Big Data News – 10 Aug 2015

This is a still shot of the world’s first digital map of the seafloor’s geology.


It’s always been an oversimplification that the size of the data should be the dominant focus of the “big data” opportunity. The first wave of big data adoption solved the general execution of large amounts of data in batch, but it didn’t solve the far more interesting throughput, speed and latency problems that enterprises are wrestling with…


Statisticians have combined state-of-the-art analytical techniques from the academic and business worlds to tackle the Big Data challenges confronting astrophysicists and astronomers as they explore the mysteries of our universe…


DeepPharma utilizes the latest advances in deep learning to improve computer analysis of massive structured multi-omics data banks and millions of…


Big data is defined by technology research firm Forrester Research as techniques and technologies that make capturing value from data at extreme scale economical.


ONE year ago I wrote you about Kakelao, a village at the edge of the Thar Desert of Rajasthan about…


A zero-day vulnerability affecting sandboxed Java Web Start applications and sandboxed Java applets was recently announced, the first one for Java in nearly two years. Concerns that the vulnerability is already being exploited, together with the ease of exploitation, gave this vulnerability the highest CVSS risk score. Oracle has issued a patch and urges customers to upgrade as soon as possible.


The Agile2015 conference ran in Washington, DC last week with over 2300 attendees from around the globe. This is the first of a number of news items that will highlight different aspects of the conference. They were each asked to answer three questions ” Who, What and Why. Who are they, What were they offering at the conference and Why did they chose to sponsor this event?


Elixir in action is a new release from Manning that aims to introduce readers to Elixir and the Erlang virtual machine while also discussing concurrent programming topics, fault-tolerance, and topics related to high-availability.



A Roman poet wrote “carpe diem” about 2,000 years ago as part of his advice to “seize the day [and] put very little trust in tomorrow.”  His point: rather than hoping for the future, get ready for…

A couple of lads wanted to set a world record by shooting a basket from the top of the 415-ft high Gordon Dam in Tasmania. They made the basket, but that wasn’t coolest bit. In a second attempt, they… …


Agility is all about speed of response and the flexibility to turn on the proverbial dime in any new direction that a business requires. It’s the ability to operate at any scale, speed or scope of business that planning and circumstances may require. A true analytics platform is agile enough to continually adapt to an ever-changing competitive climate. And it supports any type of analytics “cognitive, descriptive, predictive or prescriptive” that businesses may need.


IBM is planning to acquire Merge Healthcare, a company that specializes in medical imaging software. The goal is to bring enhanced imaging capabilities to the Watson Health portfolio, essentially giving the supercomputer the ability to see.


Looks like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook can produce a winning combination. Those are the companies the Cloudera founders — Christophe Bisciglia, Amr Awadallah and Jeff Hammerbacher — all came from (in order) when they created the Big Data software that runs on the Apache Hadoop software framework. Cloudera recently announced…


There’s a new podcast in town, and it’s focused on R. Four members of the R community (Oliver Keyes, Wikimedia Foundation; Jasmine Dumas. DePaul University; Ted Hart, Silcon Valley “fruit vendor”…


ZenHub is a collaboration and project management tool integrated with GitHub. Their latest version is integrated with GitHub Enterprise.


IBM’s public commitment to the Internet of Things is a smart move for a company that touts solutions for a “Smarter Planet.” Indeed, previous work with Smarter Planet initiatives can be expected to give IBM a head start in the IoT space.


Streaming analytics is becoming ubiquitous as data streams from a range of sources, including the Internet of Things, are now mainstream. Although streaming analytics is not a new technology, it is well suited for today’s real-time, low-latency business and consumer applications. And today’s data streams aren’t limited to high-end applications in industry-specific scenarios. This two-part series considers the business drivers and technology advances that are making streaming analytics a necessity for organizations as well as the architectures that converge streaming data and analytics in the era of big data.


After experiencing one of “those” days following a successful Trojan horse cyberattack against her company’s systems and missing lunch, a highly frustrated and hungry Jen is reminded of the importance of the IBM i2 Summit for a Safer Planet conference. See how Jen’s experience demonstrates why organizations need to be extra vigilant in thwarting cyber threats, even those disguised as thoughtful gifts.


An ever-changing business environment is forcing data professionals to rethink their work methods”but fortunately, help is available. Here are five trends that are making life easier for data professionals: the emergence of Apache Spark, opportunities for greater skill reuse, growth in online and other educational opportunities, the availability of productivity-boosting cloud services, and the upsurge of innovation from open source communities.


With its focus on industrial-scale machine data, GE’s Predix Cloud won’t look much like the data centers of major cloud suppliers such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.


IBM and the US Energy Department are working toward creating the next-generation of high-performance computing systems, which they call “data-centric supercomputing.” This has business and national security implementations.


QASymphony has released qMap, a visual mapping solution for agile testers of cloud, mobile, big data and IoT apps. InfoQ did an interview with Kyle Cochran about why qMap was developed, how testers can use qMap to get insight into their testing results and manage testing and can use information from qMap improve the quality of their product, and how QMap can be deployed within agile and DevOps. By Ben Linders


InfoQ recently sat down with Joseph Jacks and Patrick Reilly from Kismatic Inc, a company offering enterprise Kubernetes support, and asked about their thoughts on the recent Kubernetes v1.0 launch, the history of the project, and how this container orchestration platform may impact the future of microservice deployment. By Daniel Bryant


Hadoop remains the poster child for big data, yet other big data technology tech keeps stealing its thunder (and revenue). While it’s true, as Gartner analyst Merv Adrian highlights, that the Hadoop market is “healthy, and growing, and has a enormous amount of upside adoption potential,” it’s equally true that “Hadoop is a very small market today.” The reason? In part, because enterprises are still trying to figure out what Hadoop is.


Hadoop remains the poster child for big data, yet other big data technology tech keeps stealing its thunder (and revenue). While it’s true, as Gartner analyst Merv Adrian highlights, that the Hadoop market is “healthy, and growing, and has a enormous amount of upside adoption potential,” it’s equally true that “Hadoop is a very small market today.” The reason? In part, because enterprises are still trying to figure out what Hadoop is.


The Scaled Professional Scrum framework of provides guidance to organizations engaging in efforts to scale their product development done through Scrum. InfoQ interviewed Gunther about the Nexus framework. By Savita Pahuja


I just finished watching Jon Stewart’s final episode of The Daily Show and I was glad see that his parting speech addressed the topic of misinformation (aka: bullshit) and how to recognize it…. …


“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” – General Eric Shinseki, U.S. Army, Ret., Former Secretary Veterans Affairs Customers are evolving, as is the technology they rely on. That means marketers have to adjust their sails and navigate the winds of change ” now.


Balance is easily achieved through product line engineering, a way of specifying the commonality and variation within the designs that make up multiple product lines. Product line engineering automates much of the relationship management that is required by the pragmatic aspect of engineering”freeing engineers to use their creative side.


A report published at the start of July revealed “widespread ignorance of the UK’s efforts to smarten up its cities.” The clear focus of the report is on public awareness and perception of smart initiatives and the elusive Smart City itself. The authors go on to suggest that without the proper support, initiatives will “die on their feet”. I have just one problem with that. I simply don’t believe it.


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