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Today Salesforce extends the capabilities of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) application by adding support for two-way video.

Nihilent said that it would be acquiring full ownership of ICTEAS which is headquartered in Kolkata with offices in California and Connecticut.

Aiming to make working across both desktop environments more fluid, Parallels today released Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac.

For colocation provider vXchnge, security isn't just a matter of strong defenses. It also involves planning for the worst.

Breqwatr has announced the general availability of its Breqwatr Cloud Appliance 2.0. This turnkey, hyper-converged cloud appliance offers scale-out infrastructure, cloud management tools and a uniquely designed user interface that empowers its clients to deploy and consume Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) without the complexity and time typically associated with alternative private cloud solutions.

DoubleHorn is now offering its feature-rich and cost effective Evidence Management System for Law enforcement agencies interested in developing body-worn camera programs across Texas. DoubleHorn's Evidence Management System (DEMS) is a unified system suitable for capturing any digital evidence (videos, images and files) and physical evidence end-to-end.

With today's rapidly changing mix of analytic techniques, toolsets, and platforms, it's difficult for any organization to be confident it is keeping its analytic workforce and skillsets up to date.I often have clients ask if they need to consider turning over a large portion of their analytics organization in order to adapt to these changes. I firmly believe that this is usually not the case and that the fundamental skills for analytic success are in place. Those skills simply need tuning and updating.

While Business Intelligence adoption has increased steadily, many businesses are finding that successful BI implementations are harder than they thought. They run into a number of common roadblocks along the way. In this article, we explore 4 of these challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders, and how to get around each one.

In this special guest feature, Rob Farber from TechEnablement writes that the Intel Scalable Systems Framework is pushing the boundaries of Machine Learning performance. "machine learning and other data-intensive HPC workloads cannot scale unless the storage filesystem can scale to meet the increased demands for data."

Datos IO has announced its membership within Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Partner Network (APN). As a new Standard Partner with AWS, Datos IO will enable enterprises to protect their next-generation SaaS applications or applications (such as Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics, eCommerce, and others) hosted on IaaS and PaaS architectures natively deployed on AWS against data corruption, disasters and human errors.

During the early days of my career, I used a variety of development environments, including the most popular Turbo C along with FoxPro, PowerBuilder, and Delphi before finally settling down with Microsoft Visual Studio. The first line of code that I have ever written was in QBasic running on Microsoft DOS. The editor had useful features like adding the line numbers and automatically converting the statements to uppercase. Hitting F5 would run the program instantly without having to switch to the command prompt.

Here is a guest post by my colleague Erick Brethenoux, Director, IBM Analytics Strategy, Decision Management & Initiatives.  He provides a new and interesting angle on a very important topic that I discussed several time here: analytics and data science provide business value only when business actions are taken.  I like the way Erick discusses it, and I hope you'll agree with me.

Modern organizations face great challenges as they embrace innovation and integrate new tools and services. They begin to mature and move away from the complacency of maintaining traditional technologies and systems that only solve individual, siloed problems and work "well enough." In order to build…

You probably hear about 'Big Data' in the news every day and perhaps wonder what it's all about. Waracle Optimisation team are pretty much obsessed with data and swimming in it! Whether it's data for client apps, websites, digital marketing campaigns (or even their own Nest or FitBit stats!) our team are keen to remain on the cutting edge of data science techniques — hence their interest in this project.

The most analytically mature firms work to get the most value from their data. To win the analytics game, companies should follow the actions of those firms.

Technology moves at breakneck speed, and we now have more power in our pockets than we had in our homes in the 1990s. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a fascinating concept of science fiction for decades, but many researchers think we're finally getting close to making AI a reality. NPR notes that in the last few years, scientists have made breakthroughs in "machine learning," using neural networks, which mimic the processes of real neurons. This is a type of "deep learning" that allows machines to process information for themselves on a very sophisticated level, allowing them to perform complex functions like facial recognition.

Amazon Web Services gave real-time application developers a boost last week when it unveiled Amazon Kinesis Analytics, a new service for continuously querying streaming data using good old SQL. The service hooks into the entire Kinesis suite available from AWS, but the core underlying technology was developed by a third-party vendor you might not be familiar with.

