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Tom Perkins, co-founder of Kleiner-Perkins, has died. He was 84. Since the early 1970s, he'd been responsible for much of the creation and growth of venture-capital in the San Francisco bay area. He essentially created Sand Hill Road and its VC industry. Without seeking to minimize the work of Sherman Fairchild, Fred Terman, Bill Hewlett, nor Dave Packard, Silicon Valley wouldn't be what it is without him.

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Hadoop-based data lakes can be game changers: better, cheaper and faster integrated enterprise information. Knowledge workers can access data directly, where project cycles are measured in days rather than months, and business users can leverage a shared data source rather than creating stand-alone sandboxes or warehouses. Unfortunately, more than a few data lake projects are off track. Data is going in but it's not coming out, at least not at the pace envisioned. What's the chokepoint? It tends to be some combination of lack of manageability, data quality and security concerns, performance unpredictability, and shortage of skilled data engineers.

Machine learning and predictive analytics open up many new opportunities to create business value. From predicting new revenue streams to meaningfully optimizing the business, data scientists can unlock incredible business value. But building, tuning, sharing, deploying, and scaling analytic models is challenging, and rarely covered in statistics classes. How can you make data science work in the real world?

A startup is claiming that they can detect terrorists purely through facial recognition. In this solo episode, Kyle explores the plausibility of these claims.

By: Steven Ramirez, Conference Co-Chair of Text Analytics World Chicago In anticipation of his upcoming conference co-presentation, Personalized Medicine and Text Analytics at Text Analytics World Chicago, June 21-22, 2016, we asked Dirk Van Hyfte, Senior Advisor for Biomedical Informatics at InterSystems Corporation, a few questions about his work in text analytics.

Updates to SIOS iQ software provide visibility into Microsoft SQL Server databases via integration with SQL Server Performance Advisor software.

We've launched a completely new website. It's been four years since our last website redesign, and we continue to make improvements to our data harvesting technology so it was time to make sure the website reflected those improvements. We've freshened up the pages and also updated our services to make them more understandable for our readers…

The way Joe Biden tells it, the fight against cancer is in great measure a big data problem. In remarks at an oncology convention in Chicago this week, the vice president delivered a message of open data and interdisciplinary collaboration as keys in the search for better cancer diagnosis and treatment. [ Related: Big data essential to cancer moonshot ] Biden took the occasion to announce the public availability of the Genomic Data Commons, a repository of the anonymized genomic and clinical data of some 12,000 cancer patients that will open the door for researchers to analyze a broad collection of tumor genome sequences.

In ambitious bid to accelerate cancer diagnosis and treatment, vice president announces aggregated set of genomic and clinical cancer data.

In anticipation of his upcoming Predictive Analytics World for Manufacturing conference presentation, Improved Statistical Process Control of Mature Manufacturing Processes Using Multiple Available Data Streams, we interviewed Peter Frankwicz, Senior Process Engineer at Elmet Technologies. View the Q-and-A below for a glimpse of what's in store at the PAW Manufacturing conference. Q: What are the challenges in translating the…

I'm often asked, "When will the Internet of Things materially impact me or my organization?" Given the enormous amount of hype associated with the IoT, the question is reasonable. Fortunately, history offers us a guide to how this is likely to play out. Let's quickly look at the factors that have typically brought new technologies into common use…

SAP and machine learning and data analytics experts, Yandex Data Factory, are announcing their strategic partnership and joint development of cloud-based predictive analytics services for the retail, e-commerce, banking and telecommunications sectors.

NVIDIA unveiled a comprehensive global program to support the innovation and growth of startups that are driving new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and data science. The NVIDIA Inception Program provides unique tools, resources and opportunities to the waves of entrepreneurs starting new companies, so they can develop products and services with a first-mover advantage.

In this special guest feature, Wes Caldwell, CTO of Intelligent Software Solutions, discusses how government-funded technologies successfully transition to the commercial sector, and how government grants play an important role in developing technologies that eventually make it to the commercial market – all serving to improve big data capabilities.

