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Google is told it must respect Europe's "right to be forgotten" across all its domains.

Your relationship with your customer has become increasingly personal. Your business is starving for customer analytics that help you better understand each individual customer — not just a broad customer segment. That focus on individual customers means we're entering a world of extreme segmentation. This new focus is a key strategy for companies that realize that understanding and meeting individual customer needs addresses what Forrester data has identified as businesses' top two priorities: revenue, and customer experience transformation. Big data, of course, will play an enormous role in addressing both of these priorities, but without a systematic way to harness data and turn insight into action, your efforts are doomed.

As one principle of the buffalo theory demonstrates, open source projects are applying a process of natural selection through the manner in which they tackle performance bottlenecks and other obstacles that can prevent further technological advancement. By continually identifying and addressing the next challenges to performance or scalability, these projects seek to balance compute, memory, networking and storage in full scale-out architectures that can meet the demands of today's big data analytics workloads.

The latest technologies are cloud-based, but many executives in the financial industry don't want their company's most valuable information hosted in a breachable environment. Here are five ways for CFOs or other financial executives to convince their executive counterparts of the value of the cloud.

Big data and analytics technology is driving business forward, the newest natural resource in the ever-changing world of computing. Yet even in a constantly evolving industry, certain trends stand out. Take a look at what's on the horizon for big data and analytics, and find out how it could affect your organization.

H. D. Smith overcame a several-years-long struggle to rein in its supply chain information using analytics software that tracks data on the 100,000 products, including prescription drugs, health, wellness and beauty products, the company ships to hospitals and drugstores. CIO David Guzman, who led the initiative for the Springfield, Ill.-based company, says analytics have also helped reduce costs and boost sales and will eventually help customers improve their patient outcomes. "Analytics and data is gold for our suppliers and customers," Guzman told Big data analytics has emerged as a strategic priority for corporate IT departments tasked by senior management to drive operational efficiencies or lend new insights into customer activity. Some 76 percent of companies are investing or planning to invest in big data services in the next two years, according to a new survey of IT and business leaders by Gartner.

Multi-model databases may help tame the growing complexity of enterprise data.

It's About Collaboration The first thing to realize is that the Three Lines of Defense (TLoD) framework is not about defense at all. The three lines in question are already defending against risk. But they are doing so in an uncoordinated way. The TLoD is about collaboration and integrating the efforts of groups. Operating management…

The Rust core team has released 1.3 stable, bringing with it API stabilisation and further work on performance. The team says the language has seen with this release a large amount of stabilisation "including the new Duration API and enhancements to Error and Hash/Hasher," and that further growth of the std::time module is expected "in the 1.5 timeframe."

After a 5-year stint, Kellan Elliott-McCrea, left Etsy. Elliott-McCrea was Etsy's CTO for the past 4 years and VP of Engineering before that. During those five years both the software product and the engineering team underwent radical changes. In the article announcing his departure, Elliott-McCrea expounds five theories that guided him through those changes.

iOS 9 SDK includes many enhancements to existing frameworks, including WKWebView, UIKit, Core Data, and several others. This article will provide an essential roadmap into new features and provide links to the update documentation.

By Debi Hoefer, Director, Teradata Americas Education First in a series about how customers can learn how to get the most value from Teradata. I'm sure many of you have heard of the "Five W's" — Who, What, Where, When, Why? The answers to these questions can be used for structured, straightforward information gathering. In this blog, I'll explain how this technique can be used for collecting the details needed to plan Teradata education. Once you answer the "Five W's," you can create a blueprint for training. Why? The first question to ask, is Why? What is the reason the training is needed? Before attempting to answer any of the other "W's," it is imperative you understand the business reasons behind the training.

Our predictive workforce assignments yield staggering results; saving / making businesses millions of real, measurable dollars. Often this yield is in a single project. Business ROI with these predictive projects is so significant, I wanted to share some of our findings as they may challenge some concepts we hold so closely. Large organizations spend millions […] The post Can Employee Development Lead to Business Mediocrity? appeared first on Predictive Analytics Times.

Advanced analytics tools have taken over the spotlight, but officials in some organizations say business intelligence dashboards are still where the money is on their BI investments.

