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When whistleblower Edward Snowden shocked the world in 2013 by revealing that the NSA was allegedly siphoning data from U.S. internet companies, pundits proclaimed that winter was coming for American cloud vendors in Europe. Evidence now suggests those fears may have been overblown. IDC said this month that U.S. cloud vendors have increased their combined cloud infrastructure revenue two-and-a-half-times in Western Europe, topping $2 billion since the Snowden Effect was supposed to freeze the market. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Alphabet's Google and IBM increased their market share by a third in the region, hitting 40 percent in 2015.

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In anticipation of his upcoming keynote co-presentation at Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare New York, October 23-27, 2016, we asked Ken Yale, JD, DDS, Vice President of Clinical Solutions at ActiveHealth Management, a few questions about incorporating predictive analytics into healthcare. Catch a glimpse of his presentation, Predictive Analytics, Genomics, and Precision Medicine — Separating the…

By creating software to analyse legal information, Amiqus can predict the outcome of claims and disputes to help avoid court. Amiqus wanted to supply this data to individuals and small businesses for free to support and aid their cases.  With support from Scottish Edge, the team at Amiqus went to The Data Lab to help facilitate an academic partnership.  The Data Lab enabled a link between Amiqus and the Computer Science and Law departments of Strathclyde University and provided Amiqus with ?35,000 worth of academic time.

There is growing need for data-driven applications and the need for digital platforms to build these apps. In his session at 19th Cloud Expo, Muddu Sudhakar, VP and GM of Security & IoT at Splunk, will cover different PaaS solutions and Big Data platforms that are available to build applications. In addition, AI and machine learning are creating new requirements that developers need in the building of next-gen apps. The next-generation digital platforms have some of the past platform needs and many new requirements. He will provide reference architectures for next-gen platforms and sample apps that can be built on this platform.

Web-scale IT is a pattern of global-class computing that delivers the capabilities of large cloud service providers within an enterprise IT setting by reimagining positions across several dimensions. The unprecedented explosion of Big Data and cloud services is driving the development of new storage architectures to store the information produced by this web-scale trend. It is becoming increasingly clear that even a linear growth trajectory for storage is insufficient to deliver the quantity of storage needed for data produced by the Internet of Things.

The good news is that most researchers do, in fact, understand and appreciate the value of comment data from open-ended questions.Indeed, many say feedback in consumers' own words is indispensable.Among researchers we recently polled:

IT Administrators have more choices today than ever before on how to run the workloads that are mission-critical for the business — physical, virtual, on-premises, in Clouds, or some combination. That's why it's vital to find a performance management toolset to help inform those choices.

In the video presentation below, Alex Clark, Chief Software Architect & Founder at BitStew, talks about Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), its challenges, and opportunities.

We address some of the epistemological challenges highlighted by the Critical Data Studies literature by reference to some of the key debates in the philosophy of science concerning computational modeling and simulation. We provide a brief overview of these debates focusing particularly on what Paul Humphreys calls epistemic opacity. We argue that debates in Critical Data Studies and philosophy of science have neglected the problem of error management and error detection. This is an especially important feature of the epistemology of Big Data.

Geoengineering is typically defined as a techno-scientific response to climate change that differs from mitigation and adaptation, and that includes diverse individual technologies, which can be classified as either solar radiation management or carbon dioxide removal.

Serving more than a billion people a day, Facebook has its work cut out for it when providing customized news feeds. That is where the social network giant takes advantage of deep learning to serve up the most relevant news to its vast user base. Facebook is challenged with finding the best personalized content, Andrew Tulloch, Facebook software engineer, said at the company's recent @scale conference in Silicon Valley. "Over the past year, more and more, we've been applying deep learning techniques to a bunch of these underlying machine learning models that power what stories you see." [ The InfoWorld review roundup: AWS, Microsoft, Databricks, Google, HPE, and IBM machine learning in the cloud.

