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I have to admit that when "Big Data" starting getting a lot of traction, I was not a fan of the phrase as I often work with organisations who do not think of themselves in terms of having a lot of data. We can talk all we want about the multiple dimensions of big data, commonly referred do as the "V's" (volume, variety, velocity and veracity) but what sticks is the term "Big Data" and that conjures up images for people, after all marketing is powerful tool!

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The first decade is over and we're entering the second. One industry watcher makes a great point: Awkward teenage years ahead? I don't believe we'll be one of those 'difficult' teenagers. We might be a bit of a nerd, but we'll be the well balanced one. The one with friends, the one that goes to…

Schneider Electric's StruxureOn cloud service uses sensors and APIs to pull machine data from physical equipment and put it into a cloud analytics app.

Big data can be overwhelming. But parse through it and you may find that it aids tremendously in marketing and sales. And this is just as true for direct sales as it is more traditional indirect sales via various advertising channels.

IoT is rapidly changing the way enterprises are using data to improve business decision-making. In order to derive business value, organizations must unlock insights from the data gathered and then act on these. In their session at @ThingsExpo, Eric Hoffman, Vice President at EastBanc Technologies, and Peter Shashkin, Head of Development Department at EastBanc Technologies, discussed how one organization leveraged IoT, cloud technology and data analysis to improve customer experiences and efficiencies.

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ZDNet brings on two new Big Data bloggers, both expert industry analysts.

The IoT is changing the way enterprises conduct business. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Eric Hoffman, Vice President at EastBanc Technologies, discussed how businesses can gain an edge over competitors by empowering consumers to take control through IoT. He cited examples such as a Washington, D.C.-based sports club that leveraged IoT and the cloud to develop a comprehensive booking system. He also highlighted how IoT can revitalize and restore outdated business models, making them profitable again. Lastly he provided insight on the importance of properly establishing IoT in the cloud and the four steps you need to take in order to make your IoT program improve your service quality.

An ongoing debate in the loyalty world is what type of customer is more important? One that spends big on airline tickets or one that filters millions of credit card miles through the banks?

"Avere Systems is a hybrid cloud solution provider. We have customers that want to use cloud storage and we have customers that want to take advantage of cloud compute," explained Rebecca Thompson, VP of Marketing at Avere Systems, in this interview at 18th Cloud Expo, held June 7-9, 2016, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY.

The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) has awarded BAE Systems a five-year contract worth as much as $75 million to provide enhanced geospatial intelligence technical and analytical support. The award was issued under the INSCOM Global Intelligence indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract.

With CRM, BI, storage, document management and other systems moving rapidly to the cloud, companies that are slow to make the shift to the latest cloud-based platforms will be left behind. These cloud-based systems are essential for the modern firm that wants to be agile, leverage information for growth and deliver the best possible customer experience. There's also the pressing need for mobile-focused platforms, and interconnectedness between multiple internal and customer-facing channels. All of these demands require IT.

In this special guest feature, Dan Ortega, VP of Marketing at Blazent, provides a first-hand commentary on IT's struggle with data quality.

A new book "Data Lake Architecture – Designing the Data Lake and Avoiding the Garbage Dump" by the father of the data warehouse Bill Inmon is a simple, high-level introduction to this popular data organization. Written for enterprise thought-leaders and decision makers, the book offers a one-stop resource that explains how to build a useful data lake where data scientists and data analysts can solve business challenges and identify new business opportunities. Readers will learn how to structure data lakes as well as analog, application, and text-based data ponds to provide maximum business value.

If you're an IT professional, it wouldn't be surprising if your kids have a much clearer understanding of what you do than your parents do.

Do you get what overfitting means in machine learning? If you don't, then you better learn about it if you want to use or leverage machine learning. Why? Because overfitting can ruin the effectiveness of machine learning. I wrote this blog because I found existing explanations of overfitting to be too technical. I hope this one is more consumable by non specialists.

Dave's Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 RetrospectiveDave went to the Hadoop Summit 2016 in San Jose last week and came back with a riveting tale to tell. In this first part of the Summit coverage, join me when I ask Dave all about the keynotes and the general event. Join us next episode where Dave will talk about some of the sessions he attended!

The solution named "MobiLytixTM Suite" aggregates subscriber usage data across multiple touch points, enabling deeper customer experience while improving revenue growth of telecom operators.

Road and traffic accidents are an important concern around the world. Road accidents not only affects the public health with different level of injury but also results in property damage. Data analysis has the…

One of the most hotly contested aspects of taking on artificial intelligence (AI) has always been the potential for machines to take over jobs that have historically belonged to humans. The debate's first arena was in manufacturing, where machines are now doing most of the grunt work normally reserved for people — assembling products, painting parts and finished products, welding, bolting, and more. The result has been interesting. While AI has resulted in fewer people jobs in manufacturing, the jobs that exist now are far safer and generally pay better than ever before.

