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Syncsort, a global leader in Big Data software, announced new capabilities, including native integration with Apache Spark and Apache Kafka, allowing organizations to access and integrate enterprise-wide data with streams from real-time sources.

The first post in this three part series brought to the fore critical strategic trends in the Wealth & Asset Management (WM) space — the most lucrative portion of Banking. This second post will describe an innovation framework for a forward looking WM institution.The final post will cover technology architecture and business strategy recommendations for WM CXO's.

Analysis: Is there more to big data than Volume, variety and velocity?

Mystery shoppers and fruit cultivation help us discuss stationarity – a property of some time serieses that are invariant to time in several ways. Differencing is one approach that can often convert a non-stationary process into a stationary one. If you have a stationary process, you get the benefits of many known statistical properties that can enable you to do a significant amount of inferencing and prediction.

Machine Learning today tends to be "open-loop" — collect tons of data offline, process them in batches and generate insights for eventual action. There is an emerging category of ML business use cases that are called "In-Stream Analytics (ISA)". Here, the data is processed as soon as it arrives and insights are generated quickly. However, action may be taken offline and the effects of the actions are not immediately incorporated back into the learning process.

Originally posted on Data Science Central Contributed byBelinda Kanpetch, she is current Architecture graduate student in Columbia University. With the strong urban design sense, she is fascinated in Urban installation art and urge to acquire any elements to ameliorate urban space. In order to gather all the information systematically to apply into her work, she took NYC Data Science Academy 12 week full-time Data Science Bootcamp program April 11th to July 1st 2016. The post was based on her first class project(due at 2nd week of the program). Why Street Trees?

There will soon be thousands of containers deployed across the enterprise, making the attack surface IT organizations need to defend that much bigger.

Microsoft R Open 3.2.5 is now available for download. There are no changes of note in the R langauge engine with this release (R 3.2.5 was just a largely a version number increment). There's lots new on the packages front though: Microsoft R Open 3.2.5 has a default CRAN snapshot date of May 1, 2016 and there was plenty of updates on CRAN in the month since MRO 3.2.4 was released.

For a cut of the digital publisher's advertising revenue, ReviveAds will install a script on the publisher's site that blocks the blockers.

For many non-technical individuals in the business world, data modeling can seem like a strange and somewhat terrifying realm. Even those who are data-savvy and regularly consult and analyze data in their day-to-day operations will often view modeling as perplexing under-the-hood stuff that is best left to data analysts or IT staff.

With the increase in use of data science and predictive analytics, how has this changed the quantitative hiring market?

With eye toward the future, HP Enterprise is now offering a vendor-neutral and multiple network supporting platform for building and analyzing data from the Internet of Things.

In this special guest feature, Terry Kline, CIO of International Truck, Navistar's commercial truck brand, discusses the overarching best practices that have enabled his company to drive strong business value from data and analytics.

In anticipation of his upcoming conference presentation, Data Driven Selling: Enabling a Direct Salesforce with Tools that Re-Enforce Predictive Selling Methods at Predictive Analytics World Chicago, June 20-23, 2016, we asked Lawrence Cowan, Partner at Cicero Group, a few questions about his work in predictive analytics. Q: In your work with predictive analytics, what behavior…

The University of California at Berkeley has started The Berkeley Data Science Education Program. The goal is to build a data science education program throughout the next several years by engaging faculty and students from across the campus. The introductory data science course is targeting freshman and it is taught from a very applicable and interactive environment. The course videos, slides, labs, and notes are freely available for others to use. The course heavily uses Jupyter.

Originally posted on Data Science Central Thanks to Sigmund Fraud for all the fascinating discoveries in human Psychology. I have always been fascinated about how human psychology plays a vital role in decisions we make and how it is inevitable to be understand how human psychology works before you get into improving customer experience and talking about machines replacing human thinking.

For decades now, banks have been able to retain their customers through traditional channels. However, recent shifts in the industry are threatening this historically stable customer base. Today's consumer is used to engaging with retailers and expects his needs to be anticipated across services. And so, they expect similar responsiveness from their banks. The potential for disruption is so strong across the entire banking industry that their entire value chain is being threatened. Bank's core competitive advantages are being eroded — and they must embrace topics like digital personalization, big data analytics, FinTechs, innovation in the banking industry, and business models of banks to stay competitive in the digital age.

List: SAP paid close attention to cloud and software enhancements.

News: Ford Fusion equipped with dozens of sensors will be driving itself in a 'real-world' city test environment.

Originally posted on Data Science Central Brush up on your math and statistics skills. A good data scientist must be able to understand what the data is telling you, and to do that, you must have solid basic linear algebra, an understanding of algorithms and statistics skills. More advanced mathematics may be required for certain positions, but this is a good place to start. Understand the concept of machine learning. d

Headline news is what most of us use to gauge the state of cyber security. After all, it's what we see, hear, and think about. But the headlines (by nature) only capture the most sensational, eyebrow-raising stories of data breaches, malware attacks, ransomware, and other Internet threats. The majority of real-life incidents occur quietly, in the deep, dark bowels of companies all over the world, and are often quite different than what we are led to believe by the news media and popular tech bloggers. Here are the real stories behind the headlines, and the myths you can stop believing now, if not sooner.

As machines are increasingly connected to the internet, it's becoming easier to discover the numerous ways Industrial IoT (IIoT) is helping to shape the business world. This is exactly why we have decided to take a closer look at this pervasive movement and to examine the desire to connect more things! Now if you need a refresher on IIoT and how it is changing the world, take a moment and listen to Greg Gorbach with ARC Advisory Group. Gorbach believes, "IIoT will significantly change the world. You won't participate with conventional thinking and an incremental approach."

