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The Big Data revolution in business has come about due to the huge increase in the amount of information we’re able to capture and analyze, from an ever growing number of sources. It’s the driving force behind a wider wave of technology-driven transformation which is taking place thanks to advances in fields such as automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Self-driving cars, personalized medicine and the “fourth industrial revolution” are all built on Big Data.

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Today's European financial markets hardly resemble the ones from 15 years ago. The high speed of electronic trading, explosion in trading volumes, the diverse range of instruments classes & a proliferation of trading venues pose massive challenges.  With all this complexity, market abuse patterns have also become egregious. Banks are now shelling out millions of euros in…

A CSPi Packet Recorder and Packet Broker allow organizations to monitor who is accessing specific types of data.

A CSPi Packet Recorder and Packet Broker allow organizations to monitor who is accessing specific types of data.

Next week (March 6 – 9) Gartner will host their annual Data and Analytics Summit in Grapevine, TX.  This is where analysts from Gartner, vendors and many leaders of businesses of all sizes all get together and talk about data and analytics. Personally, I have not attended the conference for the past few years, but…

Remember life before GPS? Having to purchase a paper map and pore over it to figure out how to get from A to B? Not being able to instantly see nearby service stations and coffee shops? It's hard to imagine how we ever managed to find our way around. A few years from now, businesses will be asking, "Remember business before geospatial analytics? When we had to pore over Excel charts without real-time location data, and try and glean insight from numbers on a sheet?'' Because when you add location information to business information, you get an unbeatable competitive edge. First, let's take a step back and define terms. Geospatial analysis involves gathering, displaying, and manipulating geographic information system (GIS) data such as imagery, GPS, satellite photographs, historical info, and so on. It uses geographic coordinates (latitudes and longitudes), and also street addresses, postal codes, and other identifiers, to create geographical models.

Data science platforms are engines for creating machine-learning solutions. This report evaluates 16 providers of data science platforms.

While Dell sold off many software assets as part of the 2016 mega merger with EMC that created Dell Technologies, it kept Dell Boomi as a critical component for helping IT shops build and run hybrid clouds. Dell Boomi offers an integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) — a set of cloud-based capabilities for connecting everything from SaaS apps to EDI and internet of things applications.

Peter Voss is CTO and Andrew Brust is senior director of market strategy at Datameer. Big data shouldn't be an area for only academics, data scientists, and other specialists. In fact, it can't be. If we want big data to benefit industry at large, it needs to be accessible by mainstream information workers. Big data technology must fit into the workflows, habits, skill sets, and requirements of business users across enterprises. Datameer is a big data analytics application doing exactly that. Combining the user interface metaphors of a file browser and a spreadsheet, Datameer runs natively on open source big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark, while hiding their complexity and facilitating their use in enterprise IT environments and business user scenarios. 

While representation of women and minorities at last year's useR! conference was the highest it's ever been, there is always room for more diversity. To encourage more underrepresented individuals to attend, the useR! committee has taken several steps, including asking attendees to adhere to a supportive code of conduct and by providing childcare at the conference venue in Brussels.  The R Forwards taskforce is also offering diversity scholarships to under-represented individuals (such as, but not limited to, LGBTQ people, women, ethnic minorities, or those with disabilities) who might not otherwise be able to attend. If you qualify and think a scholarship might help you get to useR!2017, the deadline for applications is April 1, at the link below. user!2017: Diversity Scholarships

Strata + Hadoop World 2017 is happening in just a couple of weeks, March 13-16 in San Jose–so make your plans soon. The biggest gathering of data scientists in the world is the must-attend event of the year for most, as previous attendees can attest: "If you're serious about the business value of data, never miss a Strata Hadoop conference–the mecca of all things data." "The one event I look forward to each year–with the best mix of hands-on experience, case studies, and opportunities to test drive the latest products with experts & business users." Whatever you want to learn about data, you'll find it at Strata + Hadoop World. Take a look at the 200+ sessions and see for yourself. Join over 5,000 who attended last year at a record sell-out. Make your plans now–register with code DSC20 to save 20% on your pass. Register now  ➤ Roger Magoulas, Doug Cutting, and Alistair Croll Program Chairs  *Discount applies to Gold, Silver, and Bronze passes

Big Data for Cybersecurity Modern information security encompass broader data sets than in the past, in order to create context and generate a complete picture of network data, user behaviour pattern and business data  – all combined together so that a trendline of normal operations can be created. Then from that, it is possible to…

Machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence (ML, DL and AI) are changing how many industries manage themselves and make decisions.

