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It's no secret that the implications of big data extend far beyond organizational benefits into the societal and ethical realm, but market researcher Gartner predicts that the improper use of big data analytics will cause half of all business ethics violations by 2018. Organizations could suffer loss of reputation, wasted resources, competitive weakness and even legal sanctions as a result, Gartner said. The best-known example in this area may be the oft-told case of Target's pregnancy-prediction algorithm, which led the retail giant to deduce that a 15-year-old girl in Minnesota was expecting a baby. It wasn't until the girl began receiving coupons for baby-related items that her family caught on.

A cloud-based text analytics tool unveiled by venture-backed startup Attensity targets both corporate and social text-based data stores. Attensity, Redwood City, Calif., said this week its "DiscoverNow" text analytics application is integrated with the Informatica Cloud, which among other features is designed to integrate and manage cloud data and applications. Attensity said its text analytics tool utilizes the Informatica Cloud's ability to synchronize data from business applications like

Integration with Informatica and Real-Time Data Analysis Deliver Comprehensive View of Customers and Markets REDWOOD CITY, Calif., October 14, 2015 — Attensity today announced the launch of DiscoverNow, a cloud-based text analytics solution that enables companies to get a more complete understanding of their customers, so they can make better business decisions faster. Through a built-in integration with the Informatica Cloud, which synchronizes data from many major business applications, DiscoverNow provides automated insights from over 150 internal and external text-based data sources on the market today, making it the first text analytics application with out-of-the-box comprehension of both corporate and social data. The breadth of data that DiscoverNow analyzes, coupled with intelligent categorization that automatically categorizes documents and articles into logical groupings, gives enterprises a holistic view of their business in real-time. "Gaining insight into what customers are saying about a company's products and services, both to the company directly, as well as to their social networks of family and friends, is essential for building and maintaining strong customer relationships," said Howard Lau, CEO of Attensity.

Our guest blogger today is Rob Rosen, Senior Director Partner Solutions at Platfora, describes how to help customers achieve strategic advantage through data discovery. While many people have heard the notion of "known unknowns" and "unknown unknowns," it may surprise you to discover that the concept was first popularized by a NASA scientist. In a presentation given at TEDx GeorgeMasonU, Dr. Kirk Borne described how he used the concept of "known unknowns" (things that we knew might exist, but hadn't seen evidence of) and "unknown unknowns" (things that we could discover and knew nothing about, but would truly surprise us), and how they relate to the concept of Big Data. Part of my responsibility at Platfora is to discuss Hadoop and its adoption in the enterprise with executives from a wide variety of organizations from across the globe.

Attivio, the Data Dexterity Company, announced the release of Attivio Data Source Discovery for Tableau, a self-service solution designed to radically reduce — from months to minutes – the time typically required to provision the right data for analysis in Tableau.

When Apple released Xcode 7, they also enabled applications to be distributed to the AppStore through bitcode, instead of per-processor target files. InfoQ looks under the covers at what Bitcode is, what advantages it may offer, and why developers should consider enabling bitcode projects for their iOS targets.

Insurance fraud is costing insurance companies billions of dollars annually, which is translating into higher premiums for policyholders. However, fraud no longer has to be just a cost of doing business. Take the fight to fraudsters with the comprehensive fraud analytics solution from IBM that helps insurers detect, predict, prevent and investigate fraud.

It has been said that we are all "greater than the sum of our parts," In my view, this maxim is very fitting for data scientists. Here's why. Data scientists are the sum of several different academic skill sets: part-computer scientist, part-mathematician, and specialists in particularly fields-for example, ecology. When combined these skills create individuals capable of uncovering information hidden in data to create solutions for organizations. However, how each data scientist approaches these problems has a lot to do with the skills that make them up. For businesses, this is no small matter. Creating the right balance of data scientists in a team will create an environment that allows problems to be approached from different angles and will have healthy academic debates that sparks innovation. So how do you know what "type" of data scientists you have? First, the methodologies that make up a data scientist are not consistent.

CardHub is proud to announce the launch of CardAdvisor, a first-of-its kind "smart" tool that relies on artificial intelligence principles to accurately compare more than 1,000 credit card offers and make personalized recommendations sure to save users money. "A credit card is, first and foremost, a tool. It's supposed to make life easier and more fruitful, not drain you of both cash and confidence," CardHub CEO Odysseas Papadimitriou said in discussing the launch. "The problem is that while the number of available offers has exploded and issuers have grown increasingly sophisticated, consumers have been left to learn about credit on their own — often through expensive trial and error. CardAdvisor is like having a 'Sherpa' with a Ph.D. in personal finance by your side for this treacherous uphill climb to monetary success."

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, Oct 14, 2015 — Query Technology today announced a partnership with IBM that brings the power of TinyQueries to the IBM Cloud marketplace. Starting today, IBM clients can sign up for the free trial to discover and learn about TinyQueries. TinyQueries is a tool for developers and data-scientists to generate reports out of complex databases. Using traditional methods generating these reports can be very hard: you either have to write complex queries or you have to use a framework which is simple to use but which slows down the process dramatically. With TinyQueries you get the best of both worlds: it's fast and simple to use. Research which has been carried out by the Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands as part of the Greening The Cloud project has shown that TinyQueries is significantly faster than traditional database frameworks and contributes to a better energy footprint of software. .

