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One year ago, high-profile Oracle executive Matt Mills jumped ship to become president and COO of big data upstart MapR Technologies. On Thursday he officially took over the CEO post, replacing the software company’s co-founder John Schroeder, who was named executive chairman. In that capacity, Schroeder will focus on product strategy and customer evangelism.

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The fundamental promise of a data lake is that it will give business users better access to the data they need – securely, accurately and without the long lead times traditionally associated with transforming that data into a physical data model. That's a big challenge, however, and many data lake projects fail. To deliver this level of self-service access to data that enterprises require, a successful data lake needs to ensure that data delivered to users through the lake complies with the following key tenets…

Evaluating risk vs. return of a big data initiative can be tricky, especially because the open source market is so active and fluid. Financial risk aside, business risk actually plays the bigger spoiler in properly estimating future cash flows and profitability of a big data project.

Every analytics team knows that it's important to align with the needs of the business. But there's a hidden danger: relying too much on power users.

Artificial Intelligence learns a new skill.

When you walk into a doctor's office, you are probably not expecting to fall victim to one of the many medical errors that occur globally each year, but accidents happen–and they can happen to anyone, even at the best medical facilities in the world. Despite everyone's best efforts, doctors often prescribe the wrong medications to patients or transcribe incorrect information, leading to medical complications and even fatalities. In the United States alone, 400,000 people die from preventable medical errors each year, according to Healthcare IT News.

Originally posted in HCC. Ambari Views Server is the Standalone Ambari Server used for hosting Views and Ambari Server is the Operational Ambari Server which manages a Hadoop Cluster Before Ambari 2.4, when Ambari Views Servers are setup, the only way to configure views was to use 'Custom Configuration'. In this method details had to…

Stage Intelligence, a leading provider of Bike Share distribution solutions, has added support for the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) open data standard into its BICO Distribution Solution.

Our own Tyson Johnson will be speaking at next week's ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) Fraud Conference Canada. The conference is taking place September 11-14 in Montreal, QC. Tyson's session is titled Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program. In the session he'll cover how fraud examiners are becoming more adept at using open sources…

A decade or so ago I was involved in a consulting project with a large telco that wanted to "smart the dumb pipes" and add extra services to its regular phone and tolls packages. The theory went, back then, that since regular tolls and phone line services were being disrupted by Voice over IP (VoIP) and other such technologies, that telcos would have to move fast to replace that lost revenue with something new.

The ongoing struggle between good and evil that characterizes the ongoing battles between cyber warriors and cyber criminals only grows more technologically complex. Hear what leading cybersecurity leaders have to say about the application of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing to help cybersecurity best practices stay at least one step ahead of cyber criminals.

View this email online Check out this demo of Statistica Network Analytics. Grasp complex relationships by combining predictive analytics and human expertise. Register for Webcast New webcast: Six (Million) Degrees of Separation: The Practical Power of Network Analytics Date: Thursday, September 22, 2016 Time: 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET / 5 p.m. CEST The relationships hidden within complex networks are no match for the network analytics capabilities of Statistica 13.1. Join us as we discuss the practical power of network analytics and showcase Statistica's new features, use cases, visual capabilities and more. You'll learn how to tackle: Fraud detection Supply chain optimization Recommendation engines Identifying influencers and affinities    Register Now    Follow Us: Contact Us: | Privacy Statement  ©2016 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.

If you want to build an application using R that serves many users simultaneously, you're going to need to be able to run a lot of R sessions simultaneously. If you want R to run in the cloud, you can publish R functions as a Web service (and you can do this directly from R with the azureML package). But if you want to run R on your own server, DeployR (part of Microsoft R Server) provides several tools for scaling R sessions to support the load. DeployR provides Grid Nodes and Slots to serve R sessions which process pre-published R scripts to support the application.

While Box is probably best known for its user-facing storage and content services, the company is also operating a separate platform for developers, and it received a handful of updates Thursday. The platform, which lets developers integrate Box's tools for managing content into the apps they're building, now supports new content types, annotations, and watermarking. In addition, the company launched a new set of tools for building web user interfaces and a revamped developer console. Continuing to upgrade the platform may make it more appealing to developers, at a time when Box is fighting to be one of the services that developers take to power their applications.

Engaging customers is an ongoing challenge for companies large and small, but Salesforce has been working to make it easier. On Thursday, the CRM giant took its efforts a big step further with the launch of Lightning Bolt, a new product designed to jump-start the process of building customer communities, portals, and websites. Last year, Salesforce introduced Lightning Templates for Community Cloud, enabling companies to create customized communities for their customers, partners, and employees. Lightning Bolt takes the template concept up another notch.

Iris scanning is showing up in devices and may be on the iPhone 8 and other Apple devices. It's also getting interest from at least one manufacturer.

A serious struggle is going on to protect mobile devices from malware, according to a number of recent reports.

Apple has announced the next generation of its popular smart devices, including the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Watch Series 2.