What's the best way to measure human exposure to urban pollution? Typically, cities do so by studying air-quality levels in fixed places. New York City, for example, has an extensive monitoring network that measures air quality in 155 locations. But now a study led by MIT researchers, focused on New York City, suggests that using mobile-phone data to track people's movement provides an even deeper picture of exposure to pollution in urban settings. The study, based on data from 2013, broke New York City into 71 districts and found that in 68 of them, exposure levels to particulate matter (PM) were significantly different when the daily movement of 8.5 million people was accounted for.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is said to be looking to sell its software division, which would include the business from its disastrous acquisition of Autonomy in 2011, according to news reports. The enterprise IT company that emerged from the breakup of Hewlett-Packard has been restructuring its operations recently, including a US$8.5 billion deal announced in May to spin off and merge its enterprise services business with CSC. A sale of the software business would leave the company focused largely on servers, networking, storage, business critical systems and technology services.

Server Virtualization has transformed the way we manage server workloads but virtualization hypervisors were not the endgame of datacenter management. What is the role of server virtualization and hypervisors in the new age of cloud, containers, and more importantly, hyperconvergence? I covered SAN technology in my last Infrastructure 101 article, so for today I'm going to cover server virtualization and maybe delve into containers and cloud. Server virtualization as we know it now is based on hypervisor technology.

ElasticSearch is a distributed search and analytical engine (search engine). It operates as a super-fast search within a particular dataset, is multi-tenant, and features a RESTful web interface, as well as schema-free JSON documents and Java API. In most any kind of structured or unstructured data store, it delivers actionable insights in real time. ElasticSearch is based on Apache Lucene. Why ElasticSearch is So Blasted Fast The reason ElasticSearch is such a speedy search engine is that, instead of directly searching the text, it searches an index.

Revolutions in processing power and analytical modelling, distributed through massively democratized technology, have opened up countless new possibilities. But these revolutions in technology design have not been matched by our approach to big data. For the last 40 years we have accepted a common prerequisite for the creation of value from our data, and that's the idea that it has to be homogenized and centralized before we can do anything useful with it.

There's no doubt in the value of external web data harvested and curated specifically for your business. We've detailed exactly how data harvesting works and what data harvesting can do in past blog posts. The hard part comes when you're trying to prove the return on investment to the decision makers at your company.

Security certainly feels a lot more like a journey than a destination. This is especially true with APIs becoming a critical piece of any mobile or web application. With so much information being shared through APIs, teams need to ask themselves: how can you effectively secure your API? While the security demands of developing and maintaining APIs will continue to evolve, there are a few key areas your team should be focused on if you have have responsibility for an Application Programming Interface (API).

If you have dense data on a continuous scale, an effective way of representing the data visually is to use a heatmap, where the values are represented by a color on a continuous scale. For example, this chart from a Wall Street Journal interactive feature (and mentioned in Tal Galili's useR!2016 talk) represents the number of measles cases in each US state and year by a colored square: (Here's how to create that chart in R.) But, note that scale at the bottom of the chart, mapping measles cases to a color on the rainbow.

Adopting MDM best practices can result in less hassle in supporting employees, increased overall productivity and assurance that assets are secure.

The world is increasingly challenged by water supply problems because of aging and deteriorating infrastructure, operating incidents and disruptions, drought and water scarcity, declining water quality, climate change and other factors. Take a look at an IBM and Veolia alliance that is using cognitive, analytical and communications approaches to address the challenges the world faces maintaining water supplies and operations.

Three-quarters of IT professionals say that their organization suffered a security incident within the past two years., the company that offers ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana) as a cloud service, has just unveiled Cognitive Insights™, a new analytics solution that combines the power of machine learning technology with human experience in order to identify issues in IT.

The future of cognitive computing is bright and Chief Data Officers have the chance to lead the way for their organizations. Not just a science-fiction dream, machines that are experts, expressive, educated, and evolving have the potential to create a stunning reality by driving meaningful market shifts. For CDOs who want to demonstrate their prowess as market innovators — this is a perfect opportunity.

SmartData Collective is about bringing together the brightest minds in Big Data and Analytics. Our goal is to offer a platform to share ideas, experiences, and skills with a community that shares that passion. We receive dozens of contributions from the best in the industry every day. To make sure you didn't miss out, here's a look at the top 5 posts on SmartData Collective for August!1. 7 Data Modeling Mistakes that Will Sink your Analysis:

Bob Hayes is the Chief Research Officer at Appuri and president of Business Over Broadway. The interviewer was James Kobielus, IBM's data science evangelist.