Data discovery, advanced analytics, and data science are key parts of every digitalization initiative, but beyond all the hype around these topics, decision makers should not forget that a "data mindset" reflected in an organization's information and decision culture is…

Briefing: Helping IT overcome bottlenecks to enable the business to effectively use data.

Firms must upgrade analytics tools to enable better decision making about digital interactions and develop integrated approaches to enhance customer experiences.

How do you create business value from data science? It may be easy to answer from a theoretical standpoint, but actually turning data into business value in the real world is another matter entirely. This week, dozens of the brightest minds from the world of big data attended Datanami's third annual Leverage Big Data event to discuss their big data experiences and share tips on how to operationalize data science in the real world.

VP of Strategy Edd Wilder-James was recently interviewed by James Haight on the Hadooponomics podcast. You can listen below, and find the transcript here. Some of the topics they covered include: Why some people may not have success with their data investments.

A look at where Google is with Android Marshmallow, Android N and a reported secret version of the OS.

It's every marketer's goal to reach customers in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message, but the online world doesn't make that easy. A new tool announced Thursday uses machine learning to help. Called Lithium Reach, it aims to eliminate some of the guesswork inherent in marketers' jobs by recommending the best social content and the best time to publish it.

Databricks, the company founded by the team that created Apache® Spark™, announced the General Availability of Databricks Community Edition (DCE), a free version of the just-in-time data platform built on top of open source Apache Spark.

Researchers have found a significant jump in phishing attacks in the first quarter of 2016.

Examine the advantages of integrated systems in delivering cloud agility, as well as the top use cases for integrated systems.

Most of you will likely wake up one morning to find that your IoT tech is misbehaving, with the only viable solution to be to unplug and replace it.

Law enforcement and emergency services are swiftly moving to cloud computing solutions to improve communication, collaboration and record storage, as well as to gain access to criminal justice information systems (CJIS).

Spark 2.0, with structured streaming and SQL 2003 support, is aborning as indicated at Databricks' Spark Summit, where R-to-Spark interfaces also popped up.

The choice to flex a data warehouse on a private cloud is a personal one. It offers benefits in three key areas: enhanced control over data and apps, better management and monitoring, and custom tailoring that is built to address specific user requirements and self-service applications.

For many organizations out there, big data is the goal. After all, it seems like big data is the only thing people are talking about these days. That's not without good reason, of course. Big data analytics has proven to be an effective in helping businesses understand customers, increase growth, and make their operations much more efficient.

Data-in-motion and the increase in the number of sensors and connected devices is fueling data growth in Hadoop. The speed with which enterprises can make decisions based on data is critical to their competitive advantage. At Hadoop Summit San Jose the IoT and Streaming Track had the most submissions or any track and the Track committee lead by Gearóid O'Brien…

IBM Joins the R Consortium This past Monday at the Spark Summit in San Francisco IBM announced that it had joined the R Consortium as a "Platinum" member. This is very good news with respect to the development and growth of the R language, the health of the R Community and the position of opensource software in the corporate world. Having IBM join with corporate heavyweights Google, HP, Microsoft and Oracle and the other members of the R Consortium (The R Foundation, Rstudio, Tibco, Alteryx, Mango Solutions, Pro Cogia and Ketchum Trading) confirms the importance of R as a viable platform for industrial strength data science and signals the ever increasing role that open source software plays in corporate computing.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, at its Discover 2016 event, announced a multifaceted strategy for IoT that includes converged systems at the network edge, security, analytics, and partnerships with some of the big players in IoT platforms for business.

Data engineers, data scientists, solution architects and system administrators are the integral parts of any data science team, but do we really need an independent auditor for a Big Data project?If the experts are to be believed, then an IT auditor can play an important role in the success of any Big Data project. If you are yet to utilize the services of an independent auditor for the quality assurance purpose, then it is likely that you are missing out on quality-specific insights that only an auditor can provide.

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