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For ages, I've been looking for someone to produce a nice general purpose script for Linux hosts that sets the optimal kernel settings for a Hadoop node maintained to the current Hadoop release. While there are a number of scripts out there they tend to be pretty inconsistent. Additionally, we needed something that was non-destructive that could be safely run multiple times against the same host without fear of any issues.  Clearly the echo >> /etc/sysctl.conf approach wasn't going to cut it. What I've put together is a script that do the above based upon the current (as of August 2016) Hadoop norms.

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A report from IT research firm Gartner says public sector CIOs need to promote a compelling vision for digital transformation and make change inclusive. If successful, the results could transform the type of services government agencies can offer citizens.

In anticipation of his upcoming conference keynote presentation, Fraud Screening for 2/3rds of All Card Transactions: A Consortium and Its Data at Predictive Analytics World Financial in New York City, October 23-27, 2016, we asked Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer at FICO, a few questions about his work in predictive analytics. Q: In your work with…

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Figuring out what might be impeding the performance of any application is impossible without access to the underlying network.

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of digital connectivity to devices and sensors in homes, businesses, vehicles and potentially almost anywhere. This innovation means that virtually any device can generate and transmit data about its operations — data to which analytics can be applied to facilitate monitoring and a range of automatic functions.

In the process of transforming its technology infrastructure, TransUnion has found itself attracting top-notch IT talent normally repelled by the idea of working for a stuffy financial institution. Here's how they did it.

In this special lab validation brief, EMC Isilon Scale-Out Data Lake Foundation, you'll learn how the EMC Isilon product family is an easy to operate, highly scalable and efficient Enterprise Data Lake Platform (EDLP).

In this special guest feature, Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer at Ness Digital Engineering, examines how fog computing can be used as a low risk alternative to the Data Lake concept.

Customers' perception of a company depends on their experiences with the organization at every point of contact. Companies can try to change how customers view a brand in a number of ways, such as a… …

Data is the fuel that drives the machine learning algorithmic engines and ultimately provides the business value. In his session at Cloud Expo, Ed Featherston, a director and senior enterprise architect at Collaborative Consulting, will discuss the key considerations around quality, volume, timeliness, and pedigree that must be dealt with in order to properly fuel that engine.

As part of its BRAIN initiative, the National Science Foundation announced a second series of grants this week awarded to multidisciplinary teams to further explore cognitive and neural systems, including "data-intensive neuroscience and cognitive science." NSF said Thursday (Aug. 18) the 18 grants totaling about $17 million were awarded to U.S. university research teams.

Python has long been a go-to language for developers creating cutting-edge web applications. However, Python's advantages of power, versatility, flexibility and ease of programming have made it a favorite language in a multitude of applications, industries, and niches. Examples of Python being used outside the world of Web apps include: The development of an ERP/CRM named ERP5, developed by Nexedi for use in government agencies, the apparel industry, and other warehouse-based businesses.

As IoT technologies attempt to live up to their promises to solve real-world problems and deliver consistent value for companies, there is still confusion among businesses on how to collect, store, and analyze a massive amount of IoT data generated from Internet-connected devices, both from industry and consumers, and unlock its value.

It's long been known that secret messages can be included in music through techniques such as backmasking, but now a Polish researcher has developed an entirely new approach. By subtly varying the tempo of a particular type of dance music, he's managed to encode information in a way that's completely inaudible to human listeners.

I'm excited to announce two new members of our team: Antony Falco (VP, Product & Innovation) and Nayla Rizk (Advisor). At Silicon Valley Data Science, we aspire to bring the best of agile, iterative data product development used by innovative companies in the Silicon Valley to our clients.

Data Scientist David Robinson caused a bit of a stir in the media when he analyzed Donald Trump's tweets and revealed that those sent from an Android device were likely sent by the candidate himself,…

The modern IT network encounters a lot of twists and turns on its way to high performance and user satisfaction. The humble network, which for a long time was fairly straightforward, is now a complicated infrastructure component that requires careful management and monitoring. Private and public network topologies are much more diverse these days, so that app delivery takes many twists and turns through paths, protocols and configurations along various networks, whether LAN, WAN or cloud.

The IoT will require serious investments to make its potential a reality. Take a closer look at fog computing and why it is essential to making IoT a success.

Every app developer dreams of the kind of success that Pokemon Go is enjoying right now. A month ago, it was just a rumor. Just 24 hours after it was released, it was the number one top grossing app, even though it was free to download and play. Within a single week, Pokemon Go servers were slammed with traffic from 21 million players while they tried to fix production errors.

This is an unusual blog for me. Usually I talk about how organizations can more effectively leverage data and analytics to power their business. However, as I conduct more Big Data Vision Workshops, I have come to realize that a big part of the success of these engagements is the ability to "listen and comprehend." Here are some observations and tips for "listening and comprehending" more effectively.

Analytics enables banks to comply with regulations and reduce the risk of fraudulent practices in four major areas. These innovation-driving areas include identifying suspicious transactions, staying within the law to uncover predatory lending practices, defending against online threats and complying with pending banking regulations.

A breach at a UK accounting software firm exposes details of the employees of about 280 British companies.

The first job of any business is to attract and retain customers. Not developing a mobile strategy to do this is a big mistake.

How do data scientists spend their time? What tools do they use? What degrees do they have? Check out our handy infographic to find out.

Kimera Systems announced the birth of Nigel™ — the world's first commercial human-like intelligence technology for connected devices. Nigel was delivered at a birthday party held last Friday in downtown Portland by its creator, Kimera co-founder and CEO Mounir Shita.

Intel is targeting the nascent market for artificial intelligence gear with a new version of the Xeon Phi chip code-named "Knights Mill."

This article is the final installment in a three part series that covers one of the most critical issues facing the financial industry — Investor & Market Integrity Protection via Global Market Surveillance. While the first  post discussed the global scope of the problem across multiple global jurisdictions —  the second (and previous) post introduced a candidate Big Data & Cloud Computing…

Editor's note: Welcome to Throwback Thursdays! Every third Thursday of the month, we feature a classic post from the earlier days of our company, gently updated as appropriate. We still find them helpful, and we think you will, too!

Regulatory compliance is an enigma to me. What does it have to do with governance and risk? I'm asking this as both a marketing guy and a long-time GRC professional. I find myself writing messaging with such phrases as "…complex and rapidly changing regulations…" That's ok, but as a GRC practitioner and marketing guy I've (more…)

The business value of machine learning algorithms isn't always obvious. As one service provider knows, they often require some explanation to business audiences.

Chris Maddern is cofounder of Button, the leading marketplace for app connections. Before starting Button, Chris led mobile engineering for popular social payments network Venmo and founded several mobile products startups. Learn more in this interview as Chris talks with IBM data science evangelist James Kobielus.

For ages, I've been looking for someone to produce a nice general purpose script for Linux hosts that sets the optimal kernel settings for a Hadoop node maintained to the current Hadoop release.  

So you want to stream your time series data to the cluster, use a minimum number of moving parts but still support both your Spark based analytic team and your BI team in equal measure?  If you don't need to modify your data and can afford 60 seconds lag then you are in luck!  Yes, it's hard to reduce the moving parts in a Hadoop solution, but it is do-able!

Cisco Systems plans to lay off about 7 percent of its global workforce in a restructuring that will see it further focus on hot IT areas such as the internet of things, security, collaboration, next-generation data centers, and the cloud. The move will cost the company around $700 million in redundancy payments to the roughly 5,500 staff who will be out of jobs in the coming months.

Kinesis Analytics makes it easier to do streaming analytics on Amazon's cloud, but there's still a ways to go.

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