As enterprises around the world bring more of their sensitive data into Hadoop data lakes, balancing the need for democratization of access to data without sacrificing strong security principles becomes paramount. According to a recent research report by Securosis, "Hadoop has (mostly) reached security parity with the relational platforms of old, and that's saying a…

A lot has been said about Data Lakes over the past five years. The call to action from our industry to customers was to take all your data-at-rest in databases and warehouses, and add to this to the data-in-motion from everything in your ecosystem. Then store all of the resulting terabytes and petabytes in a…

With interest rates at all-time lows, the pressures on institutional and private investors to seek new harbors for vast sums of capital are high. Quantitative hedge funds are thus racing to increase capacity of their portfolio of trading algorithms. Despite these market forces, surprisingly little public information is available on estimating and maximizing capacity. In this blog post we will take a look at the problem of maximizing the Sharpe Ratio[1] of a portfolio of uncorrelated trading algorithms under different capital bases.

by Surya Kunju, Senior Product Expert, Predictive Analytics, CoE Machine learning, sentient artificial intelligence, humanoid robotics–all of a sudden these terms don't feel as strictly 'sci-fi' as they once did. Films like Her and Ex Machina offered visions of a digital future that felt almost close enough to touch, in the sense that the very…

We recently decided to provide a deep dive into the visual and audio detection component of our Caltrain project. You can find an overview of the motivation for developing a device that detects the passing of the Caltrain, and our plan for the series of posts that will detail its development here. The first step of that development was creating a proof of concept for the image processing component of the device, and we thus begin our blog series here. Before jumping in and creating a device that has real-time video processing capabilities, we needed to prove that we would in fact be able to use video to detect a train's passing and direction.

There are now three vendors in the burgeoning OLAP on Hadoop sub-segment of the analytics world. Their architectures differ but their goals are generally the same: make Hadoop into a scaleable, distributed OLAP engine, compatible with numerous BI front ends.

With emerging ideas, innovation, and talents, the lines between DevOps, release engineering, and even security are rapidly blurring. I invite you to sit down for a moment with Principle Consultant, J. Paul Reed, and listen to his take on what the intersection between these once individualized fields entails, and may even foreshadow.

Google plans to acquire API management vendor Apigee in a US$625 million deal that will give the search giant secure and multilanguage API tools used by companies bringing more and more of their services online. The deal, announced Thursday, gives Google access to tools that allow company back-end systems to communicate with mobile and web apps, Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google's cloud business, said in a blog post.

As a working data scientist, you must deliver on your projects while at the same time staying up to speed on changes in your chosen field. That's a tough balance, considering how stretched you already on the job and how quickly the world of data science is evolving. That's where IBM World of Watson enters the picture.

Salesforce is making it possible for organizations to build their own custom applications on top of Salesforce Community Cloud.

Not long after revealing more details about its next-gen Power9 chip due in 2017, IBM today rolled out three new Power8-based Linux servers and a new version of its Power8 chip featuring on-chip NVLink interconnect. One of the servers — Power S822LC for High Performance Computing — uses the new chip (Power8 with NVLink) to communicate with P100 Pascal GPUs, NVIDIA's most recent and highest performing GPU. The other servers — the Power S821LC and the Power S822LC for Big Data — also leverage GPU acceleration technology (K80 or P100) via PCIe interface and have IBM's Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) for use with Flash storage and FPGAs.

Andrew Oliver is president and founder of Mammoth Data (formerly Open Software Integrators), a large data consulting firm based in Durham, North Carolina. In this interview, join Andrew and IBM data science evangelist James Kobielus for an enlightening discussion about doing data science in the modern business environment.

Today is another exciting day as an Evangelist to a Big Data company, because I love me some data and I love making it accessible to everyone. I got it in my head that I wanted to take my other "how to", start to finish, make it easy for everyone approach to analytics, and build something that would do the same for people interested in IoT. So I went ahead and started on my IoT journey today in the way I figured it was best. I bought a bunch of sensors and components and a Raspberry Pi (R-Pi) 3, yes I am turning into a hipster nerd. I had asked around to some folks I knew were doing cool R-Pi projects and they all said that it was relatively easy to get into and get going.

Would you be skeptical if someone told you that feeding the world with open data can actually feed the world? That's GODAN's mission statement in a nutshell, and its leader talked to us about it.

The CIA's investment arm continues to back emerging analytics vendors, this time targeting visual analytics specialist Zoomdata Inc. in a technology development agreement that follows the roll out of the company's big data platform to U.S. intelligence agencies via an Amazon Web Services marketplace. Zoomdata, San Mateo, Calif., disclosed Thursday (Sept. 8) that In-Q-Tel, the strategic technology investor for the U.S. intelligence community, is investing an undisclosed amount as part of a technology development agreement.

Data is an unusual currency; it is not restricted by the same transactional limitations as money or people. In fact, the more that you leverage your data across multiple business use cases, the more valuable it becomes to the organization. And the same can be said about the organization's analytics. In his session at 19th Cloud Expo, Bill Schmarzo, CTO for the Big Data Practice at EMC, will introduce a methodology for capturing, enriching and sharing data (and analytics) across the organization in a "as-a-service" cloud model, and discuss the role that the data lake plays in monetizing the organization's growing wealth of data.

DataRobot provides a brute force approach that shows it's possible to make data science aspirants more productive.

A new line of servers from IBM could help make the enterprise data center more efficient, while providing additional computer power for deep learning and high performance data analytics.

Zen brings excitement to a segment that is in desperate need of it and showcases the need to rethink a product to zero in on where it should be going.

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