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Medical imaging has rapidly become the best non-invasive method to evaluate a patient and determine whether a medical condition exists. Imaging is used to assist in the diagnosis of a condition and, in most cases, is the first step of the journey through the modern medical system. The post How-to: Process and Index Medical Images with Apache Hadoop and Apache Solr appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Editor's note: Welcome to Throwback Thursdays! Every third Thursday of the month, we feature a classic post from the earlier days of our company, gently updated as appropriate. We still find them helpful, and we think you will, too! The original version of this post can be found here. Back in 2014, we discussed how the market looked like on our first birthday. As we hit three years, it seems like an appropriate time to look back on those observations.

One interesting aspect of commentating about a number of vendors in a particular space is that I get to sit in the middle of some competitive mud-slinging. Of course, no one really gets offended by vendor A trying to rain on vendor B's parade — it's all part and parcel of the thrust and parry of the industry. I remember a year ago when ERP vendor NetSuite was holding its annual SuiteWorld event.

The one skill you can't supplement or mentor effectively is leadership. That is the one absolute requirement of a CEO.

AWS is launching a new, memory-optimized instance on EC2 dubbed X1 that aims to make it easier to run SAP's HANA in-memory database. The announcement comes on the heels of a deal between SAP and Microsoft.

by Joseph Rickert For quite a few years now we have attempted to maintain the Revolution Analytics' Local R User Group Directory as the complete and authoritative list of R user groups. Meetup groups make this list in one of two ways: we discover the group because they have a web page of some sort proclaiming the group to be focused on the R language or someone from the group writes to us asking to have the group included in our list. We have deliberately pursued a relatively conservative strategy in growing the list, resisting the temptation to include every data science user group that may have had an R related presentation.

  "How did God create the world in 6 days? Because he didn't have legacy systems." – CDO Forum, Europe 2016 speaker This one statement resonated with me because people are inherently resistant to change, and that inertia increases when we are dealing with corporate structures and hierarchies which date back over centuries. However, the digital revolution has deeply disrupted organisational workings from both a tactical and strategic standpoint. The pace of innovation is becoming more rapid and buoyant than ever before…

Internet service can be frustrating, can't it? Outages galore, poor customer service and constantly having to power cycle your router are just a few of the major frustrations that come along with small business internet. It doesn't end there, though. Many small businesses also deal with slowness, bandwidth issues and billing frustrations. Did you know that some of the issues you're experiencing could be because you're with the wrong ISP? Yes, there is a right internet service provider depending on your needs and business.

In unscripted remarks during Salesforce's first-quarter earnings call with analysts, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said that Amazon's Jeff Bezos and he and are planning an expanded partnership.

Thousands of flights zig-zagging through the stratosphere, bringing businessmen, tourists, and families to their destinations in previously unthinkable time. But the inevitable bane of delays, infinite security checks, bad food, cramped seats and the crying baby, do sour our experience, making us under appreciate, what is, one of humanity's greatest achievements. Well, we are here to explore that world of air travel, to get an insight into an otherwise largely ignored world. For this exploratory analysis, we are using the dataset provided by Planefinder. This dataset contains the positional record (latitude, longitude, altitude) of every flight in service on a certain date in 2014, taken every 2 minutes.

Have you ever burnt your tongue while having hot soup when you were young? If you have, then you now use the understanding obtained from that experience to predict what will happen if you accidently taste the hot soup. Also, you very well know how to prevent such an experience.

Hitachi Insight Group announced the launch of the City Data Exchange for Copenhagen, a new solution for making public and private data accessible so that they can power innovation that can make smart cities of the future more sustainable, prosperous, and vibrant.

Dell's upgrade to its Storage Center Operating System uses compression and data deduplication to drive down the effective cost of Flash storage.

This Word 2016 Quick Reference Card covers program fundamentals, as well as essential shortcuts for navigation, editing and formatting.

Over the past decade, I have seen more than 1,000 Salesforce implementations deployed to a wide variety of organizations. I have learned that it does not matter if you are a small nonprofit or a Fortune 100 enterprise company — one of the best investments you can make in your Salesforce implementation process is to have a clear plan. Do Your Homework You may never be able to debate the merits of Apex code (the programming language that executes on the Salesforce platform), for example, and that's OK.

Security experts have discovered nearly 3,000 ransomware malware modifications, and ransomware has surpassed APTs as the most troublesome threat.

LinkedIn was hacked way back in 2012, but the leak of passwords four years ago wasn't the end of the story. Another 117 million have turned up, and many of those old passwords still seem to be valid. But surely, I hear you ask, LinkedIn invalidated those old passwords in 2012? Nope. That turns out not to be the case — LinkedIn only forced a reset of the 6.5 million leaked ones, for fear of inconveniencing the other users. Initially, LinkedIn's response this time was the same, but thankfully saner heads prevailed and the company's finally doing the right thing.

At Google I/O, it was unclear whether the company's intention was to entice programmers with its new artificial intelligence offerings, or simply fry them in the Mountain View, Calif. sunshine. Here's what we were able to see before heat stroke set in.

ERP has become a core part of any company, but what are the real benefits of having such software?

Cloud28+, the cloud services federation backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, wants to help companies install enterprise applications, not just choose them from its catalog. Although HPE is the driving force behind Cloud28+, the federation of independent software vendors, resellers and service providers now has 225 members, which are pushing to simplify cloud software deployment.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creeping into every aspect of our lives. With the advent of smart cities, smart manufacturing, precision agriculture, drones and digital energy, businesses and individuals alike have seen the influx of IoT technology. For example, a recent report from Gartner, "suggests that more than 26 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020, with 250,000 of them being vehicles." So, with the billions of connected things, its only natural this week's top news roundup would highlight how IoT is maturing and what experts see for the future ahead.

