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In the future, everything will be connected — even your grandparents. That's what Samsung Electronics is counting on as it draws up a four-year plan to invest $1.2 billion in U.S. Internet of Things startups and research. The company sees IoT as a way to provide dementia care and to help millions of elderly people live independently, using a range of devices including some akin to fitness trackers. "We can keep people out of hospitals and nursing homes," Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon said at a company event in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. "As our populations live longer, these benefits and cost savings for society cannot be ignored."

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A growing number of law enforcement agencies are realizing the community-relations benefits of body-worn camera programs. But the volumes of video footage those cameras create can be challenging to access, manage, search through and more. One solution offers four good reasons law enforcement can efficiently use intelligent video analytics to face the challenges from volumes of video data produced by body-worn camera programs.

Open standards, shared approaches to privacy and security, and more open wireless spectrum are needed to help the internet of things to reach its full potential of making people's lives better, according to the company.

mLab, the fully managed cloud database service featuring automated provisioning, scaling, and management of MongoDB databases, today announced the private beta of Private Environments.

New Query Workbench, plus advanced indexing, joins and i/o bring RDBMS-grade fit/finish to NoSQL camp.

The pace of technology today means organizations are increasingly tasked with delivering applications that are fast, efficient, and capable of doing more than ever to keep up with the demands of the business. They're looking to improve existing applications and add new ones. But how can IT guarantee application availability or create new applications when so much has already been invested in current programs and infrastructures?

SYS-CON Events announced today that ReadyTalk, a leading provider of online conferencing and webinar services, has been named Vendor Presentation Sponsor at the 19th International Cloud Expo, which will take place on November 1–3, 2016, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. ReadyTalk delivers audio and web conferencing services that inspire collaboration and enable the Future of Work for today's increasingly digital and mobile workforce.

Those that lead are able to collect and analyze data that followers can't. Think about the first climber to reach the top of the mountain, they have a new and different view slower followers don't. If you believe, as I do, that understanding data is the secret sauce of the digitally transformed enterprise, then having data not available to your competitors is a treasure! Those that achieve digital transformation before their competitors will have advantages – and advantages have advantages.

The general consensus clearly is that the 2020 deadline for 5G services can be beat.

BSA|The Software Alliance has issued its first report looking beyond GDP and direct employment statistics to estimate the direct and indirect ways the software industry influences the US economy.

In this special technology white paper, Top Reasons to Adopt Scale-Out Data Lake Storage Based on EMC Isilon for Hadoop Analytics, you'll find out how to Expand the Data Lake with EMC's new Isilon Scale-Out NAS.

In this special guest feature, Jon Pilkington, Chief Product Officer at Datawatch, examines how self-service data prep can help companies illuminate dark data for better business decisions.

One of the main goals of SDN (software-defined networking) is to make networks more agile to meet the changing demands of applications. A new Silicon Valley startup, Apstra, says it has an easier way to do the same thing. Rather than control the guts of individual network devices through software that makes them more programmable, Apstra says it can deal with those devices as they are and shape the network from a higher level.

Data science is a hot new industry, but what skills and background do you need to break into the field? Essentially, data science, data engineering and data analytics are broad — and sometimes ambiguous — terms that describe a litany of skills and job titles in the world of data analytics. "The title of 'data scientist' is broadly applied within different organizations, making it difficult to provide a complete and noncontroversial list of required skills.

Often thought of as a small-business tool, Software-as-a-Service offers plenty of potential for large enterprise customers, as evidenced by the 10 startups we're exploring here. Our list includes SaaS applications for big organizational challenges, such as supply-chain, payroll, sales, recruiting, and company-wide collaboration.

UBI, or user based insurance, may become the new basis for personalized premium prices, as the IoT continues to grow and connect increasingly advanced technology. According to SMA Research, 36% of auto insurers will use telematics UBI by 2020. Acenture's 2015 Technology Vision report revealed that 63% of insurance executives predict that wearable fitness trackers will be widely adopted by 2017.  But what's driving this shift? For one thing, insurers across industries are realizing that customer demands are at an all-time high.

"I have the feeling we are no longer a bank, but have become a technology company," said a CFO of a huge bank recently. He might be right. Let's see why. In a previous article, I mentioned the staggering economic impact the internet of things (IoT) will have. However, that assumes the issue of interoperability…

Foote's latest data suggests security and devops will remain in high demand for some time — but cloud pay is starting to slip

If you're wondering what IT skill sets to acquire, security and devops are doing well in the job market. Pay for cloud skills, however, is eroding. Research firm Foote Partners' latest quarterly IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index determined that the market value for 404 of the 450 IT certifications it tracks had increased for 12 consecutive quarters. Market values rose for noncertified IT skills for the fifth consecutive quarter.

Here at The Data Lab, we want to make sure that the work we do has a positive impact on Scotland, so we conducted a survey with those who attended to find out whether the event helped them find a job, recruit talent or meet interesting, like-minded data-people.      

"Who shot JR?" Two generations ago, Dallas had the whole global village on tenterhooks (his killer turned out to be the oilman's wife's sister who was pregnant with his child… ask your Dad). Today, Game of Thrones is keeping the deadly tradition alive. Now, the question before each episode is "Who's next?".

