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In this special guest feature, Nathan Williams, Business Consulting Senior Manager at Sapient, discusses the new set of interoperable technologies around connected health and big data analytics that are emerging as future sources of competitive advantage for health providers. Nathan serves as a business transformation consultant and is the strategy lead for Sapient's health practice. He…

Above the Trend Line: machine learning industry rumor central, is a recurring feature of insideBIGDATA. In this column, we present a variety of short time-critical news items such as people movements, funding news, financial results, industry alignments, rumors and general scuttlebutt floating around the big data, data science and machine learning industries including behind-the-scenes anecdotes and curious buzz.

If cybercriminals are treating crime as a viable business operation, shouldn't you be thinking about cybersecurity in business terms, too?

Enterprises are integrating IoT devices into their ecosystems to get data that was not available previously. As with most new data sources, there may be concerns about whether the data is accessible, usable, valuable, and secure. Here are a few things to consider as your enterprise moves toward IoT.

In this video abstract, Dave Beer, Reader in Sociology at the University of York, introduces his new article in Big Data & Society "How should we do the history of Big Data?

For decades, encryption was an arcane art. Encryption was slow, clunky and highly complex, and as a result, the vast majority of data in the data center resides on storage systems in the clear. Sensitive data has historically been protected by IP segmentation and firewalls with IPS modules. This model is now changing. As workloads in the corporate data center begin to migrate to the public cloud, the need to encrypt data in motion and at rest becomes foundational.

I'm just reaching the end of my first month at Hortonworks based in our London office.  Most of that time has been spent with our customers understanding their use cases, reading about trends and developments in data analytics or watching videos about everything from connected data platforms to modern data apps to the bits and bytes… The post Spain-based Billy Mobile sees "growth, growth, growth" appeared first on Hortonworks.

I love EMC World (though I can't say the same about Las Vega$). I get an opportunity to talk to customers who are at the dirty and grimy frontline of trying to derive value from all of this Big Data hoopla. They teach me tons! One theme that came up several times in our conversations was the following: "I can't get the Business to engage in an envisioning type of engagement. We have lost their trust. So we are forced to start our Big Data journey from the technology."

Cloud, data, and artificial intelligence were hot topics for several major players this week, including SAP and Google. We've got these latest developments and more in our Big Data Roundup for the week ended May 22, 2016.

Anodot, the real time analytics and automated business incident detection company announced that Credit Karma has selected Anodot as its platform of choice for detecting business incidents in real time.

In October 2011, Apple gave voice to iPhone 4s through Siri, the digital assistant to whom you could talk, when in need of some information. Since then the Intelligent Personal Assistants have…

Almost two years ago, with a lot of work to do in analytics, TIBCO went private. What company could bounce back from such a challenge, and how soon? At the aptly named "TIBCO Now" event this week, we may have gotten our answer.

See the latest highlights from ODSC Boston:

As insideBIGDATA's visualization of the week, here's a historical perspective of global temperature change from 1850-2016. The data is from USA Today and represent median monthly temperature differences from 1961-1990 baseline.

Benson Hill Biosystems, an agricultural technology company unlocking the genetic potential of plants, announced that it has commercially launched CropOS™, a cognitive engine using cloud biology to empower a new era of seed genomics innovation.

If you're looking for controversy in the Apache Hadoop community, you need look no further than the 2015 launch of the Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPi), which some perceived as an attempt to wrest control of Apache Hadoop from its open source roots. In fact, some Apache Software Foundation (ASF) leaders see potential good coming out of the ODPi, although there are valid concerns about negatives too. Jim Jagielski, a founding member of the ASF and a member of its board of directors, shared his views on the ODPi during a candid Q&A session with the ODPi's director of program management, John Mertic, at the recent Apache Big Data conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Jagielski says ODPi has the potential to be both beneficial and detrimental to the overall Apache Hadoop and big data ecosystem.