PearlHPS, a Software-As-a-Service-based (SaaS) predictive execution analytics provider for businesses, disclosed some of the results that its customers were getting, as well as how its PearlPredict execution analytics offering was answering corporate operational challenges.

As organizations shift towards IT-as-a-service models, the need for managing and protecting data residing across physical, virtual, and now cloud environments grows with it. Commvault can ensure protection, access and E-Discovery of your data — whether in a private cloud, a Service Provider delivered public cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment — across the heterogeneous enterprise. In his general session at 18th Cloud Expo, Randy De Meno, Chief Technologist – Windows Products and Microsoft Partnerships at Commvault, discussed how to cut costs, scale easily, and unleash insight with CommVault software, the only singular data and information management solution for cloud data protection and beyond.

Presidio has received the 2015 EMC Partner Services Quality Award from EMC Corporation for achieving outstanding service excellence and customer satisfaction as measured by the EMC Partner Services Quality (PSQ) program. Presidio was also honored as the 2015 EMC Americas Marketing Excellence Partner of the Year and 2015 Mid-Market East Partner of the Year. The EMC PSQ program is a project-specific survey program designed for partners with Service Partner designations to solicit customer feedback regarding the quality of the partner's service engagements. The awards were presented May 2-3, 2016 to Presidio at the 2016 EMC® World Global Partner Summit. This marks the eighth consecutive year Presidio has received the exclusive client service recognition.

The IoT in general, and wearable tech in particular, make the protection of "knowledge … Continue reading Protecting Knowledge Assets: Wearable Tech; The post Protecting Knowledge Assets: Wearable Tech appeared first on Big Data Tech Law.

These techniques cover most of what data scientists and related practitioners are using in their daily activities, whether they use solutions offered by a vendor, or whether they design proprietary tools. When you click on any of the 40 links below, you will find a selection of articles related to the entry in question.

BlueTalon®, the leader in Data-Centric Security, announced the immediate availability of its Data-Centric Security solution for Apache® Spark™

After exploring formulation, classification, benchmarking, we explore another facet of Machine Learning: anomaly detection. This part is key in the IoT transformation, as it enables internet-connected AI devices to alert, adapt and respond accordingly. Once properly trained, an IoT could not only warn and prevent imminent failure, but also execute a response, adaptive to the anomaly detected. In this process, we'll explore intrinsic hurdles that makes the anomaly detection process a non-trivial task of "finding a needle in haystack".

When people aren't talking about VMs and containers, they're talking about serverless architecture. Serverless is about no maintenance. It means you are not worried about low-level infrastructural and operational details. An event-driven serverless platform is a great use case for IoT. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Animesh Singh, an STSM and Lead for IBM Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, will detail how to build a distributed serverless, polyglot, microservices framework using open source technologies.

It's going to provide an unprecedented route for start-ups and SMEs to bring the benefits of digital transformation to the public sector. And crucially, backed by the Scottish Government, it's going to create a swift, secure and practical pathway for those businesses to win contracts from the public sector. Centred around challenges that public sector organisations would like solved, the CivTech® pilot Accelerator will take solutions through an intensive 3 month programme to create and evolve new products and services. So what does this mean for you?

There's a growing generation gap when it comes the promise of revenues from data-driven projects. Where younger workers see the future, older workers may only see another cycle of tech hype.

Opinion: Jonathan Priestley, Senior Vice President with MultiTaction provides examples of how large scale interactive visualisation democratises big data by letting leadership teams really get in touch with the big picture.

Batteries can provide a crucial bridge between the vagaries of renewable supplies and the demand for always-on data.

IoT offers a value of almost $4 trillion to the manufacturing industry through platforms that can improve margins, optimize operations & drive high performance work teams. By using IoT technologies as a foundation, manufacturing customers are integrating worker safety with manufacturing systems, driving deep collaboration and utilizing analytics to exponentially increased per-unit margins. However, as Benoit Lheureux, the VP for Research at Gartner points out, "IoT project implementers often underestimate the complexity of IoT integration and overestimate the built-in integration capabilities of their IoT platforms."

Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis (IIPA) tools are designed to help today's businesses track IT assets across the organization. With a real-time inventory of what technology is being used and where, it becomes a lot easier for your enterprise architects to identify where to innovate and align project execution with the overarching business objectives of your company. Learn how enterprise architects can use IIPA solutions to strategize and outline a road map for execution. Every smart business needs a simple, social, and smart IIPA platform to stay competitive.

