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Nvidia has released a series of software and hardware tools aimed at the high-performance computer market, and for systems dedicated to AI and machine learning. In addition to the Tesla P100 GPU accelerator, Nvidia released a series of new software tools for its deep learning platform.

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The forecast package for R, created and maintained by Professor Rob Hyndman of Monash University, is one of the more useful R packages available available on CRAN. Statistical forecasting — the…

It's a well-known fact in the IT world: Change one part of the software stack, and there's a good chance you'll have to change another. For a shining example, look no further than big data. First, big data shook up the database arena, ushering in a new class of "scale out" technologies. That's the model exemplified by products like Hadoop, MongoDB, and Cassandra, where data is distributed across multiple commodity servers rather than packed into one massive one.

Pivot3's hyperconverged appliance, bundled with NextGen Storage systems, plugs directly into a PCIe slot.

Managing marketing performance is anything but simple. It requires establishing a unified approach to assess the outcomes of initiatives and projects and compare results with investments in marketing people and campaigns. In general, while performance management has been conducted effectively at the corporate levels, it has been a challenge for most lines of business, marketing departments included.

List: As flash becomes more popular, the competition between vendors heats up.

If you follow data science topics in various social media channels, you'll invariably see a lot of blog posts about A/B testing along with announcements about new tools and techniques for doing the associated analyses. I am sometimes left with the feeling that everyone must be A/B testing everything within highly data-driven cultures. And if… The post Analytics is (often) a Faith-Based Business appeared first on Predictive Analytics Times.

Learn how analyzing stats from professional sports leagues is an instructive use case for data analytics using Apache Spark with SQL. Covered in this installment: data exploration with Apache Impala (incubating) and Hue. In Part 1 of this series, I introduced the topic of using fantasy sports analytics as an instructive use case for exploring the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. In that installment, we focused on data processing by taking a collection of data from and enriching it with z-scores and normalized z-scores to analyze the relative value of NBA players. The post How-to: Analyze Fantasy Sports with Apache Spark and SQL (Part 2: Data Exploration) appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Any practical applications for a 1,000-core chip are many years in the future.

Microsoft's Reactive Extensions for .NET has joined the .NET Foundation Family! Click here to learn more, and to read the blog from those who helped make it happen, including BlueMetal's Oren Novotny – Sr. Architect. Oren was instrumental in this effort and is part of the team organizing and leading the ongoing contributions from the community in this project.

Enterprises must rethink network management in the cloud computing world. This new reality is driven by the rise of software defined networking, the virtualization of everything and a business imperative to create and deploy even newer information delivery models. With the entire infrastructure stack now fully programmable, the need to integrate the network with cloud compute services is essential. Another important environmental change is that both servers and applications have joined data with respect to mobility. This leads to an increased need to categorize those assets and apply appropriate security controls with respect to business/mission functions, data user role, location of access, legal/regulatory guidelines and user devices. In meeting the challenges of mobility and globalization, enterprises must address their lack control or complete visibility into the networks they use.

industrial company for a multi-year contract initially valued at over $4.0 million. In addition to DataV software, Bsquare will also provide comprehensive systems integration, support and maintenance services. DataV leverages advanced data analytics, predictive reasoning, data-driven diagnostics, and automated orchestration of remediation actions in order to improve asset uptime while reducing service and warranty costs.

Industrial IoT continues to cause disruption; not just in manufacturing, but across many other industries as well. In the last few months we've been keeping a pulse on the state of digital transformation across the business landscape and have been discovering exciting new implementations of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This week we're highlighting the disruption Industrial IoT is instigating as product development and lifecycle management continues to evolve.

At some point, most small and mid-sized companies outgrow their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and need to implement a new solution that's more scalable and will meet their growing needs.

Dmitriy Setrakyan, Founder and Chief Product Officer at GridGain discusses complementary in-memory computing solutions Apache® Ignite™ and Apache® Spark™

In this special guest feature, Wayne Applebaum, Vice President of Analytics & Data Science at Avalon Consulting, LLC, observes that as an ever increasing variety of data gets captured and analyzed, we face challenging issues of data governance in general and metadata governance in particular.

Zoomdata, developers of one of the world's fastest visual analytics platform for big data, today announced it is among the first group of technology vendors to be listed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace for the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC).

Seventy-two percent of IT security professionals aren't confident in their ability to manage or control employee access to sensitive files.