Cybersecurity Ventures listed its first quarter 2017 top 500 companies in the security industry. Here are the leading 50 companies and their sector.

SAN FRANCISCO — The ubiquitous cloud computing craze may not be long for this world if venture capitalist Peter Levine is right. The Andreessen Horowitz general partner said that as more computing capabilities move to so-called "edge" devices, including anything from driverless cars and drones to the boundless devices that make up the internet of things (IoT), the cloud will slowly evaporate. "A large portion of computation that gets done in the cloud today will return to the edge," said Levine at the Wall Street Journal's CIO Network event here Tuesday. Levine said the driverless car, whose 200-plus CPUs effectively make it a "data center on wheels," is a prime example of an edge device whose computing capabilities must be self-contained. Levine said that an autonomous vehicle relying on the cloud fo

Fave Raves is Network World's annual roundup of the best products, as chosen by IT pros. Do you have a favorite enterprise IT product you can't live without? Tell us about it and we'll share your raves with our readers. Please send your submissions to Ann Bednarz at Network World ( by Friday, March 17. Please note: Submissions must be received directly from IT professionals, not through a third party. Items to address: 1. Please provide your name, title and employer. 2. What's your favorite product? (vendor name and product name) 3. Why do you like it? 4. How has it helped you and/or your company? 5. How many years have you worked in IT? 6. What upcoming IT projects are you most excited about and why? 7. Please include a picture of yourself.

In serverless computing, workloads are hosted on a server; the cloud provider takes full responsibility for provisioning, managing those resources.

Details on some of the more interesting 2-in-1 offerings from companies like HP, Lenovo, Panasonic and Porsche Design.

Azure Stack, Microsoft's hybrid cloud system, is getting close to release. On Wednesday, the tech giant unveiled the third major public beta for customers that want to test it out. The new release brings a handful of additional capabilities for users to test, like support for Azure D-Series virtual machine sizes and deployment with ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) to support systems that don't have constant connections to Azure. Technical Preview 3, as this release is known in Microsoft parlance, will get a handful of other features over the coming months, including support for Azure Functions and Active Directory multi-tenancy.

Apache Ranger's graduation to TLP is just one step in a longer journey to help enterprises across industries secure their big data platforms using a modern opensource based, authorization and audit framework. Below are the highlights of the breadth of capabilities currently available in Apache Ranger: Apache Ranger is a centralized framework to define, administer…

With the deluge of IoT data, streaming analytics is getting impossible to ignore. For streaming to break beyond early adopters, it has to become less of a do-it-yourself homegrown software development project.

Kevin Gilroy, executive VP and head of Samsung Business, says with the demand for 2-in-1 PCs, there's plenty of room for Samsung and Microsoft.

Fuzzy data sources have become mainstream with analytics. Here's how to properly handle less-than-pristine big data sources.

In anticipation of her upcoming conference presentation, Our Success with Agile Analytics at Predictive Analytics World for Business Chicago, June 19-22, 2017, we asked Afsheen Alam, Program Manager Marketing Analytics and Big Data at Allstate Insurance, a few questions about her work in predictive analytics. Q: In your work with predictive analytics, what behavior or outcome…

Aiming to help organizations better understand and retain their customers, Syncsort company Trillium Software today introduced a new data-as-a-service (DaaS) solution that brings together online and offline customer and prospect contact information for verification and enrichment. Dubbed Trillium Precise, the new product brings together Trillium's world-wide postal and geocoding data cleansing and enrichment of customer contact information with validation, verification and enrichment of email, phone, address and IP services. The solution delivers accuracy checks from a constantly updated offline graph database that connects to an organization's customers to match identity elements in real time.