Parsing the segments of target audiences has become a time sink for retails and other data analysts looking to compare and contrast those segments to glean insights, spot overlaps and pinpoint meaningful differences among audience segments for particular brands. Adobe Systems (NASDAQ: ADBE) analytics unit said this week is leveraging machine learning to automate that time-consuming task by adding a segment comparison tool to its Analysis Workspace platform.

Cisco Systems plans to lay off about 7 percent of its global workforce in a restructuring that will see it further focus on hot IT areas such as the internet of things, security, collaboration, next-generation data centers, and the cloud. The move will cost the company around $700 million in redundancy payments to the roughly 5,500 staff who will be out of jobs in the coming months.

It is clear that 2016 has been a bad one for the tech workforce in general.

The First Law of Thermodynamics states, "energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed." In a business context that can be interpreted to mean if energy is being used to resist change, then it is not available for making change. Change is difficult. The default mode for most organizations and people is to resist change. Blockbusters' own board resisted digital and business model transformation out of concern for short-term profits, which doomed it. Businesses that can direct energy to fast and positive transformation can exploit many more opportunities than enterprises mired in resistance.

Ugh. I see so many organizations get so close to the goal line with Big Data, and then get sidelined by something that is not nearly as important to the business. It is easy to see how these organizations get distracted as they get near the Big Data goal line, because the average CIO and Line of Business executive are continually fighting battles. They are so busy fighting battles that they forget to focus on winning the war.

  R and Visual Analytics Read the whitepaper The Power of R and Visual Analytics How to make sense of large, complex datasets quickly By combining the statistical horsepower of R with user-friendly visual analytics, organizations can further leverage the work of data scientists by empowering any business user to explore and understand the results. Read this whitepaper and learn how to easily: " Understand sentiment trends in text data " Identify similar groups within complex datasets " Optimize decision-making Get this free whitepaper to learn how you can use visual analytics alongside R to speed up your data science projects and get them in front of more eyes, leading to smarter, data-driven business decisions.

In advance of Oracle OpenWorld 2016, IOUG executive director Josh Berman talks about strategic leadership lessons, the NetSuite acquisition and the wild world of the IoT.

R has some good tools for importing data from spreadsheets, among them the readxl package for Excel and the googlesheets package for Google Sheets. But these only work well when the data in the spreadsheet are arranged as a rectangular table, and not overly encumbered with formatting or generated with formulas. As Jenny Bryan pointed out in her recent talk at the useR!2016 conference (and embedded below, or download PDF slides here), in practice few spreadsheets have "a clean little rectangle of data in the upper-left corner", because most people use spreadsheets not just a file format for data retrieval, but also as a reporting/visualization/analysis tool.  

R has some good tools for importing data from spreadsheets, among them the readxl package for Excel and the googlesheets package for Google Sheets. But these only work well when the data in the…

Wireless data spending is growing for U.S. businesses as workers increase their use of smart devices on the go for everything from communication, collaboration and other business uses to shopping and watching videos. Wireless and wireline data, along with apps, are IT areas where spending is on the rise. Spending is flat or declining in other IT areas, including voice communications, personnel and hardware. With free or low-cost Wi-Fi available, U.S. businesses will increasingly look to shift wireless data traffic away from cellular networks to Wi-Fi networks where possible.

Tableau, the flagship visual tool for analytics and BI, wanted its 10.0 edition to be truly worthy of another digit in front of the decimal point. The self-dubbed "Google of data visualization" shaped version 10.0 based on feedback from its user community, and paired that with an all-new visual design intended to make Tableau both more attractive and easier to use.

Data centers have seen a lot of change in a short time. It used to be possible for organizations to run their service from a single data center and house their Domain Name Service (DNS) servers within it. It wasn't an issue to have them in the same place, since if the data center went down, the DNS servers wouldn't be of any use. Of course, things aren't so simple now. Organizations use multiple data centers, sometimes in multiple countries, not to mention cloud regions and highly distributed networks. Consequently, your DNS needs to be just as highly distributed as your content.

While most ransomware reports have focused on phishing as the conduit for infect, there are alternative ways organizations can fall victim.