Bruno Faria is a Big Data Support Engineer for Amazon Web Services Many data scientists choose Python when developing on Spark. With last month's Amazon EMR release 4.6, we've made it even easier to use Python: Python 3.4 is installed on your EMR cluster by default. You'll still find Python 2.6 and 2.7 on your cluster, but the inclusion of 3.4 means you no longer have to configure custom bootstrap actions to install Python 3 on EMR.

Citing the growing need for speed in accessing data for business intelligence applications, search-driven analytics specialist ThoughtSpot said it has more than doubled its equity investment total with the closing this week of a $50 million funding round. ThoughtSpot said Thursday (May 19) lead investor General Catalyst Partners was joined by Geodesic Capital. Existing investors include Lightspeed Ventures and Khosla Ventures. The startup based in Palo Alto, Calif., has so far raised more than $90 million.

Big agriculture companies have been using HPC techniques to understand and manipulate the genes of food staples like corn and soy for many years. Now, thanks to the big data revolution, that kind of fine-grained genetic control will soon be wielded by smaller firms targeting a much wider swath of biotech crops. One of the companies on the cutting edge of biotech crops is Benson Hill Biosystems.

Participant maps data at mosquito-transmitted disease hackathon I am always excited when I hear how Apache Hadoop is being used as a tool to improve health and quality of life. Since joining Cloudera I have seen Hadoop used to reduce sepsis, understand Parkinson's disease, combat children sex trafficking, and fight ebola among many other great causes.

Microsoft is reportedly working on a Bing assistant, which sounds similar to the Google Assistant bot announced at Google I/O this week.

Date and time: Oct. 20-21, exact date and time TBA Location: Hilton Baltimore, Baltimore, MD Event Website IKANOW's Chris Morgan was invited to speak on the Cyber Defense Toolbox panel. Each panelist will have 5-8 minutes to present on a product, followed by Q&A. We understand that at last year's conference, this was one of the more popular sessions.

Marketing measurement has long been an arcane field – companies interested in understanding how their marketing programs impacted revenue (or brand value) would hire expensive consultants who labored long and hard to deliver complex models at great cost to help their clients set high level marketing strategies and advertising budgets.   This worked well until the internet came along and changed the game – new digital channels and online marketing techniques were embraced by both marketers and consumers and resulted in data streams that could be used to attribute the impact of those programs on revenue.  

You might ask what the difference is between most artificial intelligence (AI) companies and SparkCognition. Here it is: while at other firms, humans build models; SparkCognition puts them together with algorithms. Rather than roughing out one model and then doing a bunch of testing, SparkCognition continually tests and fits models to data accumulating in real time, an architecture that allows it to deal with big data. But it's not primarily a big-data company. It's an AI company. Without foregone conclusions about what might be happening, SparkCognition algorithms keep probing for relationships and possible explanations without any a priori idea of what's going on.

Technology has made for a more flexible and virtual workforce, allowing employees to work from home while remaining collaborative and productive.

Poll Gives Hadoop the Overwhelming Lead in Telco Fraud Prevention San Mateo, CALIF. (May 16, 2016) — Telecoms revenue fraud is a primary driver for increased Apache Hadoop adoption, according to a recent poll of telco and enterprise users by Cloudera and Argyle Data. Communication service providers lose around U.S. $38 billion to fraud every year.

Google used its I/O 2016 developers' conference in Mountain View, California, this week to release the third public beta of the Android N OS.

The biggest challenge DriveScale will face will be getting IT organizations to think differently about scale-out architecture.

The biggest challenge DriveScale will face will be getting IT organizations to think differently about scale-out architecture.

Big data in Healthcare The healthcare industry was a pioneer in consistently applying data mining techniques and analytics procedures to identify areas subject to optimization and potential improvements of clinical practice. The research methodology was typically focused on accepting or discarding an initial hypothesis. Figure 1. Traditional clinical research paradigm.

insideBIGDATA was pleased to be on-hand for the recent Deep Learning Summit in Boston from May 12-13, 2016 as guests of the conference sponsor RE"WORK. Deep Learning (DL) researchers and industry leaders gathered for the event to hear extraordinary speakers, discovery emerging trends and expand their professional network, all around this hugely popular field.

TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration and analytics, announced Project Flogo™, an ultra-lightweight integration software solution, and TIBCO® Graph Database, a translytical database for big data.

Marketers can tap virtually limitless volumes of data about customers' online activities, but the offline world isn't nearly as forthcoming. That's where SAP aims to help. The company on Thursday unveiled a new service that offers demographic data in near real time about the people currently inside a store or at a particular venue or event.

Environmentally friendly processes are becoming an important consideration for consumers. Analytics-fueled strategies for minimizing the environmental impact of driving practices can help your company reduce its carbon footprint and gain a competitive advantage with green-minded consumers.

As part of a broad announcement made at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016, SAP announced a range of new features and capabilities in its analytics solutions portfolio. Because predictive capabilities play an important role in the portfolio, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share the details of our innovations in both SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and SAP…

Marketers can tap virtually limitless volumes of data about customers' online activities, but the offline world isn't nearly as forthcoming. That's where SAP aims to help. The company on Thursday unveiled a new service that offers demographic data in near real time about the people currently inside a store or at a particular venue or event.

Marketers can tap virtually limitless volumes of data about customers' online activities, but the offline world isn't nearly as forthcoming. That's where SAP aims to help. The company on Thursday unveiled a new service that offers demographic data in near real time about the people currently inside a store or at a particular venue or event.

A marked shift toward business participation in technology conversations couldn't be more evident than it is to an industry analyst. Gain an analyst's perspective on how customer-facing, content-rich processes for achieving customer loyalty are now the order of the day.

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