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A new partnership between IBM Watson Health and Quest Diagnostics will combine Watson's cognitive computing with genetic tumor sequencing for more precise, individualized cancer care.

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HDFS now includes (shipping in CDH 5.8.2 and later) a comprehensive storage capacity-management approach for moving data across nodes. In HDFS, the DataNode spreads the data blocks into local filesystem directories, which can be specified using in hdfs-site.xml. In a typical installation, each directory, called a volume in HDFS terminology, is on a different device (for example, on separate HDD and SSD). When writing new blocks to HDFS, The post How-to: Use the New HDFS Intra-DataNode Disk Balancer in Apache Hadoop appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

It wasn't long ago that the big spectator sport in IaaS cloud computing was to watch a leading provider such as Microsoft or Amazon Web Services announce price cuts and then ready for its rivals to follow suit. The new game in town plays out in a similar way, except now the vendors are matching or one-upping each other with new data centers and cloud computing regions.

Businesses large and small are struggling to understand huge influxes of data. In the auto world, autonomous car data is impacting the development of driverless cars. Here's Ford's approach.

Revature works with about 300 individuals this year, placing them in software engineering jobs, and expects to at least double that number next year.

AI and its many subsets, including machine learning and bots, have been incredibly hyped of late, claiming to revolutionize the way humans interact with machines. InfoWorld, for example, has reviewed the machine learning APIs offered by the major clouds. Everyone wonders who will be the big winner in this new world. Bad new for those who like drama: The war may already be over. If AI is only as good as the algorithms — and more important, the data fed to them — who can hope to compete with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, all of which continually feast on the data we happily give them every day?

Bangalore based HR startup Belong, started in 2014 is using data analytics to build a virtual profile of various people and helping them land a job in many legacy enterprises and new age startups.

The world's first and largest e-distributor, Just Buy Live deployed a visual analytics platform to get the definitive story behind its transactional data. The payoff was serendipitous as it opened up a new revenue stream. Now that's what you call "bang for the buck."

Canonical officials note that telco and enterprise customers are looking beyond Intel for an alternative source of silicon for their data center processors.

I always feel a strong connection to the cover stories of CIO's monthly digital magazines, but September's topic really hit home. Improving graduation rates is an issue all colleges and universities grapple with. From a business perspective, mediocre graduation rates cost schools money, but as senior writer Clint Boulton reports in our September 2016 cover story, "Big Data on Campus," analytics are helping universities and colleges identify and, when necessary, offer support to students who are at risk of falling behind — or even worse, leaving school without a degree.

HPE's Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite prioritizes critical workloads, predicts resource conflicts and expedites recommended remediation steps.

To say that CIOs have full plates — from guarding against breaches to cloud migration to embracing innovation — is an understatement. But given the growing recognition of IT's importance to organizations of all kinds, it's also a tremendous time to be a CIO despite the complications and demands of the job. These are among the findings of the Society for Information Management's (SIM) 37th Anniversary IT Trends Study, which is being released to SIM members this week as a lead-in to next week's annual SIMposium conference that's taking place in Connecticut. Non-members can get a peek at the study next week.

The CX Series systems are part of Lenovo's new ThinkAgile portfolio of pre-integrated converged infrastructure appliances.

Google and Rackspace announced draft specs for the Zaius P9 data center server. The design implements Open Compute Project server standards.

Corporate planners will hear more about 802.11ax, which is likely to be a very valuable addition to the 802.11 family.

As more and more organizations are setting up teams of data scientists to make sense of the massive amounts of data they collect, the need grows for a standardized process for managing the work of those teams. To help with this, the data science team at Microsoft has drawn on their experience with large-scale data science projects to develop the Team Data Science Process. The process is built around this data science lifecycle…

Cloud SaaS adoption allows organizations to gain the flexibility and scalability necessary for creating a high-velocity business.

Data science seems to be experiencing a renaissance when it comes to advanced open source tools. Get a glimpse into creative application development with IPython Notebooks, Jupyter Notebooks, Apache Spark, the PixieDust open source library and more at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016.

IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016 offers you opportunities to explore solutions to your most challenging problems, connect with data engineers and data scientists from other organizations and find out what's new in streaming analytics. And in anticipation of the event, check out this overview to get to know several organizations that have built highly scalable streaming analytics that have had tremendous impact on their business.

What can be done to decrease the security risks that shadow IT poses? IT needs to be more responsive to employee requests regarding the use of apps.

Flash media is increasingly supplanting disk storage in production environments.

Advice and tips for entrepreneurs and companies that are no longer startups but not quite ready for an IPO, also known as "tweens."

Beat the database migration status quo by adopting IBM Bluemix Lift, a self-service ground-to-cloud database migration offering that you can use to boost the speed, reliability and security of your database migration.

IBM, Google, HPE, Dell, and others have combined resources to promote the OpenCAPI standard, which aims to boost the performance of data center servers tasked with analyzing large amounts of data.

Pentaho is moving more data preparation into a discrete set of functions that internal IT operation teams can use without having to master ETL tools.

Facing federal and state pressure to raise retention and graduation rates, dozens of colleges and universities are developing analytics tools to help students make better decisions about everything from courses to social activities. Purdue University has notified its 7,300 incoming freshman about a new web application that could help them better acclimate to life on campus. Administrators at the West Lafayette, Ind., school view the software as a critical tool for an institution whose graduation rate hovers at around 50 percent.

Attend IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016 to explore the ways in which predictive analytics is helping modern businesses gain and retain the competitive advantage in their industries. To learn more, review these highlights from a CrowdChat in which industry experts discussed the central role of predictive analytics in back-end business processes as well as customer-facing initiatives.

IBM is out to transform how financial services organizations market, sell to and service their clients. IBM Watson, which has been transforming the healthcare industry, is now setting its sights on Wall Street. Tune in to hear Jim Marous describe the changing dynamics of the market as he outlines the need for enhanced customer insight solutions for financial services.

IBM extended Big SQL, which was formerly exclusive to the IBM Open Platform (IOP), to the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) in September 2016. I recently spoke with Berni Schiefer, an IBM fellow in the IBM Analytics group, to learn more about the offering and the ongoing IBM focus on SQL.

Falconstor is changing its pricing model to eliminate the extra costs IT organizations often incur when they copy data.

Online communities are driving competitive advantage for many business-to-business (B2B) firms.

There's been plenty of buzz about how Hadoop can store, process, and analyze huge files and large volumes of files like no other technology before it. But is this open source distributed big data system really suited for enterprises? We look at the pros and cons.

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