New Capabilities Unlock the Value of Data in the Enterprise Through Highly Scalable Analytics Distribution and Enhanced User Engagement SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 15, 2015) – GoodData®, a leading provider of business intelligence for data monetization to enterprises and ISVs, today announced the release of new capabilities for unlocking the value of data and widely distributing analytics to people who are making business decisions on a daily basis. "Company data is a dramatically underutilized asset. Organizations need to advance their use of analytics from merely driving efficiencies to empowering their networks of clients, partners, and internal stakeholders with relevant data," said GoodData Founder and CEO, Roman Stanek. "GoodData's engaging analytics distribution platform helps enterprises drive new revenue streams, improve partner relationships, and reduce customer churn." "Data is the next transformative monetizable product. But to gain value, data must be appropriately processed, analyzed, packaged, and delivered as contextualized insights and trends to appropriate contacts," states Hyoun Park, Chief Research Officer, Blue Hill Research.

CrowdFlower, an essential data enrichment platform for data science teams, announced its new AI product. This new module in the CrowdFlower platform combines machine learning and human labeled training data sets to create predictive models that can be applied against new data.

Finding any spot on the planet that isn't subject to devastation from a weather event is highly unlikely. Preparing for natural disasters can help minimize casualties and enhance response time in emergencies. Get Jen's take on the role analytics can play in disaster preparedness and response.

Ever wonder why customers make the purchases they do? Smart businesses understand the importance of service delivery and an infrastructure that is capable of supporting connected devices and analysis of Internet of Things data to derive insight. Discover how competitive businesses can apply continuous engineering and data analysis to gain the insight needed for improving service delivery and providing value to customers.

Published Date: 2015-10-15 17:16:48 UTC Tags: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Warehousing, Predictive Analytics Title: How Big Data Is Changing The Way You Fly Subtitle: A journey into predictive analytics and how data will drive up airline ticket prices.

The advent of weather analytics has come none too soon. From inventory planning to public safety, organizations around the world are looking to weather data to help inform their decisions. But can they stay afloat in a sea of big data?

Announced within a day of the mega takeover of EMC by Dell, the acquisition of BIME Analytics by Zendesk pretty much flew under the radar. I guess people who noticed are either well plugged in the French startup world (BIME is made in France — more precisely in Montpellier, a rising star of the French tech ecosystem) or deeply attuned to the need for business applications to make better use of their data. I happen to belong to both groups — I have crossed paths with BIME before through my French connections, and I happen to be convinced of the value of integrating both the data supply chain and the data delivery chain.

The market is abuzz with news and announcements around financial performance management. Read on to discover a variety of useful assets and resources and learn how you can transform your organization's planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis processes.

The advent of connected manufacturing has ushered in an era where low-cost machine sensors take thousands of measurements per second at many points across the manufacturing process. This stream of sensor data enables manufacturers to quickly detect emerging anomalies and solve issues before they impact yield and quality. Big Data insights enable predictive analytics for those rapid, proactive process adjustments. Manufacturers can capitalize on this opportunity by following an approach that combines the power of Teradata with Hortonworks Data Platform's storage and compute efficiencies at extreme scale. Working together, our technologies enable big data insights that can dramatically improve existing manufacturing processes.

by Joseph Rickert In his new book, The Master Algorithm, Pedro Domingos takes on the heroic task of explaining machine learning to a wide audience and classifies machine learning practitioners into 5…

For starters: I've suggested in the past that multi-data-center capabilities are important for "data sovereignty"/geo-compliance. The need for geo-compliance just got a lot…

Basho was on my (very short) blacklist of companies with whom I refuse to speak, because they have lied about the contents of previous conversations. But Tony Falco et al. are long gone from the…

I last wrote about Couchbase in November, 2012, around the time of Couchbase 2.0. One of the many new features I mentioned then was secondary indexing. Ravi Mayuram just checked in to tell me about…

Among recent Amazon Web Services' announcements at re:Invent, AWS Mobile Hub aims at making it easier for mobile app developers to use AWS services to build their apps' backends.

Consumers are well aware of the myriad shopping choices available to them, so how can retailers find and retain the most profitable customers? Here are some lessons for retailers that want to use big data to create a superior shopping experience that attracts the best prospects.

With new models of patient care, it's essential to develop new, effective ways to manage information. Providers are increasingly turning to data analytics to take advantage of innovative healthcare trends.

So you want to enter the data science field, or maybe you are already a data scientist looking to expand your horizons. Several routes into the profession can provide the core skills, knowledge and best practices necessary to become a developer in the era of cognitive computing. And events such as Datapalooza can deepen engagement in the thriving data science community.

Data governance can be described, quite simply, as how you oversee your data — which in practice is far from simple. It concerns the management of your data: the storage strategy, the availability, integrity, and security of your data, and the uses to which it is put. A complete data governance plan on the enterprise level should include a governing body of some type, and a defined strategy regarding data collection, use, maintenance, and storage — the complete data lifecycle.

Advanced predictive analytics requires data preparation strategies that can transform the data, enriching it to make it suitable for processing. Indeed, your choice of data preparation strategy can help you boost the accuracy of the outcomes you achieve.

Many teams now implicitly discard continuous integration due to ever-easier feature branching and an under-appreciation of trunk based development says Steve Smith. InfoQ did an interview with him about different branching approaches and how they can be combined with continuous integration, and how using build feature branching can hamper continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Brands are spending millions of dollars in college athletic sponsorships but are they really worth it? How can college teams use data to show value to their sponsors? Here are 8 things every college team needs to do to attract and retain their biggest sponsors:

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