Chinese networking giant Huawei has collaborated with a University of California at Berkeley spinoff on a big data storage acceleration platform with the goals of boosting the performance of analytics and other applications while extending analytics to a broader customer base.

This year GE hosted their first annual–and according to them, the world's first–developer-focused industrial internet conference, Predix Transform. Touted as both an industrial IoT platform and the operating system for the industrial internet, Predix originated in a 2009 realization that while GE heavy equipment generated a tremendous amount of sensor data, the company and its customers had no way to make use of that data. Taken together with GE's exit from the financial services market (they shed the $42 billion GE Capital unit that same year), Predix represents a fundamental shift in GE's long term strategy.

Power Usage Effectiveness

Technical certifications can advance careers and lead to better pay, but they're not a golden ticket to success.

For the second year in a row SAP has received the number one ranking in the Wisdom of Crowds 2016 Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study by Dresner Advisory Services. The Dresner study reached over 3000 organizations and vendors' customer communities and 20+ industry verticals with an organization size ranging from 100 to 10,000+. Study…

Whether your organization calls you an IT architect, systems architect or enterprise architect, they are relying on you for the same thing: a reliable information roadmap that keeps pace with industry standards and gains the upper hand with breakthrough technology. But with executive directives that are constantly in flux and technological benchmarks that refuse to sit still, balancing your priorities can be a full-time job in itself. Enter: IBM World of Watson.

IBM test data management (TDM) services are designed to satisfy the demands of enterprises trying to take advantage of test data and environment management solutions for complex IT deployments. TDM services cater to test data discovery, subset production, masking, test data refresh, automation of comparing results, streamlining deployments and consolidating TDM Services.

Salesforce delivers implementations of the Salesforce Wave Analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for specific vertical industries.

Chapter 1 delves into the first four stages of systematic strategic planning, including identifying competitive advantages and developing strategies.

Improving end-user experiences and leveraging big data analytics helps Aimia head off digital disruption and improve core operations and processes. The next BriefingsDirect Voice of the Customer digital business transformation case study examines how loyalty management innovator Aimia is modernizing, consolidating, and standardizing its global IT infrastructure.

The Kaminario storage array gives IT organizations the flexibility needed to scale up or scale out storage as needed.

Today's customers expect more from their banks–personalized service, real-time solutions and the ability to do business when and how it is most convenient for them. To meet these demands, you'll need the ability to deliver added value at every opportunity through more personalized and timely offers and interactions. Learn how new capabilities, powered by advanced analytics, help you access and act on deeper and more immediate customer insights to drive high levels of engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Whilst more data than ever before is available at the click of a button, the issue of how to gain insight and visualise these findings is becoming the biggest issue we now face. There are many tools available that can help navigate through the swathes of data. Many of these are free for all and may offer a choice of functionality such as mapping, forecasting or presentation. However, there is one software tool that has become the industry standard for turning data into insight and offers a host of solutions within one package.

For organizations to stay above the rising tide of data agility, they'll need to innovate their data storage options through next-generation databases.

Things, not Strings Entity-centric views on enterprise information and all kinds of data sources provide means to get a more meaningful picture about all sorts of business objects. This method of information processing is as relevant to customers, citizens, or patients as it is to knowledge workers like lawyers, doctors, or researchers. People actually do not search for documents, but rather for facts and other chunks of information to bundle them up to provide answers to concrete questions. Strings, or names for things are not the same as the things they refer to. Still, those two aspects of an entity get mixed up regularly to nurture the Babylonian language confusion.

Japan's iconic Sakura season. We were all really excited about our trip to the land of spiritual awakening. Who wouldn't be? It all sounded like a dream come true, until we realised the burden of planning a trip, from beginning-to-end! As 3 women travellers taking our first long vacation together, we didn't realise the kind of elaborate planning that goes into choosing destinations to visit, picking places of interest that suit us

Starting salaries for big data pros will continue to rise in 2017 as companies jockey to hire skilled data professionals. Recruiting and staffing specialist Robert Half Technology studied more than 75 tech positions for its annual guide to U.S. tech salaries, including 13 jobs in the data/data administration field. In the big picture, starting salaries for newly hired IT workers are forecast to climb 3.8% next year. (See also: 14 hot network jobs/skills for 2017)

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