Gartner turned heads last year when it declared that the majority of data lake projects would end in failure. As a self-avowed "old dog" of data warehousing, EMC's Bill Schmarzo vehemently agrees with that assessment, but says there is one simple secret to having success with a data lake project. Before we disclose Schmarzo's secret formula (which really is unnervingly simple), let's talk about how not to go about building a data lake. For starters, you can't begin with the technology. That's a recipe for disaster, but all too often in this over-heated big data culture of ours, that's exactly what people do. "The problem is that most customers are still tackling this whole big data conversation" from the technology side, Schmarzo says. "You start with your technology, bring in some Hadoop, throw some data in there and you kind of hope magic stuff happens.

Published Date: 2015-09-21 17:31:23 UTC Tags: Analytics, Big Data, Chief Analytics Officer, Data Science, Predictive Analytics Title: Footfall Analytics – The Future of Retail? Subtitle: Is tracking the number of people in your shop going to improve sales?

Interest in data science continues to grow among businesses. As companies put teams to work in a data science program, they need to know how to make the most of the investment.

The Internet and social feeds are full of articles, blogs, news and more on the strides that the public sector is making with big data and analytics. This Public Sector News series skims the newswires and culls highly interesting items that provide fodder for thought, discussion and debate.

No matter the industry, organizations are increasingly seeing the merits of learning more about their customers to inform the generation of intelligent, targeted offers. Take a look at five key questions commonly heard from executives in a range of industries about establishing predictive customer analytics programs to build customer retention.

How can the Internet of Things benefit industries and endeavors of all kinds? Here are some of the ways: bicycle racing, consumer appliances, drought relief…the list is long and still growing. Discover even more uses and see how the IoT's effects are reverberating across businesses and changing lives.

The Effective Applications of R (EARL) Conference (held last week in London) is well-named. At the event I saw many examples of R being used to solve real-world industry problems with advanced…

Big data has shown itself to be an illuminating force for sourcing the insight that is powering a tremendous transformation in modern life. To keep pace with the rapid changes, today's organizations are seeking to improve their capabilities, competencies and culture to turn data into business value through implementations of Apache Hadoop. These implementations require looking to open access, the insight to act and a focus on data anywhere as the vital characteristics necessary for maximizing big data potential.

The insight economy is expanding across an ever broader frontier with the help of open data initiatives. Learn what big data analytics brings individual developers and to the community as a whole.

Recent days have produced real and unprecedented signs of concerted efforts to begin to solve global cybersecurity problems. Most […]

Apple has acquired location-based analytics and visualization developer Mapsense. The deal is only the most recent by Apple and other companies looking to scoop up location data visualization start ups.

As data lakes step out of their infancy, they need to demonstrate their value to both IT and business stakeholders. That value can be provided when a data lake serves as a centralized repository of enterprise data for workloads within or connected to Apache™ Hadoop® as part of the modern enterprise data architecture. This creates an ecosystem that allows enterprise data warehouses, discovery-oriented environments, and highly specialized analytic and operational technologies to seamlessly coexist. Although data lakes are relatively new, their benefits and potential are beginning to make an impact. Find out the critical success factors for data lakes and special considerations for the solutions in Teradata Magazine.

Sometimes it might seem like we're "dancing around" when deciding what BI functionality to offer users. Dancing around in the sense that our BI users tend to always ask for as much BI functionality as possible, based on their principal of "at least I'll have it". The easy answer might be to offer them everything…

Symantec's Thawte unit admits that flawed internal practices allowed multiple Google SSL certificates to be released in an unauthorized manner.

In the book The Scrumban [R]Evolution: Getting the Most Out of Agile, Scrum, and Lean Kanban Ajay Reddy describes what Scrumban is, explores the principles and theories on which it is based, and shows how Scrumban can be deployed in organizations.

While you might have been hearing about Apache Spark and all of the things it can do, you might be wondering whatever happened to Hadoop? After all, MapR is still one of the biggest Hadoop distribution providers. While you might think that Apache Spark might be replacing Hadoop, that's anything but the case. Spark represents the next step for Hadoop.

Few things probably excite a data analyst more than data on a mission, especially when that mission has the potential to literally save lives. That fact might make the National Institutes for Health the mother-load of gratifying work projects for data analysts that work there. In fact, the NIH is 27 separate Institutes and Centers under one umbrella title, all dedicated to the most advanced biomedical research in the world.

