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Google's intelligent cloud developer tools expanded Wednesday with the launch of a new Cloud Natural Language API. The service is aimed at helping developers create applications that understand human language. It's an important move for Google, as public cloud providers race to host new applications built with intelligent capabilities.

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Mu Sigma, a leading global provider of decision science and big data analytics solutions, announced the results of its inaugural "State of Analytics and Decision Science" report, which identifies gaps and shortcomings in traditional approaches to analytics and problem solving.

If you want to be able to turn network services on and off the same way you do virtual machines, some big carriers are starting to think like you. On Thursday, Verizon announced enterprise services defined and activated through software, a move intended to help both the carrier and its customers save money and respond more quickly to changing needs.

"C2M is our digital transformation and IoT platform. We've had C2M on the market for almost three years now and it has a comprehensive set of functionalities that it brings to the market," explained Mahesh Ramu, Vice President, IoT Strategy and Operations at Plasma, in this interview at @ThingsExpo, held June 7-9, 2016, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY.

News: The use of some data is restricted but that is up for review.

Analytic workloads and the ability to determine "what happened" are some of the most common use cases across enterprises today. This insight not only tells you about the health of your business, but it can help you understand how to adapt and improve based on changing trends. However, for most businesses, they are only able to see a piece of the story. Their analytics are limited by the amount of data they can store and ultimately access, and it can be difficult to bring in new datasets or try and fit unstructured data into rigid schemas.

Cloudera Enterprise 5.8 is now generally available (comprising CDH 5.8, Cloudera Manager 5.8, and Cloudera Navigator 2.7).  Cloudera is excited to announce the general availability of Cloudera Enterprise 5.8! Main highlights of this release include Impala read/write support on Amazon S3, a redesigned SQL query editor GUI, the expansion of role-based access control functionality to Cloudera Search, and the GA of Cloudera Navigator Optimizer to facilitate and optimize workload migrations.

This new release includes, among other things, support for "slicing and dicing" workloads by user/application/report, workload breakdown by similar queries, and alerts for Apache Hive and Apache Impala (incubating) best practices. Cloudera Navigator Optimizer enables database architects and database administrators (DBAs) to gain in-depth understanding of their SQL workloads running in data warehouse environments or on Apache Hadoop. Navigator Optimizer makes planning offload projects more predictable by assessing risk and reducing development costs.

 Here are their stories:   Funding Intern Amy Ramsay   Born and bred in Edinburgh, I fled the nest to study Psychology and Biology at the University of St Andrews, where I am entering my final year. Research, data collection and statistics are a large part of my course resulting in a new-found appreciation for quantitative methods. Whilst learning about this is an advantageous skill, one thing I questioned was the real life application of these techniques. I stumbled across The Data Lab when I was exploring internship options for the summer.

In an InfoWorld interview, Oracle lifts the lid on its plan to modernize enterprise Java amid criticisms of inactivity

Q&A: CBR talks to Martina King, Featurespace CEO, about how the dynamic crime of fraud can be tackled with machine learning and adaptive behavioural analytics.

"We host and fully manage cloud data services, whether we store, the data, move the data, or run analytics on the data," stated Kamal Shannak, Senior Development Manager, Cloud Data Services, IBM, in this interview at 18th Cloud Expo, held June 7-9, 2016, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY.

The Internet of Things will challenge the status quo of how IT and development organizations operate. Or will it? Certainly the fog layer of IoT requires special insights about data ontology, security and transactional integrity. But the developmental challenges are the same: People, Process and Platform. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Craig Sproule, CEO of Metavine, demonstrated how to move beyond today's coding paradigm and shared the must-have mindsets for removing complexity from the development process, accelerating application delivery times, and ensuring that developers will become heroes (not bottlenecks) in the IoT revolution.

SYS-CON Events announced today that MangoApps will exhibit at the 19th International Cloud Expo, which will take place on November 1–3, 2016, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. MangoApps provides modern company intranets and team collaboration software, allowing workers to stay connected and productive from anywhere in the world and from any device.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign ran into controversy this week when it was revealed that his wife, Melania, plagiarized parts of Michelle Obama's 2008 campaign speech. With anti-plagiarism algorithms patrolling the waters, stealing a line or two has never been more problematic. The revelation that Melania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention Monday evening contained several phrases that were first uttered by Michelle Obama in a 2008 speech caused a media uproar.

