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Much virtual ink gets spilled each week enumerating the many horrors that could be ours in an AI-filled world, but top researchers in the field are already thinking ahead and making plans to ensure none of that happens. In particular, the importance of making artificial intelligence "human-aware" has come to be viewed as a top imperative for the field, earning it special status as an official theme of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence taking place this week in New York.

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In this contributed article, TJ Laher, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Cybersecurity at Cloudera discusses how the convergence of big data technology, analytic advancements, and a variety of other factors have sparked a cybersecurity renaissance that will forever change how organizations protect themselves in this new mobile, social, and hyper-connected world they now operate within.

In this special guest feature, Tim Barker, CEO of DataSift Inc., highlights the predictive power of using Facebook topic data as a data source for gaining business insights.

IBM is cranking up the security on its cloud-based blockchain service. On Thursday it began beta-testing a new high-security service plan for IBM Blockchain, with dedicated infrastructure for each customer. Until now, it has offered only a starter cloud service for developers who wish to experiment with blockchain technology. That service runs in a multitenant cloud, with infrastructure shared among hundreds of blockchains.

"Operations is sort of the maturation of cloud utilization and the move to the cloud," explained Steve Anderson, Product Manager for BMC's Cloud Lifecycle Management, in this interview at 18th Cloud Expo, held June 7-9, 2016, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY.

The Chief Data Officer Forum, Financial Services brought together over 100 CDOs, CAOs, and other data leaders from leading global and national financial institutions, with those attending benefiting directly from their experience and insight. Alongside keynote presentations from our senior speaker line-up, our informal discussion groups, an in-depth masterclass and networking sessions provided delegates with the opportunity to take away the new ideas and information they needed to deliver real benefits to their company.

Big partnerships in the Internet of Things are coming thick and fast. A deal between IBM and AT&T to help developers turn IoT ideas into reality is just the latest tie-up involving major enterprise vendors in this field. The partnership will combine AT&T's connectivity with IBM's Watson and Bluemix analytics platforms. Through APIs (application programming interfaces) and development environments, plus open-source tools, the two companies say they'll make life easier for developers. IoT involves so many parts that it's almost inevitable that enterprises will need to work with several vendors to get their infrastructure up and running.

News: 4 in 10 organisations already run fully based on IoT; board involvement crucial to success.

Another day, another CEO survey. This one, from KPMG, finds that CEOs don't trust their analytics, the way their team is using or implementing them, or even the data used to make decisions in the first place. In fact, only 31 percent of respondents see their organizations as leaders in the use of data and analytics. You have to ask: What's the CEO's culpability in all that?

Built on Microsoft Azure services and self-learning algorithms, the new offering Decision Moments is designed for flexible, data-driven decision making

Automation is the future, but is SCADA the future?

As big data technology evolves, so does the role humans play to operationalize data science. Well-defined job descriptions exist for folks like data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers, but there's a certain class of data problem that aren't always good match for their abilities. To fill in the gaps, some big data practitioners are turning to an emerging role dubbed the data whisperer. What is a data whisperer?

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here.  The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.  Featured Resources and Technical Contributions Would You Survive the Titanic?

Data breach risks are pervasive across the organization and attention needs to be paid to those who have access to the most sensitive information.

Mounting evidence contained in vendor surveys suggests executives who play a key role in data and analytics technology investments are increasingly dissatisfied with the results of current approaches to analytics and the ultimate goal of problem solving. The latest example comes in a report released this week by "decision science" and analytics vendor Mu Sigma, which concludes that businesses are putting the cart before the horse by prioritizing data and analytics technology over sound decision making.

The router of tomorrow needs to operate differently and more intelligently to handle network demands such as IoT and increased video traffic.

The security needs of IoT environments require a strong, proven approach to maintain security, trust and privacy in their ecosystem. Assurance and protection of device identity, secure data encryption and authentication are the key security challenges organizations are trying to address when integrating IoT devices.

The UNH-IOL and a couple of vendors have taken steps to ease the transition to SDN technology.

Tetration Analytics started out as a security tool, but Cisco found that it also did wonders for difficult application migrations.

Much virtual ink gets spilled each week enumerating the many horrors that could be ours in world filled with artificial intelligence, but top researchers in the field are already thinking ahead and making plans to ensure none of that happens. In particular, the importance of making A.I.  "human-aware" has come to be viewed as a top imperative for the field, earning it special status as an official theme of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence taking place this week in New York.