As much as Microsoft currently dominates the business world, we can't deny that the consumer in us is rooting for Apple to become more business friendly. Their latest event introduced the iPad Pro — a more user-friendly version of Microsoft's Surface Pro — integrated with Apple devices.

Like America's love of tennis, the cloud economy is growing exponentially. As organizations aggressively push cloud adoption, more sensitive and regulated data ends up in the hands of outside service providers and solutions like SaaS application systems.

Dear R programmers, In this May (2015), our favorite "R" almost came to 12th position in the popular TIOBE Programming Community Index (TIOBE Index), however, it is experienced some volatility after that and couldn't move further to top 10. Currently, it holds 19th rank (for this month); wishing it retains its position in top 20 through the rest of the months of the year and hope to move quickly into top 10. Also, find below my compilation of what is R for the analytical solutions (System for Statistical Computation & Graphics), here, it doesn't mean or ignore the latest "machine learning" word, I treat it to be also part of our statistical computations.

A few years ago the role of Data Scientist was described as the sexiest job of the 21st Century. In the big data jungle Data Scientists are the apex predators, and yet they are relatively few in number. They have been described as being as rare as unicorns, with estimates that by 2018 the US alone will experience a shortage of 190,000 skilled data scientists (a shortfall of approximately 60%). More recently the number of job postings for Data Scientists rose by 57% for the first quarter of 2015, with searches for Data Scientists growing by 73.5% in the same period.

A few years ago the role of Data Scientist was described as the sexiest job of the 21st Century. In the big data jungle Data Scientists are the apex predators, and yet they are relatively few in number. They have been described as being as rare as unicorns, with estimates that by 2018 the US alone will experience a shortage of 190,000 skilled data scientists (a shortfall of approximately 60%). More recently the number of job postings for Data Scientists rose by 57% for the first quarter of 2015, with searches for Data Scientists growing by 73.5% in the same period. So what are these mythical beasts?

Ole Lensmar takes a look at a number of common API virtualization use cases – design-first development, sandboxing and load testing – to see how and when virtual APIs can help and when they can't.

Christopher Chedeau walks through the challenges involved in bringing the React JavaScript UI library to iOS. Some of these are technical, but there are also interesting people management challenges since, from an iOS developer perspective, React Native is a very bad looking proposition.

Joe Stein introduces Mesos and managing data services on it, presenting use cases for replacing classic solutions (like cold storage) with new functionality based on these technology.

A few months after its beta launch, Google has announced the general availability of preemptible virtual machines as part of the Google Compute Engine cloud. Preemptible VMs have a lower price than other types of VMs that Google offers, but they can be shut down at any moment by Google with a 30 sec warning.

Garrett Smith outlines a methodology for pattern discovery and presents a number of specific patterns that Erlang programmers can use to build programs that feel alive.

So many data scientists select an analytic technique in hopes of achieving a magical solution, but in the end, the solution simply may not even be possible due to other limiting factors. It is important for organizations working with analytic capabilities to understand the various constraints of implementation most real-world applications will encounter. When developing […] The post Balance the Five Analytic Dimensions appeared first on Predictive Analytics Times.

James Shore proposes to take a step back and ask what is the purpose of Agile practices, what brings success and what doesn't, and what it takes to be successful with Agile.

Agile methodologies long ago proved their efficiency with small co-located teams. But when it comes to moving past team level to organizational scale, Agile practices are up against enterprise development realities like distributed teams, multi-component projects and traditional resource management. No organization is too big, complex or distributed, but they must follow these simple rules…

Dan Craig talks us through the process of bringing a federal agency up to speed on build, test and application release automation. And how to navigate the inherent cultural and political challenges.

David Mole discusses what happens to an organization when focusing on happiness and motivation as your key measures and all the other KPI's take a backseat.

Jim Wooley outlines the synergies between SignalR and Reactive Extensions enabling asynchronous LINQ over HTTP push notifications sent to a variety of clients.

Elle Waters discusses UX and accessibility, providing guidelines for web content accessibility and assistive technologies along with five techniques to be used in daily work.

Jim Christopher discusses the health problems developers may encounter during their long work hours sitting at a desk.

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