Snowflake Computing, the cloud data warehousing company, today announced new, automation capabilities for the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse that dramatically simplify data warehousing administration and data protection for diverse data and SQL analytics in the cloud.

The big data revolution is changing how business gets done in all industries. That includes the massive retail market, which drives $2.6 trillion in business in the U.S. and employs 42 million Americans. The use of advanced analytics and predictive modeling is changing the face of retail, and helping us all get what we want, when we want it. Here are 9 ways retailers are using big data technology to create an advantage in the retail sector. 1. Recommendation Engines This is one of the classic use cases of big data tech in retail (albiet mostly in ecommerce settings).

It's a big job making sure your web app works across every browser, for every resolution, running on every operating system. And every time you build or update a new feature, it might break everything else. That's a lot of "everys," so we put together a comprehensive checklist of over 50 essential functional and regression tests to ensure that your web app works before it hits production.

Enterprise app stores allow organizations to have tighter control over their own app marketplaces. Check out current trends influencing the enterprise app store sector.

Whether IPv6 is dangerous or not depends more on the people running it than the addressing scheme itself.

Apache Hive 2.1 was released about a month ago and it's a great opportunity to review how Hive 2 is drastically changing the landscape for SQL on Hadoop. There is so much new in Hive it's hard to pick highlights, but here are a few: Interactive query with Hive LLAP. LLAP was introduced in Hive…

As anyone who has tried Pokemon Go recently is probably aware, Pokemon come in different types. A Pokemon's type affects where and when it appears, and the types of attacks it is vulnerable to. Some types, like Normal, Water and Grass are common; others, like Fairy and Dragon are rare. Many Pokemon have two or more types.

Want to start making sense of big data? Check out these 10 experts who make the most of their 140 characters on Twitter.

Motivations behind the attacks ranged by industry and, predictably, not a single sector was left untouched by the unscrupulous actors.

When I spoke with Derek Schoettle, General Manager, Analytics Platform Services, the subject of open source capabilities came up a few times. Data is going to change the culture of business, and in fact it becomes the culture when you truly embrace it.

Not only will cloud services have to be more resilient, but they will be increasingly optimized to suit highly targeted, mission-critical processes.

Derek Schoettle, General Manager, Analytics Platform Services, discusses the subject of open source capabilities and more.

With business agility emerging as a key requisite to staying ahead of the competition, enterprises have adopted agile methodologies to deliver high-quality digital experiences that delight customers, rapidly and at lower cost. However, these initiatives sometimes fail to deliver the desired benefits, mainly because of the existing organizational silos, processes and technologies and missing collaboration among IT, development and testing teams. This necessitates the needs of DevOps to help businesses build better-quality products and services quickly and with greater reliability.

The Internet of Things has continued to grow at a pace that suggests a staying power beyond a simple buzzword. It permeates nearly every industry across the globe, both industrial and consumer, and although the complexity varies from application to application, the technology has allowed us to rethink the way we live into the future. However, as fun as it is to don the seer's cap and predict all of the wonderful ways connected technology will change our lives, the development of the "back end" of the Internet of Things is proving to be a formidable component in the quest for growth.

Google's intelligent cloud developer tools are expanding with the launch of a new Cloud Natural Language API on Wednesday. The service is aimed at helping developers create applications that understand human language. It's an important move for Google, as public cloud providers are racing to host new applications built with intelligent capabilities. Natural language processing allows developers to build apps that can tackle the challenging task of understanding how humans communicate, and it is key for things like building intelligent assistants and chat bots.

Scientists are using predictive weather data capabilities to analyze and forecast storm paths with increasing accuracy. They're tapping into data from a variety of sources for information, and these developments and applications of data analytics help keep communities in the paths of oncoming storms aware and better prepared.

Jonathan Larkin, Chief Investment Officer at Quantopian You are a quant and you have the precious raw materials: ideas, a background uniquely yours, a differentiated approach. I'm Jonathan, Quantopian's Chief Investment Officer. I want to give you my experience and perspective. We are in this together and together we can do remarkable things. On June 6, I joined Quantopian. Previously, I worked at hedge funds where capital was measured in the billions of dollars and trades occurred in global markets 24 hours a day.