No modern enterprise stands alone; each is dependent upon a network of trading partners to remain competitive in today's global marketplace. But in most cases, the lack of business to business (B2B) integration is holding back efforts to evolve into a true digital business. A high-performing supply chain is essentially a dynamic digital network, and every link in the supply chain is vital for business. But, remarkably, "over 50 percent of the information exchanged among business partners is still done so manually — not automatically — via email, phone calls and faxes."

Being part of one of the leading software companies is great and brings advantages and (sometimes) disadvantages. A key element I like so much in my work is that with my company I can be part of large–or even huge–scaled analytics journeys with customers and BI competence centers who need to serve thousands and thousands…

Envestnet | Yodlee, a leading data aggregation and data analytics platform powering dynamic, cloud-based innovation for digital financial services, announced the newest advancement to the Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Data Platform, Transaction Data Enrichment.

Cloud computing is now entering adolescent. With all the early adopters now swimming in the cloud pool with that "I told you so" smug, fast followers are just barely beating the early majority. The gold rush to cloud is also driving the IT herd to get cloud computing training. Training vendors from multi-billion dollar behemoths to little Mom and Pop shops are ready to cash in with fast and easy, vendor-specific certifications for just about any cloud service provider.

It is important to note the substantial prep-work required to adequately support VR/AR data streams.

Streaming analytics to create an accurate single buyer identity in real-time The 4th and final demo of the Data Hacks & Demos session, at Hadoop Summit San Jose, was done by Simon Ball and it showcased how Apache NiFi moved parallel streams of streaming data into Spark and then more analysis could be done by…

Earlier this year, Adobe took the wraps off its new Adobe Marketing Cloud, touting new data science capabilities like Adobe Analytics' Segment IQ, which uses machine learning to help marketers gain deep insight into audience segments. On Wednesday, Adobe advanced Segment IQ another step with the release of Segment Comparison for Analysis Workspace. Segment Comparison for Analysis Workspace is the first in what Adobe promises will be a series of audience analysis and discovery tools within Segment IQ. It uses machine learning techniques to perform automated analysis on every metric and dimension to which you have access. Nate Smith, senior product marketing manager, Adobe Analytics, says this allows Segment Comparison to uncover the key characteristics of the audience segments that are driving your company's KPIs.

Back in 2012, two engineers built the first prototype of ride-hailing app Lyft over the course of three weeks. They hosted it on three virtual machines in Amazon Web Services' cloud and on May 31 of that year the first-ever Lyft ride was processed. Today, Lyft provides nearly 14 million rides per month and the company continues to run its infrastructure operations from AWS's cloud, according to CTO Chris Lambert. "The only difference now… We're taking advantage of many more Amazon technologies," said Lambert, at a recent AWS Summit in New York, describing the company's timeline of using the cloud.

Ever since President Obama flagged his intention to change the way the U.S. healthcare system works, a spotlight has been shining upon health IT as a potential driver for patient benefits. Moving to a results-based model for funding means that, at last, incentives exist for practitioners and other health sector players to move the needle on the way their systems work. For too long the health system has been typified by inefficiency, massive wastage and, ultimately, poor employee outcomes. So now that there is a will to do things differently, the focus moves to the "how"?

This document offers a foundational understanding of IoT based on the realization that IoT involves sensing, computing, communication, and actuation.

Ad startup Bidtellect is punching well above its weight thanks to open source big data tools.

Now that organizations are realizing that the best way to protect their data is to encrypt, usage of various encryption technologies is on the rise.

In a series of articles, I am going to share my thoughts on the state of IT infrastructure and how we've arrived with current architecture trends. The topic today is SAN. Storage Area Networking (SAN) is a technology that solved a real problem that existed a couple decades ago. SANs have been a foundational piece of IT infrastructure architecture for a long time and have helped drive major innovations in storage. But how relevant are SANs today in the age of software-defined datacenters? Let's talk about how we have arrived at modern storage architecture.

Needless to say, partners are a crucial part of the Hadoop community and that's evidenced by the number of organisations Hortonworks is connected with as part of our PartnerWorks Programme.  Back in October 2011, we announced our partnership with Microsoft to collaborate on a Hadoop distribution for Microsoft Azure and Windows Server.  Since that announcement,…

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