Agility is the name of the game for today's IT organizations, but keeping up with the rapid pace of change is difficult. We explain what's holding IT back.

Fast-growing Indian mobile operator Reliance Jio may offer a glimpse of where all mobile networks are going eventually, to packet-based Internet Protocol infrastructure. At Mobile World Congress, the world's largest gathering of the mobile industry, Reliance Jio stands out by having none of the specialized 2G and 3G infrastructure that long distinguished cellular carriers. Almost all mobile operators still have circuit-switched network gear in addition to IP systems. It came along with the 2G and 3G networks the carriers used before adopting LTE. Most are likely to keep older networks running for years, though some are moving faster than others to clear the decks.

Solix, Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks, and leading academic institutions come together to present the dawn of big data applications.

Google appears to have accidentally revealed its new group videoconferencing service for businesses on Tuesday, a week before a big user conference. The service, called Meet, appears to be its offering for businesses that want to do group meetings over the Internet. According to a saved iOS App Store listing captured by AppAnnie, it will support high-definition video meetings with up to 30 participants. That's an upgrade over the company's existing Hangouts instant messaging and video calling service, which only allows meetings of up to 10 people.

Amazon Web Services, a major cloud hosting service, is having a system failure that has been affecting web sites and apps. AWS reported on its Service Health Dashboard at 2:35 p.m. ET that its engineers are working on the problem that has affected including like Netflix, Reddit and Adobe. Those sites do seem to be up and running now. The Associated Press reported that its own photos, webfeeds and other online services have been affected. AWS tweeted that the performance of its Service Health Dashboard was affected but is working again.

Amazon Web Services, a major cloud hosting service, is having a system failure that has been affecting web sites and apps. AWS reported on its Service Health Dashboard at 2:35 p.m. ET that its engineers were working on the problem that has affected websites including Netflix, Reddit and Adobe. Those sites seem to be up and running now. The Associated Press reported that its own photos, webfeeds and other online services have been affected. AWS tweeted that the performance of its Service Health Dashboard was affected but is working again.

As a business technology professional, you need to manage your company's information resources 24×7 while juggling concurrent projects and staying up to speed on changes in the technology and in your chosen field. You're stretched thin but continue to seek out professional learning opportunities that you can fit into your crowded schedule. That's where IBM InterConnect 2017, 19-23 March 2017, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, can be just the experience for you. This annual conference is your opportunity to learn about new methodologies, tools and practices for data engineering in the era of cloud data services, cognitive computing, data science and big data analytics.

While there are a growing number of universities that offer undergraduate data science degrees, for one reason or another those programs may not be perfect for everyone interested in data science. So, what do you do if you attend a school that does not offer a data science degree? This is a question frequently asked of me, so I thought I would elaborate on my typical response. You Cannot Know It All First off, you will never know all there is to know about data science. The field is vast and contains many sub-fields.

DCIM will become a common facet of the digital enterprise, as an integrated component of modular data infrastructure, not an add-on to legacy systems.

Efforts like threatcasting are critical to identifying threats and building up defenses; private companies and military organizations are involved.

In addition to rebranding its PaaS environment as the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP has developed a graphical SAP Cloud Platform Workflow service.

If you've lived in a big city, you're likely familiar with the impact of gentrification. For longtime residents of a neighbourhood, it can represent a decline in the culture and vibrancy of your community; for recent or prospective residents, it can represent a financial opportunity in rising home prices. For those that live in a gentrifying neighbourhood, it's one of those you-know-it-when-you-see-it things, but for economists and urban planners it can be difficult to identify. So a team of analysts at Urban Spatial to build a longitudinal model based on census tract data to quantify gentrification. Their motivation? Neighborhoods change because people and capital are mobile and when new neighborhood demand emerges, incumbent residents rightfully worry about displacement. Acknowledging these economic and social realities, policy makers have a responsibility balance economic development and equity. To that end…

By 2023, Cisco is forecasting there will be over three billion devices connected to the Internet via NB-IoT.