This marble-based Rube Goldberg machine video is strangely compelling: it's simply made, but full of lots of elegant little flourishes, like the uphill "cannon" made of several magetic balls. The magnetic marbles behind many of the tricks are no longer available (they're very dangerous if swallowed), which I guess is a win for safety … but just look what you can do with them:   We're signing off for the week. Enjoy your weekend, and see you back here on Monday!

This marble-based Rube Goldberg machine video is strangely compelling: it's simply made, but full of lots of elegant little flourishes, like the uphill "cannon" made of several magetic balls. The…

The connected nature of the digital era empowers energy and utility consumers to choose their providers and actively manage and monitor consumption. And energy and utility providers face new challenges to provide the services consumers demand and retain loyal customers. Learn more about a predictive analytics platform that helps providers enhance their offerings, and how one provider implemented a multichannel campaign strategy to cross-sell services and offer new customers special incentives.

News this week included TWC, AT&T and 5G, the long wait for IPv6, business continuity benefits and Nokia phones.

With the ever-increasing capabilities of mobile apps and devices, users can now have a nearly limitless canvas to scratch out and rearrange ideas.

[Cross-posted from] When Microsoft first announced the HoloLens, I was interested in the possibilities that this device opened up. When I tried it a few months later at Build 2015, I knew I had to get my hands on it and start to developing for it.  This past winter, Microsoft announced that they were going to start selling developer devices so that developers could start getting apps into the store. Microsoft wants a vibrant app store before these devices go to consumers. Of course I had to sign up to get one. Since there is a limited number of devices being manufactured, Microsoft set up distribution in waves.  Developers in each wave could order 2 device when their time came. 

The Background – Linux as a Fast Follower and the Need for Hot Patching No doubt about it, Linux has made impressive strides in the last 15 years, gaining many features previously associated with…

As the data used by an enterprise grows in size, variety and importance, it is no longer acceptable that the gathering and maintenance of metadata remains an under-funded and neglected afterthought for data-driven organizations. Metadata management needs to become a key focus of an organization's data and analytics strategy.

3D printing makes it possible to build products that previously would not have been economically feasible.

New classes of memory-based storage are pushing the economics of data infrastructure.

Business analytics skills are in high demand. It's predicted that, in just three years, the United States may be short 1.5 million managers and analysts who know how to analyze data and how to make effective decisions (McKinsey Global Institute).  The courses offered in the 9-credit Penn State World Campus online Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics could enhance your credentials in this growing field. Learn what to do with noisy data sets, compliance issues, and nonstandard measures (Business Strategies).

Syncsort, a global leader in Big Data software, announced new capabilities, including native integration with Apache Spark and Apache Kafka, allowing organizations to access and integrate enterprise-wide data with streams from real-time sources.

By: Steven Ramirez, Conference Co-Chair Text Analytics World Chicago In anticipation of their upcoming conference co-presentation, Enhancing search results relevance using Word2Vec Language Models at Text Analytics World Chicago, June 21-22, 2016, we asked Pengchu Zhang, Computer Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories, and John Herzer, Enterprise Search Project Lead at Sandia National Laboratories, a few questions about their work in text analytics. Q: In your work with text analytics, what behavior or outcome do your models predict? A: We use the Word2Vec Neural Network model in our search application to predict word usage in our corpus for a particular context. Word2Vec consists of two models, the Continuous Bag of Words (CBOW) model and the Skip-Gram model.

Originally posted on Data Science Central This list of hand-picked leaders was compiled by Wojtek Aleksander, from Other bigger lists (sometimes created by robots) can be found here and are usually based on your Klout score, which in my opinion is not accurate. The list below is truly original and I would even add, somewhat unexpected, as you won't find Bernard Marr, Kirk Borne and other well known gurus.

The first post in this three part series brought to the fore critical strategic trends in the Wealth & Asset Management (WM) space — the most lucrative portion of Banking. This second post will describe an innovation framework for a forward looking WM institution.The final post will cover technology architecture and business strategy recommendations for WM CXO's. Introduction:… The post The State of Global Wealth Management – Part 2: Big Data Drives Disruption appeared first on Hortonworks.

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