobs in America for 2016, data scientist is THE top job. Many vendors are working hard at building the data science talent pool to fill demand and now Simplilearn and Tableau have joined that effort.

While most top IT executives at companies of all sizes continue to express concern about the security of data in the cloud, that hasn't slowed their move to embrace this new infrastructure as a home for corporate data. A new survey and report reveal their top security nightmares and provides some recommendations about how to protect data in the cloud.

In anticipation of his upcoming conference presentation, Operationalizing Analytics: 10 Key Process Areas for Embedding Predictive Analytics into Business Operations, Applications and Machines, at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco, April 3-7, 2016, we asked Ken Elliott, Global Director of Analytics at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a few questions about his work in predictive analytics.

Using information technology to make data useful is as old as the Information Age. The difference today is that the volume and variety of available data has grown enormously. Big data gets almost all of the attention, but there's also cryptic data. Both are difficult to harness using basic tools and require new technology to help organizations glean actionable information from the large and chaotic mass of data. "Big data" refers to extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends and associations, especially those related to human behavior and interaction.

News: Firms announce new joint partnership.

VB WEBINAR: Anticipating your customers' needs depends on essential data you can interpret without a  graduate degree in data science. Join VB analyst Jon Cifuentes and Bertram Capital's Tom Long as they discuss the best data tools and platforms for marketers — and essential strategies to meet customers' needs before even they know they have them. Register here for free. Everyone wants to anticipate the next big consumer trend — or at least where your own customers are headed — but unless you were a data scientist or analyst, you wouldn't be able to make heads or tails out of the big data.

Traditional business intelligence (and data mining) software does a very good job of showing you where you've been. By contrast, predictive analytics uses data patterns to make forward-looking predictions that guide you to where you should go next. This is a whole new world for small businesses seeking enterprise application opportunities, as well social media… The post 10 Ways To Use Analytics To Supercharge Your Business appeared first on Predictive Analytics Times.

Subscribing to too many sources trying to catch the most accurate, useful content out there? Actually there are people already doing that for you. They are the influencers and thought leaders in the industry. They're experienced in processing a bunch of info and highlighting the best. And… they tweet about it. We've kept an eye on them for a while, especially those having as many high-quality, insightful tweets as the number of their followers.

Rising use of mobile devices by cyber criminals to do their dirty work is in lockstep with the trajectory by which consumers are using mobile devices to do their banking. The reason, quite simply, is the same for both types of users–convenience. Fortunately, financial institutions are taking the steps necessary and using technology to effectively put the kibosh on cyber crime and fraud.

Some followers of Ventana Research may recall my work here several years ago. Here and elsewhere I have spent most of my career in the data and analytics markets matching user requirements with technologies to meet those needs. I'm happy to be returning to Ventana Research to resume investigating ways in which organizations can make the most of their data to improve their business processes; for a first look, please see our 2016 research agenda on Big Data and Information Optimization.

A unified communications system is one in which video, data, and voice services have been brought together.This allows businesses to bring a number of communications together, including video chat, smart phones, instant messaging, emails, and more.

Cybercrimes in today's technologically advanced society have become much more sophisticated and progressive. We can thank mobility for the ease of extended access to our personal data, as with every use of our mobile phones, laptops or tablets in public areas we further increase our risk and vulnerability.

ImageThe very thought that computers may be subject to some of the same biases and prejudices as humans can be frightening, but the unsettling reality is something we as a society need to confront before the problem proliferates. We have entered an era where things like big data, machine learning, and adaptive algorithms are becoming commonplace among businesses, learning institutions, healthcare providers, and more.

A slew of start-ups and projects have helped 'cloudify' the legacy technologies in a way that makes these systems usable.

There isn't an industry that big data hasn't touched. In the modern digital age, big data is impacting everything — including travel. And while the role of big data may be more obvious and transparent in other industries, it's clear that the future of travel and big data will be permanently intertwined for the better.

What picture does a network paint in your mind? If it resembles a labyrinth– you are certainly at par with most firms, dealing with a tedious effort to get their acts together. For me– the situation is no different. I perceive most networks as winding passages– leading into the world of exploding firewalls.

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