Sophia Genetics uses artificial intelligence to pinpoint gene mutations behind cancers and rare disorders to help healthcare providers prescribe the best treatments for patients.

Many new machine learning technologies, architectures, and algorithms being proposed, but here are three macro trends that will become game changers in ML.

You may have been successful with a center of excellence for your business intelligence or analytics practice. But big data success requires a different approach, a bus.

We've killed more people because we didn't share data than because we did.  This and other such memorable quotes were among my many takeaways from the HIMSS annual conference last week in Orlando. Along with the increase in healthcare consumerism, there is a growing awareness among health systems of the need to involve patients in their medical care. An important aspect of enabling that is to harness the continuous stream of data from wearables, sensors and other internet of things (IoT) devices that is now referred to as patient-generated health data or PGHD. PGHD can provide valuable insights to clinicians in population health management (PHM) and personalized medicine.

Big data has long promised more than it delivers, at least for most enterprises. While a shift to cloud pledges to help, big data deployments are still more discussed than realized, with Gartner insisting that only 14 percent of enterprises have gotten Hadoop off the ground. Will the other darling of the chattering class, IoT (internet of things), meet the same fate? In fact, IoT might deliver, according to new data from Talend compiled in conjunction with O'Reilly. Dubbing 2016 "the year IoT 'grew up,'" the report declares 2017 the year that "IoT starts to become essential to modern business."

Augmented reality is seen as a stop-gap measure to VR, but this view overlooks that in the digital ecosystem it's the app that counts, not the tech.

The big news, not surprisingly, centers on 5G. The question is whether the announcements are more hype, more substance, or an equal measure of each.

It's a great time to be a data scientist. These professionals are responsible for helping gather and manage an organization's data in a way that's meaningful to business decision makers. The right candidates have experience working with major database platforms, are experienced coders and must have strong analytical, quantitive and problem-solving abilities. They're also in high demand — and generously compensated — with data scientist claiming the top spot on Glassdoor's best job of 2017 and Robert Half Technology's tech jobs to watch list.

sAP has unveiled a software development kit (SDK) that can be used to integrate native iOS applications with both SAP and third-party applications.

We don't know how long this has been going on, how companies are reacting, or what may be out there. We'll be hearing about Cloudbleed a lot in 2017.

A graph, a collection of nodes connected by edges, is just data. Whether it's a social network (where nodes are people, and edges are friend relationships), or a decision tree (where nodes are branch criteria or values, and edges decisions), the nature of the graph is easily represented in a data object. It might be represented as a matrix (where rows and columns are nodes, and elements mark whether an edge between them is present) or as a data frame (where each row is an edge, with columns representing the pair of connected nodes).

IT thinks of hybrid clouds as multiple server platforms linked to support a single app. The Nimble Storage definition is a storage-centric approach.

if you're a CIO or IT leader, you probably think you're doing a better job of giving company employees what they need than they think you're doing.

BARCELONA — Almost a year after SAP teamed with Apple to develop business applications for smartphones and tablets, the German enterprise software developer is ready to unveil the first fruits of their partnership. On March 30, it plans to release the first version of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, a tool to help businesses integrate Apple's handheld devices with their back-end information systems. And at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week it opened enrollment for SAP Academy for iOS, a mix of paid and free training services to help develop apps with that tool. It may have looked as though Apple were retreating from the enterprise when it axed its Xserve rack-mounted server line in 2011, but since then it has multiplied its partnerships with enterprise hardware, software and service vendors, most notably IBM in 2014, Cisco Systems in 2015 and, last year, SAP.

Dell is making the case for a standardized series of gateways based on Intel Atom processors that in turn connect to multiple sensors.

Executives at several top tech firms outline the skills they need now and in the near future, including IaaS and IoT security expertise.

In anticipation of her upcoming conference presentation, Redefining Analytics for Marketing, at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco, May 14-18, 2017, we asked Jennifer Bertero, VP, Business Analytics at CA Technologies, a few questions about her work in predictive analytics. Q: In your work with predictive analytics, what behavior or outcome do your models predict?

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