These are exciting times to be in web analytics. We ask Webtrends about a rapidly changing market.

News: Digital tools and analytics key to solving trust issues.

Things are getting interesting in the identity management and access governance market, thanks to the cloud. This vibrant market continues to grow, underpinned by well-known vendors providing robust on-premise solutions. But with organizations feeling an increasing draw to the cost-economies, scalability, and the ease-of-use potential from cloud-based solutions, there is a surge in demand for…

I was out visiting our HQ in Santa Clara for the first time last week. My main reason for visiting was to spend time with our industry team to better understand the specific motivations and experiences with customers in different vertical sectors. As I'm getting back into London life, I've been reflecting on things I… The post From London to Santa Clara (via Austria with T-Mobile) with love! appeared first on Hortonworks.

Three roadblocks can delay big data adoption in health care organizations. Often, the problems lie with leadership, costs and the lack of specialized skill sets.

This might be the future of computing.

What is the greatest contributor to user adoption? How is "success" in busines intelligence determined? What is needed for BI programs to succeed strategically? Keep on reading: Dresner's Point: Boosting User Adoption is a Critical Success Distinction in Business Intelligence

IBM Watson IoT and Health groups announce new moves. Google opens a new AI and machine learning research center. Microsoft will soon own a huge big data open source incubator — LinkedIn. Those are some items in our Big Data Roundup for the week ending June 19, 2016.

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Acxiom (NASDAQ:ACXM) announced a new partnership designed to empower data scientists to make faster and more accurate predictions by providing powerful analytics tools and curated data on IBM Cloud.

By now we have all heard the importance of personalization and how companies like Amazon use data science for personalization of "Customer who bought this…" to their customers. The latest trend…

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Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here.  The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.  Announcements Data Science Summit in San Francisco July 12-13, 2016: machine learning and data science experts from Kaggle, Pinterest, Pandora, Quora, Salesforce, Tableau, Uber, CMU, Stanford, Berkeley and more on best practices, industry war stories, latest academic advances and hands-on trainings.

It was hard to fathom that Power BI would get the traction it has today. But Microsoft is in this game to compete and the level of play is very high.

With the earth-shattering news that yet another pair of terrorist attacks hit both the United States and France in the past few days, it's little wonder that people are looking for answers. How do we balance privacy concerns with national security? How are the greatest intelligence apparatuses in the world missing the large-scale patterns and the micro-transactions that signal a future event?

We bring you the keynote presentation below from the recent Spark Summit 2016 held in San Francisco on June 6-8. Speaker Jeff Dean joined Google in 1999 and is currently a Google Senior Fellow.

This aim of this article is to explore the potential use of Wikipedia page view data for predicting electoral results. Responding to previous critiques of work using socially generated data to predict election…

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Cloud computing is being adopted in one form or another by 94% of enterprises today. Tens of billions of new devices are being connected to The Internet of Things. And Big Data is driving this bus. An exponential increase is expected in the amount of information being processed, managed, analyzed, and acted upon by enterprise IT. This amazing is not part of some distant future – it is happening today. One report shows a 650% increase in enterprise data by 2020. Other estimates are even higher. Big Data at Cloud Expo Silicon Valley is the place where you can see the technologies and use cases that are delivering Big Data to enterprise IT.

Waaaaay back in 2008, the first time Obama was elected, big data wasn't even a buzzword. It was more like a dark art form. The concept of dealing in terms of petabytes and exabytes of data confounded most people, who were still quite convinced that gigabytes and terabytes were a lot of data. How cute. Yet big data was a strong reason for Obama's success, and even more so in the much closer election against Mitt Romney in 2012. This time around, big data isn't new to anybody.

Olli, a self-driving shuttle for 12 passengers running IBM Watson Internet of Things technology, made its debut in a shopping area of the Washington suburbs on Thursday. While some "fine-tuning" of the self-driving features are needed, passengers, by this fall, should be able to ride around and speak directions to Olli on the private roads at the National Harbor shopping and entertainment area on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, according to a spokeswoman for Local Motors, the designer of Olli. The vision is that Olli will be used in all kinds of venues, such as crowded urban areas, college and corporate campuses and theme parks.

Olli, a self-driving shuttle for 12 passengers running IBM Watson Internet of Things technology, made its debut in a shopping area of the Washington suburbs on Thursday. While some "fine-tuning" of the self-driving features are needed, passengers, by this fall, should be able to ride around and speak directions to Olli on the private roads at the National Harbor shopping and entertainment area on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, according to a spokeswoman for Local Motors, the designer of Olli. The vision is that Olli will be used in all kinds of venues, such as crowded urban areas, college and corporate campuses and theme parks.