New APIs for Google's Sheets, Slides, and Classroom apps offer integrations to eliminate repetitive tasks like copying and pasting

It's Moogfest season here in Durham, so there's been a lot of the discussion in the office around music, data lakes, and the heat map we're building for the festival. But the conversation took a different turn, thanks to a tweet. Many months ago when I was at IBM Insight, I tweeted a snide remark about computer-generated jokes. Fast-forward to this week, when former "Monk" and Letterman writer Joe Toplyn responded with a link "proving" that computers could generate jokes that were funny … at least to the easily amused. Amid the discussion, someone drove by playing crappy autotune pop music.

Cloud28+, the cloud services federation backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, now wants to help you install enterprise applications, not just choose them from its catalog. Although HPE is the driving force behind Cloud28+, the federation of independent software vendors, resellers and service providers now has 225 members, which are pushing to simplify cloud software deployment.

Should marketing really abandon the billboard and other forms of outdoor advertising? Do these methods still have any benefit to businesses?

C-level briefing: Two data centre operators predict an IOT storm and warn users to get their set up right now.

Businesses can obtain major benefits — including better customer experiences and operational excellence — from the internet of things (IoT) by extracting insights from connected objects and…

The Internet of Things has the potential to completely change how we live and work. It's already causing an evolution in the workplace – especially where IT is involved. By 2020, there will be over 38 billion connected devices. In the interest of convenience and efficiency, we're shoving embedded computers into pretty much every single product and appliance we use, from fridges and blenders to thermostats and security systems.

One of the most important issues in privacy and surveillance is also one of the least-discussed — the use of new surveillance technologies in ordinary law enforcement. Reasons for this neglect…

Google has taken a big leap forward with the speed of its machine learning systems by creating its own custom chip that it's been using for over a year. The company was rumored to have been designing its own chip, based partly on job ads it posted in recent years. But until today it had kept the effort largely under wraps. It calls the chip a Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU, named after the TensorFlow software it uses for its machine learning programs.

The bagged trees algorithm is a commonly used classification method. By resampling our data and creating trees for the resampled data, we can get an aggregated vote of classification prediction. In this blog post I will demonstrate how bagged trees work visualizing each step. Visualizing Bagged Trees as Approximating Borders, Part 1 Visualizing Bagged Trees, Part 2 Conclusion: Other tree aggregation methods differ in how they grow trees and they may compute weighted average. But in the end we can visualize the result of a algorithm as borders between classified sets in a shape of connected perpendicular segments, as in this 2-dimensional case. As for higher dimensions these became multidimensional rectangular pieces of hyperplanes which are perpendicular to each other.

When I went to work years ago, the practice of advanced analytics had an aura of black magic. The insights from corporate data were delivered by a few highly trained scientists who worked their wonders behind a curtain. They owned all data-driven insights. When business analysts and other users wanted to gain fresh access, they walked down the hall and made a request to the wizards in the white coats, and then they waited days or weeks for the answers to come back.

Gone are the days when business decisions were made based on gut instinct and qualitative information. It's now the Age of Analytics — data is big, real-time and actionable. IDC forecasts the big data technology and services market will reach $41.5 billion worldwide in 2018. The predicted 26.4 percent compound annual growth rate would be about six times the predicted growth of the overall IT market.

The next major version of Apache Hadoop could effectively double storage capacity while increasing data resiliency by 50 percent through the addition of erasure coding, according to a presentation at the Apache Big Data conference last week. Apache Hadoop version 3 is currently being developed by members of the Apache Hadoop team at the Apache Software Foundation.

Performance reporting is a vital component of performance management. But very often professionals in the finance department have conflicting objectives with the owners of plans, budgets and forecasts. In this first installment of a two-part series, take a look at some performance reporting best practices that not only help deliver business value, but can also promote building management buy in.

We specialize in harvesting and curating custom datasets for our customers. This means that our customers have access to a completely unique dataset created for them unlike any other dataset in the world. But sometimes our customers don't exactly know what sources and websites to harvest. Our latest educational video explains how we work with… The post Video: How Does Someone Determine the Data Sources to Harvest appeared first on BrightPlanet.

My blogs are having a bad time with comment spam. While Akismet and other safeguards are intercepting almost all of the ~5000 attempted spam comments per day, the small fraction that get through are…

Technological innovation is creating a connected world and a smarter planet, but it's also fueling new threats. When security experts and thought leaders couple their expertise with a full range of data, including dark data, they can create advanced human-led intelligence solutions that can act effectively in the modern security environment.

McKinsey & Company estimates that as much as 45% of the tasks currently performed by people can be automated using existing technologies. If you haven't made an effort to understand how artificial intelligence will affect your company, now is the time to start.

Machine learning is helping brands narrow the divide between their products and consumers in ways that would appear almost magical only ten years ago. From Amazon's personal product recommendations based on past purchases and browsing habits, to Netflix's uncanny ability to suggest just the right movie title according to your taste in film, data-driven insights are helping companies speak to individual customer preferences, who are demanding more personalisation in their products and engagements. This has moved data analytics from novelty status to an integral part of the marketing strategy, as brands discover new opportunities to communicate their unique selling points.

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