The course will be open to graduates in courses like statistics, economics, mathematics and econometrics. There would be about 30 students in the course from each college.

Big data platform vendors are increasingly focusing on churning through unstructured data, especially for text, audio and even security applications like insider threat analysis. Among the companies emerging in this industry segment is Digital Reasoning, a well-connected cognitive computing company that has helped the U.S. military track terrorists online while working with financial markets to spot insider trading.

Koverse, Inc. today announced the release of the Koverse Platform Version 2.0, a significant leap forward for any organization trying to extract value out of their investments in big data and analytics.

The big data phenomenon is becoming a fact. Continuous increase of digitization and connecting devices to Internet are making current solutions and services smarter, richer and more personalized. The emergence…

Are you making the most of the opportunities created by your team's use of body-worn cameras? Discover how you can enlist the help you need to allow you to take full advantage of this essential law enforcement technology.

Redis is not only the fastest database, but it has become the most popular among the new wave of applications running in containers. Redis speeds up just about every data interaction between your users or operational systems. In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, Dave Nielsen, Developer Relations at Redis Labs, shared the functions and data structures used to solve everyday use cases that are driving Redis' popularity.

DataStax's 2015 acquisition of Aurelius-the company behind the TitanDB graph database-was a clear statement about the importance of graph databases to Cassandra customers. Today marks the official announcement of DataStax Enterprise Graph, which the company is counting on to solve a number of operational and analytic problems for its customers, even if the database doesn't look much like TitanDB anymore. When DataStax started incorporating the Aurelius development team and the TitanDB code in the spring of 2015, the DataStax development team wondered how much of the code they'd be able to reuse, says Martin Van Ryswyk, executive vice president of engineering at DataStax.

As the head of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy has seen a lot of big organizations start using the public cloud. The biggest indicator of success for a cloud transition is simple, he says: Has the business' senior staff bought into it? In his view, organizations will usually stick with their status quo on-premises data centers unless leaders are ready to promote the use of public cloud services. 

Salesforce has already rolled out several tools that aim to let business users create their own mobile apps. On Tuesday it unified them into a suite and added some new services on the back end. The new App Cloud Mobile suite includes Salesforce's Lightning app creation tools, which require little to no coding and are supposed to make it easy enough for everyday business people to create their own iPhone and Android applications. It also includes the development services of Force and Heroku, and the ability to bring Wave Analytics and Lightning Snap-ins to any mobile app.

Your product is ahead of the curve, addresses some critical problems, and is well funded. So how do you fix the "it isn't selling" part?

The devices and technologies, many of them mobile, that make the supply chain more efficient come with security risks.

Here's this week's news in Data Science and Big Data. Don't forget to subscribe if you find this useful! Interesting Data Science Articles and News Privacy Fundamentalists Are Worried About Smart Toothbrushes — Some people are worried about smart toothbrushes because they fear the privacy of their children could be compromised. 5 Data Acquisition Strategies For Startups — A vital component of data analysis and machine learning is the initial data acquisition. Here are five strategies to successfully acquire data.

Salesforce has already rolled out several tools that aim to let business users create their own mobile apps, and on Tuesday it unified them into a suite and added some new services on the back end. The new App Cloud Mobile suite includes Salesforce's Lightning app creation tools, which require little to no coding and are supposed to make it easy enough for everyday business people to create their own iPhone and Android applications. It also includes the development services of Force and Heroku, and the ability to bring Wave Analytics and Lightning Snap-ins to any mobile app.

A modern data platform requires a robust Complex Event Processing (CEP) system, a cornerstone of which is a distributed messaging system. Today, many people use Kafka to fill this latter role. Kafka can be complicated, particularly when it comes to understanding how to recover from a failure during consumption of a message. There are numerous options for such recovery; in this post we'll just be looking at one of them. We'll walk through a simple failure recovery mechanism, as well as a test harness that allows you to make sure this mechanism works as expected.

Andrew Ng [Co-Founder of Coursera, Stanford Professor, Chief Scientist at Baidu, and All-Around Machine Learning Expert] is writing a book during the summer of 2016. The book is titled, Machine Learning Yearning. It you visit the site and signup quickly you can get draft copies of the chapters as they become available. Andrew is an excellent teacher. His MOOCs are wildly successful, and I expect his book to be excellent as well.

The first person to take over the CDO job for the city of Boston is hoping to support existing teams to make government more effective by leveraging data and analytics.

Considering Docker is a business and initiative that leverages pretty standard technology, its rise has been meteoric, to say the least. Given that Docker's founder, Solomon Hykes, pretty much stumbled upon the project out of his (eventually to fail) PaaS company dotCloud, it is all the more surprising.

Ubiquitous data is so easily generated, and for that reason many enterprises today are exceedingly challenged to handle it all successfully. Take a look at a comprehensive information lifecycle governance solution that can help prevent enterprises from becoming submerged in their own sea of data.

What five ongoing challenges often face companies who are planning to move data to the cloud? Learn how to rescue your data while increasing efficiency, reducing costs, meeting regulations and reducing risks.

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