Moving business critical applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server, to virtual server and cloud environments requires high availability and a solid disaster protection plan. In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, David Bermingham, Director, Technical Evangelist at SIOS Technology, simplified the confusing array of availability and redundancy features offered in Windows Server Failover Clustering, SQL Server, and leading cloud and virtual server software vendors. Attendees learned how to protect SQL Server and other Windows applications from downtime and disasters, all the while ensuring configuration flexibility and infrastructure efficiency.

    Gain deeper insights on your customer data and optimize your marketing programs. Alteryx enables data preparation in a drag and drop interface so that you can:   Blend data to analyze which programs drive customer acquisition   Prepare survey data to better understand customer segmentation and sentiment   Apply predictive analytics to determine lifetime value and offer responsiveness-no coding required!  

The NYU Stern MS in Business Analytics is the only premier global degree program of its kind designed for senior level professionals focused on the intersection of business strategy and data science. The program teaches experienced professionals how to understand the role of evidence-based data in decision-making and to leverage data as a valuable and predictive strategic asset.

AI systems are generating huge hype right now, which makes it imperative for businesses to understand how the technology can be deployed most effectively.

Amazon and others wrote the book on the recommendation engine. Rather than build its own, music startup PonoMusic turned to data prep and BI software maker Datameer to ramp up fast.

In the wrong hands, privileged accounts represent the biggest threat to enterprises.

It's earnings season, which for publicly-traded technology vendors in the cloud market means it's time to update investors on the momentum of emerging products helping to displace eroding revenue from legacy offerings. For two technology vendor stalwarts — Microsoft and IBM – cloud computing has played a significant role in their earnings this quarter. aspires to make it easier for enterprises to create and manage their bots designed for popular social platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Twitter.

Some product and momentum news today from Dialpad, the company (formerly known as that is attempting to change the way businesses think about business communications. Dialpad was founded by Craig Walker. If that name rings a bell for the communication industry watchers out there, it should: Walker was the first entrepreneur in residence at Google Ventures.

Boasting one of the most advanced rail networks in the world, Japan is investigating the use of artificial intelligence and a machine learning technology approach that would attempt to add what promoters call a "train time delay" function intended to provide riders with up-to-date route-planning information. Fujitsu Ltd.

New Study Reveals that Companies Are Unprepared to Protect What Matters Most to Them How are you protecting your crown … Continue reading Cybersecurity to Protect Knowledge Assets

At Dell SecureWorks, big data is getting bigger all the time. We process more than 185 billion logs per day. Our data volumes are growing 66% every year. We are just a few years away from processing trillions of logs per day and needing to store hundreds of petabytes of data. These enormous and ever-growing data volumes were one of the drivers for our move to the Dell | Cloudera Hadoop big data platform.

Snowflake Computing's Elastic Data Warehouse makes it possible to automatically recover data without snapshots recovered from storage system.

Skype is leaving behind its peer-to-peer roots and going all in on the cloud. While the popular messaging app made it this far by facilitating connections between computers for video calls and other communications, it's moving to a cloud architecture to improve performance and expand the service's capabilities.

TIBCO Software has unfurled a Mashery Enterprise offering that includes the ability to compose and choreograph APIs.

What is it with the dear old Doctor? Turn your back for five minutes and he looks like someone else, completely. And all that multi-dimensional travelling — backwards and forwards in time to check up on this or that in the Tardis. It must be affecting his analytical faculties because his solutions are pretty one-dimensional.

In anticipation of their upcoming conference co-presentation, Characteristics for Those Claiming Social Security Benefits Early, at Predictive Analytics World for Government, October 17-20, 2016, we asked Dae Park, Assistant Director at Government Accountability Office (GAO), and Vijay D'Souza, Director at Government Accountability Office (GAO), a few questions about their work in predictive analytics.

Not content with adding nodes to make queries faster, Snowflake lets customers of its cloud Elastic Data Warehouse service add entire clusters, to accommodate more concurrent users.

Tower 3 sports a simpler user interface that makes it easier to discover the number and types of automated runbooks developed in Ansible.

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