How can predictive analytics drive your organizational success?  Under Armour enjoyed a 63% growth in revenue for its first quarter of 2016. The company has been able to flourish despite ever-increasing competition from niche retailers.  Watch this presentation by Under Armour's Sr. Director of Customer Information, John Howard, to find out how the organization is using big data and predictive modelling to raise profitability.  Gain further insight into Data & Analytics by joining 800+ senior decision-makers from leading multinational organizations across three inspirational summits including, The Big Data Innovation Summit, Internet of Things Summit and The Data Visualization Summit.

I don't count anymore, but I believe it is the third or fourth year in a row that analytics and business intelligence have been ranked in the Top 3 priorities of a CIO. You as analytics-friends believe, "Ah good news, the attention is all ours." But is that correct? One could easily state that CIOs, (more…)

(c) 2016 by Thomas Wiecki. Originally published here. Recently, I blogged about Bayesian Deep Learning with PyMC3 where I built a simple hand-coded Bayesian Neural Network and fit it on a toy data set. Today, we will build a more interesting model using Lasagne, a flexible Theano library for constructing various types of Neural Networks. As you may know, PyMC3 is also using Theano so having the Artifical Neural Network (ANN) be built in Lasagne, but placing Bayesian priors on our parameters and then using variational inference (ADVI) in PyMC3 to estimate the model should be possible.

To ensure data science success, you need to provide data scientists with an environment that is open, engaging, and fosters collaboration. To explore how your data scientists can access all the open functionality and expertise they'll need for critical projects, join the new Data Science Experience.

This is one of the many benefits of being a DSC member. As a member, you have full access to the following documents: Detailed data set for our article 400 Categorized Job Titles for Data Scientists: 10,000 job titles, including job category, company and level, based on LinkedIn connections from top data scientist LinkedIn profiles. Ideal to compare job titles for various companies. Top 2,000 articles on DSC, out of 50,000 live articles. Includes the full text of each article (but not the images). This is a great resource for analyzing trends, and for text mining. The data set is discussed in our article Data scientist shares his growth hacking secrets. It contains, for each article, creation date, subject, number of pageviews, and text content. 

It can be a challenge proving ROI to executive teams on implementing external web data into your business. Companies that aren't yet ready for a full commitment to Data-as-a-Service and currently testing out how external web data can be used for their business often begin with a Deep Review.  A Deep Review is the best way… The post VIDEO: What is a Deep Review All About appeared first on BrightPlanet.

Visualizing Time Data Read the whitepaper The Best Ways to Visualize Time Data For time-based data, the right chart is the one that reveals the most important insights for the audience at hand. Trying something beyond the line chart may reveal hidden insights, unknown unknowns, or surface multiple truths in a single data set. Read "Visualizing Time: Beyond the Line Chart" to learn three innovative ways to analyze time series data. " The Slope Chart: From Start to Finish " Moving data to the cloud gets closer to copy/paste.

Infrastructure will no longer be something that must be built and managed (at least, not by the enterprise); it will just be there for the taking.

Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 makes it simpler to manage the entire deployment lifecycle surrounding an OpenStack deployment.

The digital society has emerged. Today's always-connected world and the applications we interact with are changing the way we live. People are mobile, our devices are mobile, and by all accounts, everything that is a noun — a person, place or thing — will soon be connected and generating data… and all that traffic is destined for an application — that could also be portable — located somewhere in a data center.

Durham Region in Ontario, Canada has been deadlocked for years in a debate over garbage incineration.  There seem to be equal amounts of proponents and detractors for this controversial plan.  But… …

List: Avoid becoming the next Blockbuster and stay on top of technology trends.

Latest version of Plexxi Control makes it possible to unify local, wide area networks, extend network fabric to storage systems connected to network.

IBM Big Replicate is a replication technology that delivers continuous availability, streaming backup, uninterrupted migration, hybrid cloud and burst-to-cloud, helping meet the most demanding enterprise SLAs across any combination of Hadoop distributions and cloud storage.

Embedded BI software is helping organizations to add value to applications and monetize their growing data stores without requiring end users to turn to separate analytics tools.

If you've heard about Data Science but don't really understand what it's all about, you might want to check out the 5-part video series Data Science for Beginners presented by my colleague Brandon… …

In this paper, we discuss the development and piloting of a new methodology for illuminating the socio-material constitution of data objects and flows as data move between different sites of practice. The data journeys approach contributes to the development of critical, qualitative methodologies that can address the geographic and temporal scale of emerging knowledge infrastructures, and capture the ‘life of data’ from their initial generation through to re-use in different contexts.

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