At lunch last week, I learned that a couple colleagues were engaged in a little duel–trying to out-walk each other, as tracked by their new Fitbits. Self-improvement was definitely the goal, but seeing peer performance and benchmarks provided the required motivation to achieve that goal. If you're a data science or analytics leader, your job is to manage analysts who produce insights.  Insights drive innovation which in turn drive profits.  So, if you want to drive your business through these insights, you have two options.  You can either hire more analysts or you can increase the productivity of your existing analysts.  

Vidyo, Inc., has joined the Alliance for Open Media. The Alliance for Open Media is a non-profit organization working to define and develop media technologies that address the need for an open standard for video compression and delivery over the web. As a member of the Alliance, Vidyo will collaborate with industry leaders in pursuit of an open and royalty-free AOMedia Video codec, AV1. Vidyo's contributions to the organization will bring to bear its long history of expertise in codec technology and the process of developing standard codecs, with emphasis on interactive real-time communications.

This week's news includes SCADA systems becoming targets of ransomware, the latest on IoT challenges, 5G test results and more.

Data visualizations can transform analytics data into actionable business information. But remember to keep things easy to understand and remember your audience, an expert cautions.

Changes to one piece of the data environment affect the performance of others, and not always in a good way.

Six steps for organizations to strengthen their hybrid directory environment and ensure successful hybrid cloud environment performance.

Asmita Barve-Karandikar is an SDE with DynamoDB Customers often want to process streams on an Amazon DynamoDB table with a significant number of partitions or with a high throughput. AWS Lambda and the DynamoDB Streams Kinesis Adapter are two ways to consume DynamoDB streams in a scalable way. While Lambda lets you run your application without having to manage infrastructure, using the DynamoDB Streams Kinesis Adapter gives you more control over the behavior of your application–mainly, the state of stream-processing. And if your application requires more sophisticated record processing, such as buffering or aggregating records based on some criterion, using the adapter might be preferable.

Experienced business intelligence and analytics managers offer their thoughts on how to get started on instilling more data-driven management and decision-making processes in organizations.

Hadoop Summit San Jose (#HS16SJ), is rapidly approaching and is less than 2 weeks away! The Hortonworks office is perfecting every detail of Summit, from keynotes to special events.  One particular event that I am eager to attend at Summit is the Women in Big Data (WiBD) Lunch and Panel. On Tuesday, June 28th from… The post My Summer At Hortonworks — Part 2: WiBD Be Assertive. Be Innovative. Take Risks. appeared first on Hortonworks.

In the months ahead, Samsung will increasingly become an anchor tenant on the Joyent cloud.

An expert panel discussion examines the value and direction of The Open Group IT4IT initiative, a new reference architecture for managing IT to help business become digitally innovative. IT4IT was a hot topic at The Open Group San Francisco 2016 conference in January. This panel, conducted live at the event, explores how the reference architecture grew out of a need at some of the world's biggest organizations to make their IT departments more responsive, more agile.

Natero aims to empower Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing teams to become data-driven, without having to be data experts. It automatically aggregates and mines all sources of customer data to uncover actionable insights.

Congratulations to Peter Aldhous and Charles Seife of Buzzfeed News, winners of the 2016 Data Journalism Award for Data Visualization of the Year. They were recognized by their reporting for Spies in…

Graph technology is popping up in many places, including master data management. A major data integration player has joined the quest, as seen recently at Informatica World.

"The world is one big data problem."  Andrew McAfee, associate director of the Center for Digital Business at MIT Sloan One whole year of almost daily client meetings & discussions with industry leaders have helped me see crystallize my view of an important yet abstract idea into reality.  That is, Big Data capabilities or the lack of… The post The six megatrends helping enterprises derive massive value from Big Data appeared first on Hortonworks.

Olli is more than just a 3D-printed self-driving vehicle. By leveraging IBM's Watson cognitive computing platform, the bus can foster a more interactive journey with riders.

Distributed computing cannot guarantee consistency, accuracy, and partition tolerance. Most system architects need to think carefully about how they should appropriately balance the needs of their application across these competing objectives. Linh Da and Kyle discuss the CAP Theorem using the analogy of a phone tree for alerting people about a school snow day.

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