In today's constantly connected world, customers expect more than ever before from the companies they do business with. With the emergence of big data, businesses have been able to better meet and exceed customer expectations thanks to analytics and data science. However, the role of data in your business' success doesn't end with big data — now you can take your data mining and analytics to the next level to improve customer service and your business' overall customer experience faster than you ever thought possible. Fast data is basically the next step for analysis and application of large data sets (big data). With fast data, big data analytics can be applied to smaller data sets in real time to solve a number of problems for businesses across multiple industries.

Situations where a firm elects to pay the ransom are the result of a combination of panic, lack of understanding about the credibility of the threat.

Edge Hosting has announced a partnership with and the availability of CloudFlare, a web application firewall, CDN and DDoS mitigation service. "This partnership enhances Edge Hosting's world class, perimeter layer, application (layer 7) defensive mechanism," said Mark Houpt, Edge Hosting CISO. "The goal was to enable a new layer of customer controlled defense and compliance through the application of DDoS filters and mitigations, the web application firewall (WAF) feature and the added benefit of response time generated by the content delivery network (CDN) feature."

Driven Inc., formerly Concurrent, Inc., a leader in Big Data application performance monitoring (APM), announced the next version of Driven.

While CIOs say they expect to see a slight dip in IT hiring plans for the last six months of this year, according to resent survey results, one tech recruiter says the outlook appears positive. Here's a closer look at CIO hiring plans for the remaining months of 2016, including layoffs, the most in-demand IT skills, and the hottest regions.

In today's constantly connected world, customers expect more than ever before from the companies they do business with. With the emergence of big data, businesses have been able to better meet and exceed customer expectations thanks to analytics and data science. However, the role of data in your business' success doesn't end with big data — now you can take your data mining and analytics to the next level to improve customer service and your business' overall customer experience faster than you ever thought possible.

This article was written by Bhavani Raskutti. Bhavani joined the ANZ Teradata Advanced Analytics team in 2014. She is internationally recognised as a data mining thought leader and is regularly invited to present at international conferences on Mining Big Data. She is passionate about transforming businesses to make better decisions using their data capital. The term "data science" was first used by the statistician William H. Cleveland in his 2001 paper entitled, "Data Science: An Action Plan for Expanding the Technical Areas of the field of Statistics".

This article on the 10-dimensional burrito was posted by Scott Cole. Scott is a PhD student studying neuroscience at UC San Diego, currently researching the functions and measures of neural oscillations in the Voytek lab. In his work, Scott and his team have developed a 10-dimensional system for rating the burritos in San Diego. The goal of this project is threefold: Identify the best and worst burritos in San Diego to share this information with others Characterize the variance in burrito qualities across the county.

We all are surrounded by data and it reveals lot of things to us to make our decisions and recommends the next steps. Data is collected from different sources such as Web, Database, log files etc. and then it is thoroughly cleaned and reshaped, and further used for analysis and explored to determine the hidden patterns and trends which is really essential for any business decision making, Extracting data from web is always easy with the help of API's but what if website doesn't provide any API's, In such case, Web Scraping is an excellent way to extract the unstructured data from web and put that in structured format like excel,csv, database etc..

Cycling's had a difficult few years. Can technology ride to the rescue?

Brexit means the UK leaves the EU. Ditching the GDPR, however, won't be as simple

Big Data is no longer just a curiosity for businesses, its usage has grown enormously and it is now commonplace within a broad range of companies across many industries.

The Chief Digital Officer of General Electric — the fourth largest business in the world — has claimed there will be "winners and losers" in the oncoming seismic shift pushed forward by technology like automation, AI, and the internet of things. Read on for the insider's take on how all this emerging tech will impact the world.

Using these toolkits anyone will be able to use AI or machine learning platforms – which are as sophisticated as anything currently on the market, offering the potential to unleash vast innovation.

See.Sense's real innovation is that it includes the contextual awareness of smartphones, making it a connected bike light that can be bright where and when it needs to be, and save its battery when it doesn't.

Reputation management, customer intelligence, cybersecurity – the data knows it all

Driverless cars are predicted to be on our streets by 2020, but how much do you know about them? Take our quiz to find out!

How much do you know about IoT? Find out here

A financial institution was looking to create a world class process and strategy to automate the data forensics and resolve regulatory requirements across the organization. This study covers the early implementation and integration stages of a highly successful data-lineage project collaboration between a major financial institution and ASG.

Knowing where data came from, how it moves through systems, and how it changes, is the most critical and most difficult task in any data management project. This paper describes how to get the fastest and most comprehensive data lineage mapping and visualization capability to govern and guide data projects.

Techworld spoke to Ravn System's CEO Peter Wallqvist about Ravn ACE, its data crunching robot.

Quantum effects like superposition and entanglement could vastly improve technologies like cryptography, imaging and computing. Here's how.

Chatbots are all over the news, but how much do you know about them? Take our quiz to find out

Li-Fi claims to be 100 times faster than standard Wi-Fi. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

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