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Telemedicine and artificial intelligence are in the news this week.

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Last year, hybrid cloud was a priority for many enterprises, although with a certain amount of confusion about what it involved. This year, those ambitious plans are showing up as an approach to hybrid cloud that relies on platform as a service (PaaS) to take full advantage of cloud models.

The problem with representing change on a geologic timescale is just that: scale. We humans have only been around for a tiny fraction of the planet's history, and that inevitably colours our perceptions of changes that occur over millennia. That's one of the things that make the climate change debate so difficult: it's hard to represent the dramatic changes in the climate over the last 200 years in the context of climate history. (Deliberate FUD also has a lot to do with it.)

Third-party vendors can wreak havoc on any company's security and IT leaders are concerned about the security risks that third parties pose.

The community pharmacy is responsible for assisting local residents with their health and well-being. Facing increasing competition from online service providers, learn how local pharmacies are leveraging the power of Big Data to better understand their customer's needs, improve customer loyalty, and manage product inventory more efficiently.

A look at the way in which digital services will be created, managed and utilized as the cloud becomes the new normal.

The Mango Solutions team have done it again: another excellent Effective Applications of R (EARL) conference just wrapped up here in London. The conference was attended by almost 400 R users from companies all around the world, and was a really fun experience. I was honored to deliver a keynote presentation, alonside keynotes from Joe Cheng and Garrett Grolemund (RStudio), Lou Bajuk (Tibco), Gabor Csardi (R Consortium's R Hub project) and a thought-provoking presentation on machine learning and AI from the Economist's Kenneth Cukier. There was also a fantastic social program, including a dinner inside the 1000-year-old White Tower at the Tower of London. (Many thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring this memorable evening!)

Urban congestion effects every person living in a city of any reasonable size. Lewis Lehe joins us in this episode to share his work on downtown congestion pricing. We explore topics of how different pricing mechanisms effect congestion as well as how data visualization can inform choices. You can find examples of Lewis's work at His paper which we discussed during the interview isDistance-dependent congestion pricing for downtown zones. On this episode, we discuss State of California data which can be found at

In anticipation of his upcoming keynote co-presentation, Picking the Right Modeling Technique for the Problem, at Predictive Analytics World London, October 12-13, 2016, we asked Michael Berry, Analytics Director at TripAdvisor Hotel Solutions, a few questions about his work in predictive analytics. Q: In your work with predictive analytics, what behavior do your models predict? A: At TripAdvisor for Business, one of our most important products is subscription-based.

The benchmark testing results detailed below can help you make an informed decision about AWS storage options for Impala. In a recent post, you learned how Impala 2.6 on S3 delivers cloud-native features unmatched by other analytic databases in the cloud. With support to read/write data from Amazon S3, Impala provides cloud capabilities such as direct querying of data from S3, elastic scaling of compute, and seamless data portability and flexibility not found on other cloud-based analytic databases,  The post Apache Impala (Incubating) on Amazon: Performance and Cost Considerations for S3 vs. EBS appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

A new report from Forrester Research predicts the big data management market will grow at a 12.8% compound annual growth rate through 2021.

Accenture will walk away with a 47.4% stake in Octo Technology.

While machine learning is growing more ubiquitous in the smart products and services that consumers and businesses use, should it be the first step for data scientists? According to the head of a major data science operation for a leading European mobile carrier, focus on the science first.

In a world where everyone wants to be a platform, do we need yet another? It depends on who you are. For sales, marketing and customer success teams, having a solid platform to manage the customer engagement process from end to end can yield real dividends. As it is, the marketing-sales conversion process is full of leaks. All kinds of stuff just doesn't happen. According to a CSO Insights-Accenture study, 93 percent of companies close fewer sales than forecast. SiriusDecisions found that sales departments never use 65 percent of content created by marketing. Forrester notes that 90 percent of business-to-business sellers don't use marketing content because it is irrelevant, outdated or difficult to customize.

Driving sales performance requires a clear focus on sales planning, sales management and sales analytics along with an agile, collaborative sales compensation program. Discover three great takeaways from the WorldatWork 2016 Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference.

The Java EE app server may be dying, but a new Lightbend survey sheds light on where developers are placing their bets.

Five key capabilities for IoT implementations IoT connected devices are turning up everywhere.  Every major communications carrier is offering its own IoT platform.  And hundreds of technology companies are offering capabilities for IoT use case implementation. But the crux of the matter is not what options there are, but how to make it all work together…. The post Building a successful enterprise grade IoT platform appeared first on Hortonworks.

Optimizing contact should be the only consideration when considering whether to go with a mobile website, a native app, a hybrid app or a combination.

Several data science industry influencers participated in a roundtable at the recent Apache Spark Maker Community Event in San Francisco, California.

The Technology Project Manager position is responsible for planning, executing, and finalizing projects according to strict deadlines and within budget.

For Microsoft, the alliance with Cloudtenna may prove critical; it has an interest in accelerating the enterprise IT shift to the cloud.

Earlier this week, MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) department announced word of Milk, a system that speeds up parallel processing of big data sets by as much as three or four times. If you think this involves learning a whole new programming language, breathe easy. Milk is less a radical departure from existing software development than a refinement of an existing set of C/C++ tools. [ Find out how to get ahead with our career development guide for developers. | The art of programming is changing rapidly. We help you navigate what's hot in programming and what's going cold. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's Application Development newsletter. ] All together now According to the paper authored by the CSAIL team, Milk is a  C/C++ language family extension that addresses the memory bottlenecks plaguing big data applications. Apps that run in parallel contend with each other for memory access, so any gains from parallel processing are offset by the time spent waiting for memory.

It's been many years since I had to physically sign forms. Since then, I have been an avid user of electronic document signing services, in particular HelloSign. I take great delight at electronically signing every form that I receive, even when the sender is adamant that electronic signatures are not sufficient. After all, once an electronic image of a signature has been placed on a document, and then rendered as a PDF, there is very little way to tell the difference between it and a physically signed and scanned document.

HPE has a core problem in that it doesn't instrument its customers and it appears to have forgotten why it does things.

Successful IT leaders need to have very specific skills, but still know how to run a team, meaning they must master the so-called soft skills.

IBM Insight is now IBM World of Watson: October 24 – 27, 2016 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn about the journey from the event's beginning as IBM Information on Demand to today's IBM World of Watson, and all of the amazing growth in between.

Chris Snow, a data and application architect, enjoys helping customers with their data architectures and is working extensively on an open source app project in his spare time. Hear what Snow has to say about his IT experience spanning several industries, his current efforts with customers and his involvement in the open source project in an interview with Andrea Braida, big data analytics product marketing at IBM.
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